Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Bua’s Evil Plans Against Jaya Start

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naani senses Satya sad due to her promise of not interfering in her daughters’ lives. She asks Kabeer to call Jaya. Kabeer calls and speaks to her. Naani aslo speaks. Jaya asks where is mamma, she is not picking call. Satya signals to say she is not here. Naani says Satya is getting ready for office. Jaya asks to inform mamma to call her when she is free and disconnects call.

Bua walks on street, and Satya’s passing car splashes dirt on her. She shouts to stop. Driver comes out and apologizes. Bua continues verbally abusing him. Satya gets out of car. Bua realizes she is Jaya’s mother. Satya warns her to back off, else she will throw her in legal issues. Bua determines to punish her. At home, Jaya sadly waters plants thinking why mamma did not call her yet. Lallan seeing her sad cracks jokes. Jaya laughs. Bua enters with dirt smeared face. Lallan stops her. Bua shouts it is her. Jaya asks what happened to her. Bua says some arrogant woman splashed dirt on her, she will teach that woman a nice lesson soon.

After sometime, Bua gets ready and walks into kitchen where Jaya is preparing sandwiches for family, asks what she is preparing. Jaya says sandwich with cucumber, tomato, lettuce, etc. Bua asks to prepare sandwich even for her. Jaya prepares sandwich and serves it to whole family. Bua bites it and starts coughing and shouts it has tomato and she is allergic to it, she asked Jaya not to add tomato in her sandwich, but Jaya purposefully added tomato to harm her. Jaya asks when did he she say. Bua gets adamant. Family doubts Jaya. Samar apologizes on Jaya’s behalf.

Satya returns home and sees Kabeer playing with her father. Father gets tensed seeing her. Satya asks Kabeer to retun home soon. Shikha gets tensed seeing her and reminds today Kabeer can meet her father as per court orders. Satya says he can. Shika joins Kabeer. Father asks Shikha to give their marriage one more chance. Shikha says they are already divorced and she does not want to give any more chance.

Akash gives gift to Sarika and says he really searched a lot to buy this gift for her. She sees lipstick marks on her shirt and questions. He gets angry that she is doubting him.

After sometime, Bua acts as having headache and asks Jaya to get her headache medicine. Jaya gives her medicine and goes to get water. Bua changes medicine and asks Samar tear medicine strip. Samar checks and says it is high BP medicine. Jaya says she gave headache medicine. Samar asks to check her. Jaya stands confused.

Precap: Jaya mixes poison in milk and alleges Jaya. Samar drinks it.

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