Main Bhi Ardhangini 15th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Adhiraj, Mohini and Bhujang suffer due to Kaal brahmand

Main Bhi Ardhangini 15th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini thinking if she is alive. She calls Adhiraj and Bhujang thinking Kaal brahmand is about to blast. She finds the evil spirit around her. She hears Adhiraj and asks if he is fine. He asks who are you? Mohini says it seems you are in trauma. They see Bhujang with his one eye damaged and his hand cut. Bhujang says this is happening because of you both. Adhiraj attacks him as he gets iron nails from his hands. Mohini asks why did you attack Bhujang and asks him to take him to haveli. They come home. Piku asks if Vikrant saved him and says her Papa is best. They see Bhujang injured. Mohini asks Adhiraj to take Bhujang to Maha Maya’s room. He asks where is it? Later in the room, Adhiraj thinks who is he? Mohini brings lep for him and finds his wounds healed. He asks about Bhujang. Mohini says don’t know how he will react. She asks about the weapon coming from his hand. He says he doesn’t know and tells that he couldn’t recollect who is he and who is she to him. He asks who are you? Mohini recalls their words and says you have forgiven your Mohini.

Adhiraj says he don’t remember anything. Chunnu comes and says Bhujang gained consciousness. Bhujang gains consciousness and thinks where am I? He thinks to go? Mohini comes there. Bhujang scolds her for making him lie on the bed after applying lep. He says I have to send the Danavs back to Kaal brahmand and tries to become snake, but he couldn’t become. Mohini says how can this be possible and tries to become snake, but she couldn’t become naagin. Adhiraj asks if they are naag and naagin.

Bhujang asks don’t you remember. Mohini says Adhiraj lost his memory due to the kaal brahmand breaking. Bhujang says we have to pay for Vikrant’s doings. He asks where is Vikrant? Chunnu says may be he is dead and says today Piku might have lost both his parents today. Mohini comes to terrace and looks at the stars. She says Papa lied to her that Maa became a star, but actually she was in kaal brahmand. She says even Papa must be there. She cries and hugs Mohini. Mohini says stars are not just death people memory and says it is hope too. She says we looked for your papa, but couldn’t find him. Chunnu says may be he is alive and asks her to make him understand not to trouble others. Mohini tells Piku that she is proud of her as Malmal’s evil soul can’t enter in this world because of you. Malmal comes down the earth and picks a white flower. She shouts Piku and says it seems your Papa didn’t tell you that I am determined about the settling scores. She says she will settle scores with Piku.

Precap: Adhiraj tells Mohini that she lost him in that blast. Bhujang finds Naaglok destroyed and his naag people dead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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