Main Bhi Ardhangini 24th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini encounters Vikrant at Maha Maya’s Haveli

Main Bhi Ardhangini 24th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shalaka telling Vikrant that she made their stay arrangements in haveli. Vikrant appreciates her and asks Ponga to come. Shalaka asks where I will go? Vikrant says Naaglok and asks her to make Bhujang believe that she still works for him. Mohini gains consciousness and sees Adhiraj unconscious. She makes him gain consciousness. He asks if she is fine. Adhiraj says yes. Mohini recalls and realizes that serpents are missing. They call Chunnu. Mohini cries and sits down. She says I couldn’t save Chunnu and others. Adhiraj says we all were unconscious except Topi Danav. He says Topi must be knowing and find Topi asking for help. They find knife stabbed on his stomach. Topi says I tried to stop him, but he…They ask whom? Chunnu gains consciousness somewhere and thinks it is strange with no door or windows. Others are kept captive in other compartments. They all call each other. Chunnu says Adhiraj, Mohini and Bhujang are not here. They say they are trapped badly. Chunnu says we have to find the way and says Mohini will come here, but we shall not do any mistake, like picking the stick. One of the serpent tells that he found something and touches it. The walls become narrow. Everyone shouts. Chunnu also shouts Mohini didi. Mohini hears him and tells Adhiraj that she felt something bad happening.

Adhiraj asks Topi did he see that person taking Chunnu. Topi tells that he just saw the reflection. Mohini says how I will show my face to Bhujang, he will never trust me. Adhiraj says this is the time to think of saving them. Mohini asks Topi to tell if there is any way to know about Chunnu and others. Topi says there is a way and tells that laltain Singh can help you. He tells the mantra and the white light bulbs appear. He says if you see red light then think that you have reached there. he couldn’t get up. Adhiraj asks him to come when he gets fine. He walks following the lantern. Mohini asks Laltain to help them rescue the kids.

Laltain tells that he can help only big jadugars etc. Mohini pleads infront of him. Adhiraj asks what do you want? He says oil well. Adhiraj asks I will give. Laltain laughs at him. Adhiraj becomes Adambaaz and flaps his wings. Laltain asks him not to blow his lanterns. Chunnu recalls Bhujang telling that they are good at digging the soil. He asks his friends to dig at the right side of the place so that they meet together. They become snake and dig inside the soil before the walls hit each other. They find themselves in Maha Maya’s haveli. The Serpents thank Chunnu for his wits. They ask where are we? Chunnu thinks this is Maha Maya’s haveli, where we are trapped. Laltain asks him to stop flapping his wings and says I will tell you everything. Mohini asks who took the kids with him. Laltain says I can’t take his names and tells that he is the King of evil and asks her to forget the kids.

Vikrant comes and claps, says sapola did wonder. Chunnu says whom you told Sapola. Vikrant says your presentation was good and tells that you will not be saved. He says let mohini did come? Vikrant tells that he likes courageous people and tells that Piku is enough for you. Laltain tells that he was the one who killed Maha Maya and says I was afraid to take his name. Mohini says you are talking about Vikrant. Topi Danav comes there and says he took Chunnu and others. He says we shall go there. Adhiraj says you are injured. They ask Laltain to tell where are they? Adhiraj threatens him. Laltain makes a secret way. Mohini goes first, followed by Topi and Adhiraj. Laltain says this is mayavi duniya, lets see who goes where. Only Mohini reaches Maha Maya’s haveli and finds the door closed. She thinks where did they go. She sees her photo frame hanged. Vikrant comes there and calls her Malmal. Mohini says she is not malmal.

Precap: Vikrant tells Mohini that he will make her maharani of this haveli and then they will become aparajit.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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