Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya Gets Samar Arrested

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 31st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya over phone informs Samar that she has thrown birthday party for him and has hired a maid to serve guests. Samar shouts she is not maid. Satya says then she is his mother and asks Rama to mop floor near her feet and serve juice to guests. Samar angrily gulps whole champagne bottle and leaves restaurant. Jaya asks waiter where did Samar go and even she leaves. Satya orders Rama to serve juice to guests. Naani thanks Satya for hiring maid. Rama while serving juice to guest drops it on his shoes. Guest yells at her. Samar enters and slaps guest shouting how dare he is to insult his mother. Rama removes her pallu and tries to stop Samar. Samar continuously slaps guest. Rama stops him. Samar sends her from there and confronts Satya how dare she is to treat his mother as servant. Satya acts and says she did not know it was Rama. Samar continues confronting Satya and she continues acting.

Jaya returns home in auto. Satya notices him and thinks enough of his drama, how she will show her drama. Satya warns Samar that she will call Rama. Samar walks behind her not to do so. Satya forcefully holds his hands around her neck and shouts not to strangulate. Samar is shocked and tries to pull his hands back, but Satya continues her drama and falls on table injuring her forehead. Jaya enters and is shocked to see that. She pushes Samar away and shouts how dare he is to try to kill her mamma. Samar says Satya is acting. Satya acts that she did not know Rama came as maid. Samar shouts she is lying. Satya asks Jaya to call police before he harms her more. Samar stands freeze in a shock while Jaya calls police.

Samar’s family waits for him with birthday cake. Rama enters and says Samar sent her away, he was inebriated. Family gets concerned.

Police enters and asks whom to arrest. Satya shows Samar. Police arrests Samar and drags him away while Satya smirks. Jaya runs to balcony and watch him hiding. Samar reminisces their romantic meetings.

Precap: Satya meets Samar in police station and says she has made arrangements to send him to jail for 10 days and he can come out within 10 minutes if he writes on papers that he wants divorce from Jaya. Samar takes paper and pen.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. No brain Jaya.this is not mother stupid story of serial.

  2. Jaya sa b*t*h like her mother .better marry ur mom nd settle n ur mayka loser jaya

  3. Samar must divorce Jaya, leave her to be with her mothyor the new guy coming, Satya won’t stop. Is she going to blame the other guy also when same stunts happen. I’m wondering whether Satya was ever mistreated whne she was married or she used this to manipulate people around her so she can get way. Her actions are making me question her story.

  4. jaya will never change, she is her moms puppet, who is OMEN 5>>>
    she is just not worth messing his life for…jaya tore docs,so just save your property and leave….
    run far far away Samar< she is daayan times 10, satya devi, should have been called jhuthi devi drama queen…
    no wonder samar was upset at rama, not worth the headache and all the promises!

  5. I cannot understand what sort of fetish Satya has towards her Daughters? Samar should just drop her.

  6. Yvonne Codner

    Samar, Samar, I told you weeks ago to leave and go home…it’s not worth it…Satya is the DEVIL…You will not have a good life with Jaya. Did anyone at that party not see what she did? How can anyone be so evil? You are not used to evil…your home is so full of love and kindness…Leave Jaya and let her be your bad memory. Just sign the damn paper and get OUT!! Jaya does not worth it. Happy now Jaya, I hope you can love yourself.

  7. Satay is a true SATAN!!!!!! Bet her husband was a really nice man but she was was the devil As for her daughters aren’t they adults with a functioning brain ? of their own questionable How idiotic can a mother be just pure evilness As for Jaya stop saying Muma it’s hurts my ears Just love the Surana family, so much love & respect And Rama is awesome ? Samar sign the paper let the Sharma die in hell especially Jaya !!!!!!!!

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