Main Bhi Ardhangini 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikrant fools Mohini to open Kaal brahmand

Main Bhi Ardhangini 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant asking Kaal Purohit ro get him married to Mohini fast and says then only he can make Malmal alive. Mohini thinks why Kaal purohit is afraid of these mountain. She asks him if the mountain made him tree and asks if he is scared. Kaal Purohit asks her to shut up. Vikrant asks him to tell and says she is going to dead soon. Kaal Purohit holds Mohini’s hand and says Mountains made me tree as these are very powerful and all the stability of earth depends on them. Mohini hears the mountains making sound and thinks seems like that are taking breathe. Kaal Purohit asks if she is scared? Mohini says oh, you got scared with them and asks if he is really Kaal Purohit or not. Kaal purohit says he can enter mountain and is not afraid of danav. Mohini snatches something from his hand and says you both are fool. She vanishes. Kaal purohit tells Vikrant that now he can marry Mohini. Vikrant vanishes. Mohini comes to the haveli and searches for Adhiraj, chunnu and Piku. Vikrant comes there and asks her to come with him to unite two lovers. Mohini refuses to come with him and shows the Kaal Purohit stuff to him. Vikrant tries to attack her, but she vanishes.

Adhiraj tells Bhujang that Piku is Vikrant’s daughter, but has protected them and is their rakshak. Bhujang says I don’t trust Vikrant and asks him to see how he ends Vikrant. Mohini comes there. Adhiraj asks who are you. Mohini throws the stuff on the ground and says she is Mohini and not any illusion. Adhiraj says I thought I lost you. Mohini says I can’t even die without confessing love to you. She says I love you very much. He asks her to tell again. Mohini says Mohini loves Adhiraj and hugs him. Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum plays……they fly in the sky and continues the hug..Piku and Chunnu smiles. Adhiraj and Mohini come on the ground. Mohini says I have confessed my love, now I am freed. Adhiraj says yes and says now you don’t have to marry Vikrant. Mohini calls Bhujang. He opens his eyes and says you are here. Mohini says I will tell you later and tells everything any magical world, Malmal, Kaal purohit and Vikrant. Bhujang says Vikrant can’t do anything with Kaal Bhrahmand. Mohini says he wants to open the kaal brahmand and wants to bring Malmal back. He says a kaal purohit is helping him. Bhujang says Vikrant has forgotten that once the mountains wakes up, all the stability of the earth will end and we can’t even image what black powers will come back to this earth.

Kaal Purohit asks Vikrant if he found Mohini and the key. He says Kaal brahmand’s door is about to open soon. Vikrant asks him to make arrangements of marriage and says my would be wife went to Naaglok to get gift for me. Bhujang tells that he had killed Vikrant 650 years back using a weapon which he can’t use again. Mohini says I will stop him and takes the weapon in her hand. Adhiraj says you will not go else you can’t return. Vikrant comes in Piku and asks Mangu to push her. He frees Piku and Mangu. Mangu pushes Piku and she falls near the Kaal purohit pearls. Vikrant in Piku takes it and asks Mohini to come. Adhiraj and Bhujang run behind Mangu. Mohini finds herself near the mountains. She attacks Vikrant with the weapon, but nothing happens to him. He snatches it from her hand and says this is not Bhujang’s weapon, but it is a key to open Kaal Brahmand. He says it was Kaal Purohit and my plan to provoke you to go there and bring this key. Mohini is shocked. Vikrant says nobody can stop my Malmal from coming back. He tries to open the Kaal brahmand. Mohini says this can’t happen. Vikrant says this will happen and asks Kaal Purohit to open his vidhi. He takes Mohini to sit for the marriage. Mohini says this is wrong. Vikrant asks her not to think much and says you will soon die.

Precap: Mohini tells Vikrant that she can’t marry him as Malmal is still his wife and she can’t do injustice with any woman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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