Main Bhi Ardhangini 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidehi to open the storeroom door

Main Bhi Ardhangini 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav going from his room upset. Vaidehi thinks believe me, I didn’t mean to hurt you and wants to save you and this house from the danger. She says I know Chitra and you used to love each other a lot and that’s why I was leaving this house, but don’t know if everything will be fine even after I leave. She says Devimaa, I don’t know what to do and cries. She calls Pandit ji and tells him that Chitra didi died in that room. Pandit ji asks her to come and take Surya kawach from him. Vaidehi says I can’t come now, but will go to that room anyhow. Pandit ji asks her to go there when the clock strike 5:45 pm and nobody shall be present in the house as we don’t know what will happen when the door opens. Vaidehi says ok. He asks her to write down the mantras for her protection which she shall chant. She sees Madhav nearby and writes the mantras. Madhav is coming there. Vaidehi ends the call seeing him. Pandit ji asks her not to go without surya kawach. She doesn’t listen him. Madhav sits.

Vaidehi says I will just come. Anuradha thinks Sangram is furious, I have to go inside. He is holding the gun and is about to pull the trigger when Anuradha shouts his name to stop him. Sangram stops and asks her to come inside. He says I was waiting for you and keeps apple on her head. He asks her to answer him and asks what is going on. He says if I see you with Vaidehi then…He asks her not to tell anything to her and says he wants to shoot her right now. Pandit ji calls her, but she don’t pick her call. Vaidehi brings aamras for Madhav and keeps the glass for him. She asks him not to be upset and says you are good smiling. She apologizes. Madhav says it was my mistake to shout at you and should have told you about the room. Vaidehi says now I know everything and will be fine. She says today is puran maasi puja in the temple and I think everyone shall go there for peace. She tells that she has done mannat to do puja if she marries him. She says she is sure that everything will be fine. Madhav says I think we shall go. He asks her to get ready in sometime.

Vaidehi says she will do puja at home and will do shringaar and come there by 6:30. Madhav says ok. She says she has convinced everyone to come there. Everyone get ready and leave for the temple. Vaidehi checks the time. Anuradha brings Suryakawach and tells her that it will protect you. She ties it to her saree and says I will also stay here. Vaidehi says I have to do the kriya myself and says this is the test of my love and dedication and my God is with me and will give me strength. She says goodness will win from evil. Anuradha asks her to take care and goes. Vaidehi checks the time and it is 5:45 pm. She rings the bell and prays to God to give her strength to fight the war and protect Madhav always like his shield. She asks her to give the strength to make the good win and evil defeat. She rings the temple bell again.

Chitra sees her going and calls her. Vaidehi turns to her. Chitra says you have done shringaar of my husband and tries to get inside her, but gets pushed away due to the suryakawach. Vaidehi says you might be powerful, but I have God with me and he will help me to protect my husband. Chitra says you are nothing to Madhav, I am his wife. She says you are the thorn and I will throw you out. Vaidehi says you love Madhav and shall pray for his happiness and long life. She says I will become his shield and will protect him even if I lose my life and will fight till my last breath. Chitra disappears. Vaidehi checks the time, it is still 5:45 pm. Chitra dances in the storeroom angrily recalling Madhav and Vaidehi’s marriage and moments. Vaidehi is coming there and is scared. She asks God to protect her and puts gangajal on the way. Chitra is doing tandav. Maula maula deva deva plays…..She recalls Madhav’s words that Chitra went away from her life and he just love her (Vaidehi). She says I just need Madhav and nothing else. He is just mine and whatever is mine, shall remain mine only. She says I won’t let anyone to snatch my Madhav, our love is immortal always. Vaidehi is coming there and hears Anuradha calling her. She says bhabhi. She then hears Narayan and Madhav calling her and recalls Pandit ji’s words not to turn.

Precap: Chitra tells Vaidehi that today she will have wedding night with Madhav and will unite with him. Vaidehi says you can’t do this. Chitra smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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