Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar’s Grand Entry In Satya’s House

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya opens door hearing door bell and finds Samar standing with his bags. Samar asks if they will not greet their damad/SIL. Naani greets him in while Satya shouts who called him here. Neighbor lady passes by and says she will do his samman, where is samman thali. Samar says he knew he will not get samman here, so he brought items himself and gives her thali. Neighbor persons aarti and walks away. Samar does his self grahapravesh by kicking rice bowl and walks in. Nani gets impressed while Satya and Jaya fume. Samar walks in and sits on sofa boasting that he is too smart. Satya calls police and asks inspector to arrest this boy. Samar says he got court order to stay with his wife wherever she stays and shows court orders. Satya says she will handle court, police can arrest

Samar. Inspector grabs Samar when judge walks in and asks what is happening. Inspector says Satya called police to arrest Samar, but he saw court orders and is leaving. Judge tells Samar he can stay with his wife. Samar acts as emotional and says she speaks like his mother, can he call her mother. She says already told him that he is of her son’s age and can call her mother. She warns Satya not to trouble her son. Satya says if he has to stay in her house, he should not any contact with his family. Samar agrees. Judge leaves.

Satya continues her yelling and challenges Samar that she will not let him stay here even for a week. Samar challenges that her daughter will walk with him within a week. Jaya says let her handle Samar and takes him to her room. Samar continues his drama. Jaya walks away. Samar feels sad. Satya walks in. Samar says it is so hot here, her maybe brain is hot because of that. She angrily asks what. He says his brain. Satya walks away fuming.

After sometime, Samar speaks to Rama and informs that things are under control till now and he is handling situation well. Chachi consoles worried Rama. Samar returns to Jaya’s room and falls asleep tired. He wakes up after sometime hearing loud music and requests Jaya to lower sound. She does not. He says she is challenging him, he will bear anything for her love and sleeps with pillow on his head. Next morning, Samar brings tea for Jaya and says he made tea for her. She shouts she does not need it and throws it. Satya walks in asking why did she threw her prepared tea. Samar asks same. Jaya says she thought Samar prepared tea. Satya says she knows Samar came here to create confusion. Richa walks in and says Karthik has come to meet Kabeer. Satya walks away.

Precap: Samar requests Jaya to fix his shirt’s button. Satya seeing them thinks they are romancing and knocks door nervously.

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