Main Bhi Ardhangini 13th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhujang keeps Adhiraj captive, Mohini makes Maha Maya’s Dayan avatar revealed

Main Bhi Ardhangini 13th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adhiraj seeing Bhujang infront of him. Bhujang says I am the most powerful Naagraj Bhujang and says I came infront of you. He calls him Maha Maya’s slave. Adhiraj asks him to free him and see, whom he has kept captive. Bhujang says first I will play with you, torture you and then will send your cut pieces to Maya Maha. Adhiraj says Maha Maya has started her plan to kill you in haveli. Adhiraj says I am scared and tells that Maha Maya can’t harm me using that pinjar, as the white soul man is here in my captivity who can only lift the pinjar. He laughs and goes. Adhiraj shouts Bhujang. Mohini comes to Maha Maya’s room and apologizes to her naagin family kept in the bottles as wooden logs. She says I won’t let you be captive here anymore. She uses Pinjar and makes the captive naagins come infront of her. They ask who are you? She says she came to free them and asks them to get ready to get free. They all get happy.

Bhujang tells Shalaka that they have very less time and have to do something. Shalaka asks what you are going to do. Bhujang says I have kept Maha maya’s sainik in my captivity. Shalaka asks who is in your captivity? Bhijang says Adhiraj, Maha Maya’s Sainik and body guard. She asks where is he? Bhujang says I can’t tell you now and asks her to take care of Naaglok until he returns. Shalaka assures him. He vanishes. Shalaka thinks to inform Maha Maya and get vardaan from her. She sees Chunnu and says time has come to get buried in the soil. Chunnu calls topi danav signing him like he had said. Shalaka gets scared seeing him. She asks if he has gone mad? Chunnu says I think that you are mad. Shalaka asks can you see topi Danav here? Chunnu says I can see only 1 Danav, that’s you. Shalaka says I am thinking enough. She becomes half snake and tries to kill him. Chunnu asks her to make her mind fine first. Shalaka asks him to fight with her. Chunnu asks her to accept defeat. Topi scares her and she leaves. Chunnu thinks she is Maha Maya’s spy and thinks Bhujang is strange to kept Shalaka freed and Adhiraj captive.

Rani and Jaichand tell Maha Maya that they have searched Adhiraj, but can’t find them. Maha Maya shouts and says where did he go, I have to ask Adhiraj. Mohini tries to free them and thinks its powers is incomplete without Adhiraj. She apologizes to them and says she will take revenge from Maha Maya. The captive naagin asks her not to risk her life for her. Mohini says we didn’t meet, but we are not stranger. She tells that once Adhiraj comes here, she will free them. They ask who is he? Mohini says a betrayal and Maha maya’s body guard. She says I will bury him beside Maya Maya’s grave. Adhiraj shouts and calls Bhujang. He says I have to go neelkamal mountain. He thinks Mohini’s words that he is a betrayal and determines to go to Neelkamal Mountain and will apply to Mohin also. Maha maya comes to room and sees Mohini in room. She calls her betrayal and takes out the liquid to see mohini’s real avatar. Mohini says no and holds the pinjar before her. Maha maya becomes a Dayan. Maha Maya shouts and asks what did you do? Mohini says I didn’t do, this pinjar has done this. Rani asks what you did to my Maha Maya? Mohini says she didn’t do. Maha maya asks her to keep the pinjar back. Mohini silently assures her naag and naagins then she will free them.

Precap: Bhujang attacks Adhiraj to pulled out his soul. Shalaka makes Chunnu vanish and gets one of the tatva. Mohini thinks to search adhiraj and holds the feather.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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