Main Naa Bhoolungi 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 10th April 2014 Written Update

Avinash and Sudha are ready to go for the book launch. They look at Shikha’s photo and say today the whole world will know the truth about Shikha and Aditya Jagannath.

Samaira/Shikha thinks her papa’s dream of launching booking is becoming true today, but she has to stop Madhu from coming to the launch venue as she would identify her as Shikha. She calls publisher’s office and checks if Madhu and Aditya are coming. Person there says usually they won’t attend small functions. Samaira finishes her call and turns to see Aditya standing behind. He asks whom she was talking to. She says a friend. He asks her to close her eyes as he has a surprise for her. He gifts her a necklace. Samaira/Shikha goes into flashback where Sameer gifted her necklace. Samaira asks why is the gift today. He says she prepared moong dal halwa for her, so he it is a reward for that. She asks how is necklace looking on her. He says it is beautiful, but not as beautiful as her. She thinks he is digging his own grave.

Publisher asks his assistant about the arrangements of book launch. Assistant says everything is set and Samaira is coming as chief guest and he informed reporters about that for publicity. Publisher says there are a lot of controversial issues in this book about Jagannath family, but Aditya himself wants to publish it. Assistant says it must be a publicity gimmick. He says though Aditya does not attend small events, he will invite Aditya anyways. He calls Aditya, but Madhu picks the call. Her informs her about the book launch and Samaira being a chief guest. Madhu thinks it must be Samaira’s trick and let’s see what excuse Aditya gives to attend the book launch party.

Samaira is getting ready for the party. She goes into flashback where Mahi asks her to get ready well for her office party. She gets ready for the party. Mahi calls her and introduces herself as Avinash’s daughter and asks if she is attending the party. Samaira says she sure will attend.

Avinash and Neeraj come for the book launch. Avinash thanks Neeraj for helping him. He sees Jagannath publication’s name as the publisher and gets angry on Neeraj. He asks why did he take their help for publishing his book as it is the book about them. Neeraj says they did not read the book and it is the only option he had to publish the book. He convinces Avinash to let Jagannath group publish the book.

Reporters talk about Jagannath group publishing book against themselves. They say they just need a news and its none of their business.

Publishers starts introduction about the book and introduces Avinash as the author of book and it is about his daughter. Samaira comes. Everyone clap and greet her. Publisher asks Avinash to speak about his book. Avinash thanks everyone for attending the event, thanks Samaira for attending the event even after her busy schedule. He then tells book is about his daughter and tells Shikha’s story. Samaira gets emotional. He says he is replying the people who ruined and killed his daughter and it is a tribute to his daughter. He says after reading this book, if even a single girl is saved, he would be very happy. Everyone claps on his speech. Pusblisher calls chief guest Samaira to launch the book.

Samaira comes on the stage. Reporter asks how is she feeling to launch book on a true story. She says she is feeling good and praises Avinash for writing this book. Another reporter asks if she came to the book launch as her face resembles Shikha Gupta. Shikha says she does not know how Shikha looks, she just came some time back from Switzerland. She says she is Jagannath group’s brand ambassador, so she came for the book launch. She says she will read the book as her face remembles Shikha. She is about the launch the book when Madhu comes and asks what is happening.

Precap: Madhu says Aditya Samaira is using you and the book she asked you to publish is Avinash’s, she doubts she is Shikha.

Update Credit to: MA

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