Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Amarnath’s Master Plan

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya over phone informs Samar that mama/Satya does not want to talk to Vicky uncle and she tried her best, but failed ot convince her. Amarnath walks to Jaya and calls her. Jaya says she already told that she does not want to speak to her. Amarnath says he can unite Satya and Vicky ji and says in hospital yesterday, Satya and Vicky promised to dance on a birthday party of a kid with cancer, so Satya never breaks her promise and will go there for sure, Jaya should call Vicky there. Jaya informs Samar to bring Vicky soon to hospital to celebrate cancer patient Jiya’s birthday. Jiya waits for Satya and Vicky and says she will not cut cake until they come. Satya walks in with naani and Jaya. Vicky with Samar walks in next and greets Jiya. He sees Satya and reminisces her slapping him.

Rama and Prabha reach Satya’s house. Amarnath greets them and says he is Jaya’s father and Satya’s husband, but they both don’t accept him as one; he is happy that Jaya is married in their family and even Satya is getting married in their family. Rama and Prabha are shocked to hear that. Amarnath says Satya is marrying Vicky.. They are shocked even more hearing this.

Jiya insists Bhopal’s best dancing jodi Satya and Vicky to perform. Satya says she will dance alone. Jiya insists. Satya dances with Vicky and walks away. Vicky runs behind her and requests to listen to him once. Jaya and Vicky walk in next and insist that Satya should marry Vicky. Satya says what will people say, they are just friends. Jaya says good friends can become life partners and can lead a happy life. Satya agrees after a lot of convincing. Rama with Prabha walks in next. Amarnath walks in next and says he brought them here.

They all walk home. Rama scolds Jaya that whatever she is doing is wrong, she cannot think of getting Vicky and Satya married in old age. Jaya says she can to see mamma happy.. Rama says she has to think of her father’s feelings. Satya says he kicked out his wife and 2 children and 1 in womb and does not deserve any mercy. Rama continues confronting Jaya and supporting Amarnath. Jaya continues her explanation. Satya shouts to stop now and not utter any word.

Precap: Samar confronts Jaya that she should not have spoken to maa rudely. Jaya says she
has to to show her truth. Samar continues. Jaya says she does not want to talk to him and walks towards ber pink suitcase.

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