Main Bhi Ardhangini 6th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Adhiraj saves Mohini and Chunnu

Main Bhi Ardhangini 6th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adhiraj telling Mohini about the demon and says if we don’t go to the way, told by him then he will kill us. He asks her to run, while the demon follows them. Bhujang feels Chunnu is in danger and thinks he has to do jal sadhna to save him. He gets inside the water and takes a dip. Shalaka sees him taking the dip in the water, says seems like today we will unite. She puts the black magic liquid in the water. She thinks this is Divya’s kund if the black magic don’t happen on him. Bhujang opens his eyes and calls her. Shalaka thinks if Bhujang saw her. Adhiraj asks Mohini to run. Mohini says until when we will run and says we shall face him. Adhiraj says we can’t fight with the demon. Mohini says we shall take someone’s help, but who will help us here. Adhiraj takes out the feather and asks it to show them the way to come out of jungle. They manage to come out following the feather. Mohini says they got Danav power now and thinks Bhujang will be very happy to know this.

Bhujang is under the influence of evil liquid and tells Shalaka that he is yearning to come closer to her. Chunnu thinks of Bhujang telling him of the mantra to control evil people. He silently reads the mantra and thinks this house is protected by kawach/shield. He asks whose house is this? Jaichand says maha maya’s house. Maha maya calls Adhiraj. Rani gets worried and tells that if Maha Maya sees the boy then will get angry. Jaichand says we will evil powers from maha Maya. Rani says he is a snake, but a boy. We shall let him go. Adhiraj and Mohini come home.

Bhujang asks Shalaka to come near him and hugs her. Shalaka hinks she has to take advantage of the vashikaran and says you have broken my heart many times. Bhujang asks her to do what he can do for her. Shalaka says I want to touch Naagmandal’s teen tatva. Bhujang says I will take you there. Shalaka asks if Mohini is also there. Bhujang says Mohini is not there and asks why she is asking when he is with her. Shalaka traps him with her sweet talks. Maha maya sees Chunnu and calls Rani. Rani and Jaichand bring Chunnu out of kitchen. Maya Maya asks who brought him here. Rani says he himself came. Mohini takes out the liquid in her hand which Bhujang gave her and touches his hand, secretly applies on his hands. Maha Maya asks do you know him? Mohini says no. Chunnu says he came with his wood cutter father to the jungle and lost the way. Maha Maya say she has to settle scores with a wood cutter and is walking towards him. Chunnu apologizes to her, saying he wants to go home. Adhiraj thinks how he tried to go to his house, but failed. Mohini thinks to attack Maya Maya if she tries to harm Chunnu.

Adhiraj comes between Chunnu and Maha Maya and says he is a boy, let him go. Maha Maya says he can be snake? Adhiraj says no and says I would have smell or might have seen in the mirror. Maha maya says this boy can be threat to us. Adhiraj says I will drop him outside. Maha Maya thinks if she don’t have work then would have shown that head is raised to cut down. She threatens Chunnu and asks Adhiraj to take him. Chunnu holds Mohini’s hand. Mohini signs him to go. Adhiraj takes him. Maha maya asks do you know him? Mohini says no. She asks her to wipe her tears and come, and taunts Rani and jaichand. She thinks she can’t kill Adhiraj and hopes Bhujang understand her.

Bhujang brings Shalaka to the first tatva, Vish Amrit. Shalaka asks can I touch it? Bhujang says no, if you try to touch then this door will burn you, but your slave Bhujang can bring it to you. Bhujang prays. Just then a nail like thing hits on his shoulder and the evil liquid comes out of his body. He holds Shalaka’s neck and asks how did you come near Vish Amrit.

Precap: Adhiraj asks Chunnu why did go to anyone house to drink water. Chunnu says didi saved me. Adhiraj asks who? Bhujang asks Mohini to kill Adhiraj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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