Main Bhi Ardhangini 30th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini agrees to Piku’s condition to save Serpents and Adhiraj

Main Bhi Ardhangini 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Piku asking Mohini to be with her always. Mohini thinks I have to stay with Vikrant as his wife then. Piku thinks I want your love just. Adhiraj says may be Mohini has broken Vikrant’s magic and asks Topi Danav to open the door. He then asks Chunnu and others to go, but they refuse to go without Mohini. Mangu comes there and attacks the door and Topi Danav making him vanish. He shouts asking Vikrant to come, says they are eloping. His voice reaches Vikrant and he burns Mohini’s photo frames. Adhiraj makes him unconscious. Mohini comes there. Chunnu tells that Topi Danav and the door was vanished by Mangu. Adhiraj says I thought you will not come. Mohini says she came for them and not for him. She asks them to leave. Just then Vikrant comes there and says everything is fine here, then why Mangu was shouting. He couldn’t see Adhiraj, but sees other Serpents captive. Piku tells that she scared Mangu and he got unconscious. She says she knows magic like her Papa.

Vikrant says you have to practice magic, as your magic ends soon. Mohini takes him to do hide and seek with Vikrant. Piku closes the door. Adhiraj is upset. Vikrant asks Mohini where he shall hide? Mohini says it was an excuse, she wanted to spend sometime with him. She says she wants to stay with him under the moonlight. He changes his clothes with magic. Mohini says shall I take off the evil side. Vikrant changes her clothes with magic and says moon will look at you.

Piku sees them gone and closes the door. She also changes her clothes. She then changes others’ clothes also. Chunnu says we are Naags. Piku says I am teaching you fashion and you are showing nakhras. Vikrant and Mohini go to the terrace. He hugs her and says he wants to be with her always. Mohini asks him to move and says she brought him to show the moon. Vikrant says there is a secret of black magic in the moon and asks her to see. She brings moon near them using his magic. Mohini thinks Vikrant is mad and dangerous, thinks to do something before Bhujang’s liquid effect goes. The serpents thank Piku. Chunnu and Piku argue. Piku calls Adhiraj as Adhiraj Bhaiyya and asks him to make them understand. Chunnu says Adhiraj is his brother only. Mangu gains conscious and threatens to tell Vikrant, becomes mongoose and go. Piku says he shall not reach papa. Mohini asks Vikrant to send the moon back. Vikrant says ok and sends the moon back. He dances with her…Kaise hua song plays….

Adhiraj comes there invisible and cries seeing their dance. Mohini hugs Vikrant. Vikrant takes Mohini to the sky and dance with her. Adhiraj becomes the baaz and fly in the sky. Vikrant takes Mohini back to the terrace. Adhiraj is still in the sky and thinks Mohini has broken his trust. He thinks you would have fought with Vikrant’s illusion. You don’t care about the kids. I am not like you and will save them. Vikrant asks Mohini if he shall make the moonlight a little bit dim and makes the shadow cover the moon. Mohini says you can do anything. Vikrant says I just want to get my Malmal and says I want to tell you something. He says I had lost you 500 years and now I want to get you.

Precap: Vikrant tries to kill Adhiraj and the serpents. Mohini asks him to leave them and says she is ready to become Malmal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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