Main Bhi Ardhangini 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra targets Vaidehi and Dadi’s relationship

Main Bhi Ardhangini 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi apologizing to Madhav and says she don’t want their new life to start like this. Madhav says you shall apologize as you have done such mistake and says your mistake is that you didn’t see what I brought for you. Chitra hears them and gets upset. Vaidehi sees Matri and Achaar. Madhav says you used to eat it fully in childhood, and whenever your mood is off. Vaidehi says do you remember until now. Madhav says it is husband’s duty to take care of wife. Vaidehi says you are fulfilling your duties, but I can’t do wife and bahu’s duties and doing many mistakes. She asks what to do, how to fix everything. Chitra says wrong thing will happen with you. Madhav wipes Vaidehi’s tears and says I am with you. He asks her to sleep and says I have some work and sleep

after doing it. He asks her to eat later and sleep for now. He makes her lie down on bed. Chitra says I won’t let you get close to Madhav, he is just mine. While Madhav is busy checking file, Chitra tries to suffocate Vaidehi and presses her neck, she then slaps her innumerable times. Vaidehi tries to call Madhav, but Chitra attacks her repeatedly and she faints. Chitra gets inside Vaidehi and comes out as Vaidehi, while her body is still on the bed. She comes out of room. Madhav turns and looks at Vaidehi sleeping.

Chitra comes out and hears Rani badmouthing about Vaidehi and shouting at jaichand to get milk shake. Jai chand goes. Vaidehi asks Rani if she was praising her and cursing her. Rani says no. Chitra confronts her and asks her to eat noodles always. Rani says I don’t want to eat it and asks her to eat. Chitra puts the noodles on her head and asks her to eat. Rani asks what did you do and shouts. Chitra says bye and goes. Jaichand comes there and laughs seeing noodles on her head. Rani asks him to come with her and tells that Madhav shall know that his wife is so mannerless. She goes to Madhav’s room. Madhav asks if this is her new hair style. Rani says this is done by Vaidehi. Jaichand sees Vaidehi on bed and stops her. Jaichand takes her. Rani tells that Vaidehi was pretending to sleep. Jaichand says Vaidehi is acting smart and Madhav will not believe us. Rani says I will insult Vaidehi badly that she can’t forget for the next 7 births. Chitra is hiding there and thinks I want everyone to become Vaidehi’s enemy and kick her out of house.

Anuradha calls Vaidehi and why she was not listening. She is Chitra and not Vaidehi. Chitra as Vaidehi goes to Dadi’s room. Dadi asks how are you? Chitra says I am fine and asks her not to worry. She asks her to do her small work and keep her jewellery bag with her. She says my almari lock broke out and asks her to keep the jewellery bag. Dadi refuses at first, but keeps the bag. Chitra asks her to sleep and goes. Dadi thinks why there is a change in her behavior and thinks my Vaidehi is not like that. Chitra is coming to room and thinks until Madhav is in the room, I can’t move Vaidehi’s body and I can’t execute my next conspiracy. Madhav goes to bathroom. Chitra comes inside and takes Vaidehi’s body from the bed and hides her behind the curtains.

Madhav comes out of bathroom and looks at Vaidehi (chitra) searching something. He asks what happened if she is fine. Chitra says I am not getting my jewellery and cries. She says if it is stolen. Madhav says no outsider came to room. Chitra asks him to check in family members room. Madhav says they will feel bad. Chitra says where did she lost the jewellery bag then? Madhav says lets talk to her. Chitra tells everyone that she lost her jewellery bag which she had kept in her almari. Anuradha says we shall take police help. Madhav says this is our family matter, we will not involve police or outsider. Chitra says we shall get everyone’s room checked. Jaichand asks Rani if she has stolen her jewellery and asks her to tell. Rani says she can’t do such cheap work and doubts on Sangram. Sangram says you thought us as chor and says they can’t stoop so low to steal their bhabhi’s jewellery. Narayan says lets check in everyone’s room.

Precap: They check in Dadi’s room and find the jewellery. Chitra asks Dadi why she didn’t tell her if she needed money and asks why she did she steal. Dadi is shocked and tells that she will not stay there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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