Main Naa Bhoolungi 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avinash tries to console Samaira and says she is doing to get back Manav. He gets tensed seeing Aditya there. Aditya says he is also trying to console Samaira, but she is not understanding. Avinash is relieved that Aditya did not hear their conversation. He goes to bring water for Samaira. Aditya asks Samaira to relax. Samaira asks him how can he be so selfish being a father and does not care about his son Arnav. Aditya says he cares. She says she made a mistake by loving him. Monhanto and family come there. Mohanto asks Aditya about Arnav. Aditya says he does not know.

Doctor comes out of ICU and informs that Arnav needs blood and asks who is his mother. Mohanto asks Madhu to give blood to Arnav. Madhu says she will not give blood. Aditya says he will give blood. Doctor asks sister to check Aditya’s blood group. Doctor comes back and says Aditya’s blood is matching, but it is having alcohol in it, so he cannot transfuse it to Arnav. Mohanto says he will give his blood. Doctor asks if he has diabetes or BP. Mohanto says he has BP but no diabetes. Doctor says then he cannot give his blood. Mohanto asks Madhu again to give her blood. Madhu denies. Samaira says she will give her blood as she is emotionally attached to Arnav after staying with him since many days.

Neeraj meets Shikha/Samaira in her hospital room. Samaira says he would not have come here as it is very risky. Neeraj says she cannot live Arnav like this and will be here until he gets well. Doctor comes and informs Samaira’s blood is matching and she can give her blood. Samaira gives her blood. Doctor informs he can only take some blood and rest he will arrange via blood bank. Samaira requests him to take more blood from her. Doctor says he cannot. Samaira stands up requesting, but stumbles. Doctor says with her condition he cannot risk her life. Samaira requests doctor to take more blood as Arnav is her son and he cannot stop a mother saving her son’s life. Doctor does not agree.

Samaira is shocked to see Madhu there hearing her whole conversation. Madhu shockingly remembers the whole incidents happened and then remembers Samaira frightening her. She runs from there with Neeraj following her. Samaira tensely sits on her bed. Madhu runs towards Aditya and says he was right, Samaira is Shikha. Mohanto asks what is she telling? Neeraj informs Samaira that Madhu is telling everything to her family. Madhu on the other side says Mohanto that he was right, there is no ghost, Shikha is alive and she is Samaira. Mohanto asks her to stop acting insane.

Madhu cuts her wrist. Madhu is trying to convince Mohanto that Samaira is Shikha. She sees Avinash and asks him how much money he got for acting, holding his collar. Avinash asks what rubbish she is talking. Shikha comes there and asks Avinash to stay away from Madhu as she has gone mad. She says Madhu tried to kill her and injured her. Madhu says she saw Neeraj with Samaira and says doctor knows the truth. Doctor comes there. Madhu asks him to tell the truth that Samaira is Shikha. Doctor says Madhu warned her to identify Samaira as Shikha, else she will kill him. She even tried to injure him. Madhu says he is telling lie. Mohanto asks her to control herself. Aditya asks her to shut up an stop acting insane. Madhu stars clapping and then laughing on her family for not believing her. Mohanto says they will have to take a decision now. Aditya smirks and looks a Shikha.

Madhu is taken to mental assylum while she pleads Mohanto that she is not mad.

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