Main Bhi Ardhangini 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav’s birthday is celebrated

Main Bhi Ardhangini 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav taking care of Vaidehi. Chitra looks on and smiles. Nilambari comes to Vaidehi and does a drama. Vaidehi says I m making something special for Madhav’s birthday. Nilambari says you remember everything about Madhav, I can’t get a nice girl like you for him. She leaves. Shweta smokes. Nilambari comes to her. She scolds her. She asks her to think what Vaidehi is planning to get Madhav. Shweta asks what is she doing. Nilambari says its Madhav’s birthday tomorrow. Shweta says none can plan a better party than me. Madhav talks to Chitra’s pic. He gets sad. She says your birthday matters to Vaidehi as well, you won’t feel lonely.

Its morning, Vaidehi wakes up and says its Madhav’s birthday today. Nilambari comes. Vaidehi shows the dhoti kurta she has made for Madhav. She says it was Madhav’s childhood wish. Rani laughs and says its really beautiful. Nilambari says its good, he will like it. Vaidehi asks what will I give him then. Shweta gets a gift and says you can give this to him, he will like it, don’t tell him that I got this gift for him. Vaidehi goes to gift Madhav. He says I don’t want to celebrate my birthday. She gifts him the suit. He says you always shock me, you got the suit for me.

Vaidehi says no, Shweta got this for you. Shweta comes and says I told you not to say. Madhav says Vaidehi can’t lie, any way thanks Shweta. Shweta sends Vaidehi by excuse. She makes Madhav wear the suit. She tries getting close. Chitra gets angry and scares her with lizard. Shweta runs. Everyone comes in the party. Madhav gets ready and comes. Shweta joins him. Everyone compliments their jodi. Vaidehi prays for Madhav. She looks on. Nilambari sends her to get water for guest. Madhav cuts the cake with Shweta. He misses Chitra and cries. Shweta says I have a special gift to cheer you up. She gives him a box. She opens the gift. He sees Chitra and his pic on the vase.

Madhav thanks Shweta for the gift. Rani blames Vaidehi for breaking the gift. Madhav scolds Vaidehi. Vaidehi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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