Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Interference In Jaya’s Post-marriage Life Starts

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rama performs Jaya’s graha pravesh. Jaya stepping into red colored water and then walks into home. Satya returns and calls Jaya. Jaya hears her voice and excitedly runs back to Satya. Satya says she forgot her bag. Chachi comments she left ritual midway and return towards her maika, why did not she realize that. Sarika asks if Bhabhi will stay in maika or sasural. Satya comes both places. Jaya apologies Rama and says she did not realize. Rama says Satya is still inside home, she need not worry and continue rituals, invites Satya to join them. Satya says it is their family function and she does not want to interfere and walks away. Jaya and Samar’s ring finding ceremony starts. Men encourage Samar to find ring while ladies encourage Jaya. Jaya finds ring twice.

Chachaji says he failed men. Sarika says bhaiya has to obey bhabhi whole life. Jaya gets sad and says she does not want to rule on anyone. Rama says it is just a ritual. Chachaji recites his lame shayari and makes Jaya laugh. Everyone laugh with her. At Satya’s home, family misses Jaya.

Samar takes Jaya to his room. He praises her beauty, she feels shy. A romantic song plays in the background. He moves towards her when Satya calls Jaya. Jaya goes aside excitedly and speaks to Satya followed by whole family. Samar fall asleep waiting for her.

Next morning, Samar joins family alone for breakfast. Chachi says Rama is sleeping till now. Samar says she was tired last night, so she slept long, he will call her. Jaya walks in wearing night dress. Chachi asks why did she come in night dress. Jaya apologizes and says she stays in her maika in night dress. Rama says it is okay. FIL says there is no difference between maika and sasural, she can stay however she wants to. Jaya rushes back and returns wearing shalwar kameez. Family praises her. She joins them for breakfast. Dadaji says she has to perform chulha rasam. Rama explains she has to prepare some sweet for family. Jaya asks what she has to prepare. Chachaji says sooji halwa. Jaya agrees and thinks she does not know to prepare anything.

Jaya walks to kitchen and thinks cooks used to prepare food for marriages she organized. She starts but gets confusd guess and calls Naani. Naani picks call and explains recipe. but bhabhi walks in. Jaya disconnects call and prepares watery halwa. Family members look at each other’s face. Jaya insists to taste. They taste and feel yuck, but praise her

Precap: Before Jaya leaves to her maika for paghphera rituals, Rama asks her to return in the evening early as society women are coming to meet her. Jaya tells Samar she will stay with Satya tonight as Satya is not feeling well. Samar returns home alone sadly.

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