Main Bhi Ardhangini 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra frames Sangram and Rani

Main Bhi Ardhangini 8th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shweta fooling Vaidehi and asking her to apply kajal to Madhav’s cheeks at night. Vaidehi agrees to her and says Madhav will get ready to marry me and love me. She goes to Madhav. She waits for him to sleep. She says don’t know what work he does for so long. He says I have seen you, what do you want. She says nothing, just go to sleep. He smiles. He goes to sleep. She enters the room and goes to apply kajal to his face. She says I hope he agrees to marry me. She applies kajal to his face and thinks a miracle should happen. She goes. Its morning, Madhav wakes up and goes to Nilambari. He comes out with his back face. Nilambari gets shocked. She asks what happened to you, look at your face. Madhav gets shocked.

Vaidehi prays that kajal does some miracle. Madhav

shouts Vaidehi. She comes to him. He scolds her. Shweta takes Vaidehi’s side and stops Madhav. She says its not Vaidehi’s fault, its all my fault, I have done this. Nilambari asks what. Vaidehi thinks why is she taking the blame. Shweta says I did this to make you smile. Madhav scolds her. Nilambari says Vaidehi has done this, I have seen her. She scolds Vaidehi and asks her to admit it. Sangram and Rani say we have also seen her. Madhav fumes and scolds Vaidehi. Nilambari asks him to calm down. Chitra comes there and gets angry. Jaichand comes and jokes on them. He says Sangram and Rani’s hands are black. They all get shocked. Nilambari asks what’s this joke, are you not ashamed to do this, apologize to Madhav, Shweta and Vaidehi got scolded because of you. Sangram and Rani apologize to Madhav.

Vaidehi thinks how did their hands got black when I applied kajal. Shweta asks Nilambari what is she thinking. Nilambari says how did their hands get black, Jaichand is big fool. Shweta says I m worried for Sangram and Rani, did they wish to fail your plan, you have to decide. Vaidehi says its my mistake, I have done this. Madhav doesn’t believe her and praise her goodness. Nilambari locks the door and keeps Sangram and Rani out. Jaichand asks her to forgive them. Jaichand opens the door. They ask the matter. Nilambari scolds them. She tells that they have ruined Shweta’s plan. Sangram says you are shouting on us in front of Shweta. Nilambari praises Shweta. Shweta asks him to calm down and praises her smartness.

Vaidehi goes to the jungle. Nilambari and Shweta fool her and send her to jungle. Madhav learns that Vaidehi is in danger and rushes to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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