Main Bhi Ardhangini 9th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav caught between Past and Present, questions Chitra

Main Bhi Ardhangini 9th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav going out in his jeep and thinking about Chitra. He is about to meet with an accident, but stops the jeep at the right moment. He gets down and sits on the road. He says Chitra…why and how? He cries and thinks of Chitra. A fb is shown. Madhav scares Chitra. Chitra says her heart beat increased. He asks her to make him hear. She is about to go. Madhav pulls her closer and asks why she is reading the book, love story after death. Chitra asks if you will leave me. Madhav asks what are you saying and why will I leave you? Chitra asks him to hear carefully. She says I can’t live without you and love you so much. I won’t let even death come between us. Madhav asks why you are talking about death. Chitra says if I die, then will come to your life and will never leave you alone. She promises him. Fb ends. Madhav thinks he got married to Vaidehi and couldn’t keep the wedding vows. He asks why did you do this Chitra and says you are not that Chitra whom I loved. Chitra says I am your Chitra…you can regard me love as madness or obsession, but I can’t see you with anyone and did this to get you. Madhav don’t hear or see her now. She wipes his tears. He sits in his jeep and goes.

Nilambari tells Sangram and Rani about the Poornima night. Sangram asks what will happen on that night. She smiles. Madhav comes back home and sees Vaidehi waiting for him outside. She runs to him and asks where did you go, I was very scared and thought you went far from me. She says I can’t think of separating from you and says I love you since I didn’t know the meaning of love and had just knew that you are my happiness. She says you are my world, prayers and your true love. She says if Chitra didi take you far away from me then I can’t live. She asks him not to leave her. Madhav asks her not to cry and asks her to rest.

Madhav comes and stands infront of Chitra’s photo frame. Vaidehi looks on. She brings tea for him. Madhav maintaining distance from her and goes. Anuradha asks what happened? Vaidehi says I told truth to Madhav about Chitra. Anuradha says you did right. Vaidehi says since I told him, he is very worried. Anuradha says the matter is big and he didn’t even think about it. Vaidehi says Madhav is staying away from her and may be he don’t need me now. She says even now Madhav loves Chitra and staying far from me by knowing about him. Anuradha says you didn’t do anything wrong, he has the right to know and says your relation with him is very strong. She says Chitra is his past and can’t become his present, but you are his future. She prays to God asking not to do anything wrong with her. Nilambari hears them and thinks if madhav came to know everything.

Madhav is thinking about Chitra and Vaidehi. Nilambari comes to him and thinks to find out what did she tell him. She asks him to come inside. Madhav is still standing out. Nilambari asks why are you lost? She asks if he is worried for Vaidehi and asks him to share. Madhav says everyone used to feel Chitra after her death and they used to tell that her spirit is here. Nilambari says yes and swears him to tell everything. Madhav says everyone was right, I didn’t believe them and married Vaidehi. He says Chitra was seeing everything and never went away from home and my life. Nilambari says she will call someone to free Chitra’s soul. Madhav says no. Nilambari tells that she was worrying unnecessary. He thinks why Chitra didn’t appear infront of him. Chitra appears infront of him and says she was always with him.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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