Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya Shows Her Evil Side Again

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya and Samar reach videographer Rajesh’s shop and ask him engagement footage. Rajesh says his desktop got virus virus attack and he lost all data. Samar senses Satya must have done this. Jaya asks what happened. He says nothing. They reach home and see Satya there. Jaya asks where was she, they were all tensed. Satya apologizes and says she came to know today that thandai had bhang and she slept in temple itself and when she woke up returned home. Samar reminisces not finding Satya in temple and realizes she must have wiped off data. He questions Satya if she remembers what happened yesterday. She nervously says no. Dhruv says nobody remembers what happened yesterday, how will stay remember.

A man returns Samar’s phone asking if it is his, he found it in temple.

Samar says yes and taking it checks if video is recorded or not. He finds video, but battery drains and phone switches off. Puneeth asks if it has yesterday’s recording. Samar says yes. He tells everyone that his phone will tell what had happened yesterday after recharging it. He asks charger. Satya gets tensed. Rama asks how will he find out what happened yesterday. Samar says he had kept his phone on recording mode and once his phone is switched on, they will see whole footage. Prabha gets excited to see what everyone did yesterday. Satya reminisces wake up early and seeing Dhruv and Shanaya together and Samar and Jaya sleeping outside house under tree. Rajesh calls her and informs her t hat engagement footage is ready. She says she will pick it in the evening. He praises her that she forgot everything and got Jaya and Samar engaged yesterday, everything is recorded in video. Satya reaches Rajesh’s shop and bribing him deletes video. She thinks she deleted video and now Samar brought another one. She silently walks towards Samar’s mobile to delete video when Samar catches her red-handed and sends her back.

Samar is busy massaging Naani’s scalp when Rama serves everyone herbal tea and asks him to connect his mobile to TV and show footage. Satya silently walks to kitchen and drops oil on floor thinking she will stoop to any extent and not let anyone watch yesterday’s video. She then tells she did not drink herbal tea. Samar starts video on TV.
Rama walks towards kitchen, slips on oil and falls down. Everyone rush to her. Satya silently deleted video and returns to Rama. Rama says she is fine and asks to check video. Samar walks to mobile and finds all videos and photos deleted. Dhruv checks his mobile and says it is really deleted. Satya smirks. Samar says someone deleted it. Jaya says who can do it. Samar says he does not know, looking at Satya. Satya starts her drama and asks if he is blaming her, will he blame for Rama falling also and asks what they want to prove with yesterday’s video, Dhruv got engaged to Jaya and Samar to Shanaya, there is nothing surprising in it. Samar says it is not a simple issue. Satya shouts what does he mean. Kabeer walks to them. Samar says they all drank bhang, but Kabeer would not have and asks Kabeer what happened yesterday.

Precap: Samar asks Kabeer who got engaged to whom yesterday. Kabeer says Samar’s and …

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This cat and mouse between samar and satya is getting extremely annoying and boring. Either end on a happy note or scrap the stupid serial.

  2. Cant they stop this stupid serial . Hate that Jaya.mindless serial

  3. Stupid , mindless crap serial . Cant they just stop it . Hate that Jaya , bimbo

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