Main Bhi Ardhangini 17th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Adhiraj comes to know about Maha Maya killing his clan

Main Bhi Ardhangini 17th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhujang thinking Divine power rays attack can’t go waste. Chunnu and Topi Danav come there. Chunnu asks Topi Danav to save Adhiraj. Topi Danav says I will be killed if I face the divine powers. Chunnu says yes, you have small kids and says if Mohini would have been here then would have saved him. Mohini goes from Vishamrit place. Bhujang asks Adhiraj what kawach is saving him and asks who are you? Adhiraj asks him to free his hands and says I will show and tell you. Bhujang says I have promised my Shalaka that I will not return until I take your life. Adhiraj says Maha maya’s prisoner Shalaka and laughs.

Shalaka gets the second tatva, Vasuki and keeps the fake one on its place. Mohini sees her and asks who is she? She says I know that you are naagin, but you are with whom. Shalaka attacks her with her poison and flees. Mohini follows her. Adhiraj says you are the slave of the woman, I heard that you are very powerful, but you are not that Bhujang, but an imposter. Bhujang says I will not leave you for insulting me and my Shalaka. Chunnu takes out the divine book from his bag and tells Topi Danav that he will read mantra to relieve Vashikaran. He reads Vashikaran relieve mantra and Bhujang becomes fine. Bhujang thinks what I was doing here and says it was good that I didn’t attack Adhiraj with divine powers else he would have been died. Adhiraj asks him to throw this divine powers. Bhujang attacks him and says nobody could be saved from this until now and asks who are you? Adhiraj gives his introduction and says he is Adam baaz, your kaal. Bhujang thinks why Mohini didn’t tell me that he is Adam baaz.

Shalaka comes to the third tatva and takes it. She thinks my work is done, her return will now happen and my vardaan too. Mohini comes there. Shalaka asks who are you? Mohini says I am Mohini, Bhujang’s soldier. Shalaka thinks she is pavitra and I am evil. She thinks of Bhujang’s words and says I heard so much about you. She asks did you love Adhiraj and laughs. Mohini says just look at yourself and tells that she will kill her for stealing the teen tatva. Shalaka gives her introduction and says you made me run. Mohini understands Shalaka is working for Maha Maya and stolen teen tatva on her sayings. Shalaka asks what she will do now, if she will fight with her or save Adhiraj. Mohini thinks what to do now?

Bhujang is flying with Adhiraj. Adhiraj asks how can you fly bring a snake. Bhujang says I am Naag raj Bhujang and have many powers. He brings him to Neelkamal parvat and says they shall know that you have left them and supporting evil Maha maya. Adhiraj recalls Maha Maya’s words and asks why you bring me here. Mohini decides to save Adhiraj. Shalaka becomes snake and crawls. Mohini’s magical perfume falls down there and she goes. Adhiraj tells Bhujang that he can’t go inside until magical door is there. Bhujang asks which door and pushes Adhiraj, but he falls back. The secret door danav appears and tells that it is Bhujang’s wall. He sees Bhujang and gets shocked. Chunnu tells Topi that he is worried about Adhiraj and says he is so good. He calls Mohini and asks where are you? Mohini couldn’t search Adhiraj and thinks she couldn’t save the teen tatva. She says she wants Adhiraj to save her clan and after than she don’t I don’t care about him. She asks the feather to take her to Adhiraj.

The secret door danav asks why did you bring Bhujang. Adhiraj tells Bhujang that he knows that he has killed Kalayu Adam baazs. Bhujang says who said this. Adhiraj says maha maya. Bhujang says Maya maya was fooling you and you are accepted. He says I didn’t kill Kalayu tribe, but Maha Maya killed them. Adhiraj gets shocked. Bhujang says I will show you and asks the secret door danav to tell and attacks him. The secret door Danav tells Adhiraj that Maha Maya attacked them when they were sleeping and burnt them alive, but you was saved and she left with you. Adhiraj asks why did you lie then? Secret door danav tells that Maha Maya asked him to tell that. Adhiraj says Bhujang didn’t kill anyone Adam baaz. Bhujang says but now I will kill one. Mohini follows the feather.

Precap: Bhujang brings Adhiraj back to his place and is about to kill him when Mohini comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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