Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Emotional Blackmail

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya locks herself in her room and cries loudly. Jaya and Richa knock door and plead her to open it. Samar tells Naani that his sasumaa is the only woman in this world who is jealous of her daughters’ happiness. Naani says she is speechless. Samar goes and breaks open door and asks Jaya and Richa to go and stop their mother now, else she will wash away whole room with her tears. Jaya and Satya walk to her and plead not to cry. Satya starts her emotional blackmail that she never stopped them from doing what they wanted to, they always used to discuss each secret with him, then why did Richa hid that she continued meeting Punith and is pregnant with is child, she herself told she and Punith cannot adjust. Samar interferes and says she should let Richa and Punith reunite. Satya looks at Jaya. Jaya shouts at Samar who is he. He says her mother’s SIL who fixed her elder daughter’s life and now after fixing second daughter’s life will fix his life with Jaya. Jaya pushes him out and closes door. Samar peeps in again and tells Richa that she should realize when her mother is emotional and when she is emotionally blackmailing. Jaya shuts door again.

Samar walks thinking he is speaking sense and is forced to shut mouth, but Satya is speaking nonsense and emotionally blackmailing and they are listening to her. Naani says she will listen to him. Samar says she is even Sasumaa’s mother, why don’t she control sasumaa and confine her in a cage. Naani says Satya will break cage and escape, if it was in her control, she would have strangulated Satya and let children free. Samar calms her down.

Satya continues emotionally blackmailing Richa and Jaya that Shikha left her, Richa will leave soon, Jaya can walk away with Samar right now and leave her alone. Jaya cries not to say that. Satya continues her emotional blackmail and locks door. Samar feels sad seeing them crying. He asks Naani to bring food. They both say they are not hungry. Samar signals Naani again. Naani asks Richa to have something for her child. Richa eats food. Naani then convinces Jaya and feedsd her. She tells Richa that she should go with Punith tomorrow and things will be alright like Shikha’s after sometime. Jaya continues crying. Samar tries to calm her down, but she cries that her mamma is crying because of him and continues…

Next morning, Richa gets ready to leave with Punith. Naani asks them not worry about Satya, everything will be alright and Satya will reaccept them like she did Shikha and Karthik. Richa says she does not want to go without mamma’s blessings. Jaya goes to call Satya and informs her that Richa is going, not hearing from her opens door and does not find Satya in. She finds letter and is shocked to read that she does not want to stay with them and is going far away. She runs out and informs Samar, Naani and Richa.

Precap: Satya’s family searches her everywhere and files police complaint.
Samar thinks he knows where Sasumaa is.

Update Credit to: MA

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