Main Bhi Ardhangini 21st October 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini makes a strategy to fight with enemies

Main Bhi Ardhangini 21st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini thinking why did Ashwamaid Rishi chose me as the head and thinks I have no power and can’t fight with Malmal or Kaal Danavs. Piku comes there and asks if she is sad and missing her papa. Mohini says Vikrant was her hero as he is your father, but he is our biggest enemy. Piku says I know, he almost killed you. She says whatever he did was for her mum, says he loves her a lot. Mohini says I appreciate him for that. She says Adhiraj got a power, Bhujang got a powerful shoulder, but I have nothing. Piku says I am with you and tells that once Papa comes, they will work as team. She asks her not to feel bad and goes.

Piku asks her not to be sad. Mohini says ok and sends her to play with Chunnu. She thinks I don’t care about myself, if something happens to me then what will happen with Piku and Chunnu. She thinks Adhiraj don’t remember anything, and Bhujang is determined to his aim. She gets an idea.

Bhujang and Adhiraj do arm wrestling. Bhujang asks him to accept defeat. Adhiraj says no. Bhujang wins and thanks Piku for the hand. Adhiraj praises the iron nails popping out from his knuckles. Mohini comes there. Adhiraj and Bhujang tease her. Mohini tells that they have to laid a trap in the haveli, and change it to fort. Fouzia comes there and sees the traps laid by them. She thinks to go back and get help. She then thinks to woo the men with her rakshasni powers. Mohini tries to tie the nail in the wall. Even Adhiraj can’t do it. Bhujang think and changes his avatar into a snake. Chunnu says he has become an ordinary snake. Mohini asks him to become a horse. Bhujang becomes horse. Mohini says this is your new power, you can take any avatar. Piku says it is called Shape shifter. Bhujang says it is good. He becomes cow, mongoose etc. Bhujang says nobody shall take any animal name now and goes. They are having food.

Adhiraj asks Mohini about Bhujang. Mohini says he wants to discover his new power. Piku says it is fun to see Naag raj Bhujang as Nevla. She says if Papa would have been here then would have laughed a lot. She says papa and I used to laugh on others. Mohini asks her not to become like her Papa and says he is not ideal. Mangu asks Piku to scold her. Piku says mohini can say anything and is always right. She says once Papa comes back, Mohini, Papa and I will go far from here. Chunnu says Didi will not go without him. Mohini comes to Bhujang and says you will realize soon why you got these powers. Mohini cries thinking about Adhiraj. Bhujang says Adhiraj will not get a good girl like you and tells that he will fall in love with you again. Bhujang says I care for you and cares for Adhiraj also. Mohini says she has sent him to jungle to get fruits.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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