Mahek 5th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek comes to party with neev

Mahek 5th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dolly, Mahek and Karuna give their finger prints. Mahek asks Vicky to give his finger prints as well. Nehal comes in. Dolly says she isn’t our family member. Shaurya says hi nehal how are you? What is all this? Dolly says she is here to take our finger prints for the cards. Karuna says Nehal come lets have breakfast. Mahek gives Vicky contract of the new deal. He touches it with oily hands. Shaurya says here is your responsible project in-charge. He can’t do anything. It took Mahek three days to prepare this contract. Duffer. Mahek says I should have stayed till breakfast. Shaurya says don’t take his side. Mahek says vicky go to Khurana and get a new copy.
Nehal says jiju behaves so badly with vicky. No one does that to servants either. Mahek says we are mad at people we love. Shaurya wants him to be responsible. Thats it. Karuna says we should go now. We will get late for birthday party.

Shauyra grasps Mahek’s hand. She says let me go. He says no. He returns her earring. He makes her wear it. The song hawaian plays in background. He kisses her. She leaves. Mahek says am I being too rude to him? Karuna says Shaurya you come with us as well. He says let e go park the car. shaurya comes to parking. He sees people disusing as guards but they have guns and have other intentions. They lock him down there. Shaurya says they are terrorist. Mahek.. He is worried.
The terrorist says I have blocked all cctv of birthday party. They go upstairs. Shaurya calls at the reception and says connect me to Mahek. Its very important. i have to talk to her. Shaurya keeps calling Mahek. She is going upstairs with neev and karuna. Neev says such a big party. I will have so much fun her. Mahek ties his shoes. She says don’t run. Shaurya gets out of parking. He says what should I do. one terrorist says shut all the emergency exits.

Karuna meets all her friends. She introduces Mahek to her friends. Mahek asks NEev to give the birthday boy gift. He gives him. Karuna’s friend asks who is this kid? Mahek says he was my friend’s child. she died so we have adopted him. She says wow karuna you have such a nice guy. Shaurya tells security that there is some weird activity in the mall. My family and so many innocent people are inside. THey don’t believe. Shgaurya says hurry up please. Call the police.

Mahek’s phone dies. The terrorist come in the party as jokers. A mall security comes and says all emergency exits are jammed. Shaurya says I told you. SO many lives are in danger.

Precap-The terrorists hijack the party. Neev and Mahek hide. They point gun at Neev. Mahek is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. High profile Kidnap or Armed Robbery?, i have to say this looks pretty good. Now they have the eye scan and fingerprints.

  2. LMAO from one drama to the next phew we had Mehek losing her memory I hope Shaurya don’t lose his because as usual they normally take turns in losing their memory hahaha

  3. They will bring a look a like of Shaurya. They will use this look a like to destroy his name and fame but Vicky will save Shaurya from all this.

  4. Hmmmmmm… conveniently mehak phone died!! At least Shaurya could think to call security….. Cathy, even I’m guilty of watching too many spy thrillers but I’m trying to think like the crop of writers for these serials. They’ve embarked upon a super menace called terrorism, I hope they could pull this story off or I will explode with laughter, but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubts… you know something..all of s sudden Shaurya is finding fault with Vicky but since when was Vicky so clumsy…I tell you, these writers are so funny but it ain’t funny at all how Vicky is coming across like a no do-gooder….I feel sorry for him and even Nehal feels offended…sigh!!!!!

  5. Naz girl i have been down with a terrible virus body pains coughing and fever like hell when you see i missed all the serials you should know water more than flour; from old years night after visiting some friends who came from abroad the lady was just coughing all the time well that was it for me the next day i could not believe it i caught the damn thing it was doctor after doctor i even ended up at St Clair Medical today girl i never felt so sick all i was feeling to do was lie down when the fever start up so l could not take it any way this morning i was out of it and feeling weak and drained imagine I am a person always whats apping i could not even open them when i checked about forty apps on and like the antibiotics taking long to work in plus the bisolvent that just making me cough more all my ribs and chest hurt so i was off the forum for a few days so i am lost too

    1. Oh dear Sapphire… You poor thing! My daughter caught the same damn virus…talk about body aches!! Well she’s much better now. It’s always harder when we get older. I hope you feel better sooner than later and you can be up here with us, I do miss your contributions but now I know why you were AWOL…. Take your bed rest and take it easy.. Here’s something for you because I couldn’t find your house, I’m sending it by special delivery… ????????????????…hope you feel better soon….

  6. Oh you poor baby I hope you are feeling much better now dear Sapphire yo know those kind of stuff is contagious never be around someone who has a cough NEVER!!! I hope you had a bit of fun for the New Year may it be a successful one for you and may you get well soon

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