Main Bhi Ardhangini 7th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini loses her voice

Main Bhi Ardhangini 7th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini getting up and telling that she don’t want to see Adhiraj’s face from now on. She turns to Vikrant and says Adhiraj shall not be in the haveli after their engagement. Vikrant says ok. Adhiraj asks her to come in her senses. Vikrant says you have loses everything, house, feathers and love. Adhiraj asks Mohini if she really want this? Mohini says you shall be thankful that my would be husband is pardoning your life. Chunnu asks how she can do this? Mohini asks Piku why her sevak is arguing with him. Piku ties his hand. Adhiraj gets worried for Chunnu and says I know why you are doing this. He says if I tell you truth. Vikrant tries to stop Adhiraj. Mohini says you both are my past and mistake and time has come to get rid of you both. She becomes half naagin, circles them and throws them out of the haveli. Vikrant is surprised by her sudden move.

Adhiraj asks Chunnu if she is fine? Chunnu says how she can do this with you. Adhiraj says we shall go now. Vikrant asks why she is silent and mourning. Mohini says she is happy as she got everything she wants. Piku asks Mangu to give the ring. Mangu gives the ring box, but it empty. Vikrant makes Mangu turn into Mongoose. Mohini asks Vikrant to make her wear any ring. Vikrant takes his ring out, but Piku says this is old fashioned and asks him to bring new ring for her mother. Chunnu tells Adhiraj that Mohini choose Vikrant and not him. Adhiraj says he is feeling bad that Mohini chose Vikrant. Piku comes there and tells that they need their help to break the engagement. She says she wants Mohini to be happy and tells that she loves you and not my Papa. Adhiraj says I gave a letter to Mohini, but she didn’t read what I asked her to do. Piku says my Papa had seen the letter and changed it. Adhiraj says how to believe you, you make Chunnu as your Servant. Piku says she did this to protect Chunnu so that he can be with Mohini. Adhiraj says Mohini and Vikrant must have engaged by now. Piku says no and asks them to come back. She takes ring from chunnu and comes back to haveli. She sees Vikrant punishing Mangu and tells that she had only hidden the ring. Vikrant makes Mohini wear ring. Mangu congratulates him. Vikrant says Mohini has proved her loyalty. Once she becomes Malmal after marriage then nobody can stop us. He says we will have jashn.

Adhiraj returns and says why there is urgency. He tells that he knows that Vikrant changed his letter and comes inside, while Mohini tries to stop him. Adhiraj asks her to confess her love once and says this will break the magical promise. Vikrant warns Mohini and says one mistake and everything will be finished. Mohini recalls Adhiraj confessing his love to her and runs to him. She hugs him. Adhiraj reciprocates their hug. He asks her to tell him once that she also loves him. Vikrant gets angry and makes Mohini lose her voice with his magical powers. Mangu asks Adhiraj and Mohini to suffer.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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