Mahek 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek is sadly sitting in her room, she recalls Shaurya’s advise to marry anyone but after thinking, dont take wrong decision, she recalls Shaurya hugging her. Kanta comes to Mahek and says make list of everything you want, she sees Mahek lost in thoughts and shakes her, Mahek asks what to do? Kanta asks where were you lost? are you worried how Balwant behaved with Shaurya? Mahek says no, Kanta says make shopping list, she leaves. Mahek starts making shopping list, she is unable to concentrate and recalls Shaurya waving at her before leaving. Mahek says why i am thinking about cruel Kumar? i should focus on my roka, She tries to focus but is unable too. Mahek comes to terrace and strikes with Nehal, Nehal pushes her away and says leave me alone, Mahek asks why are you crying? Nehal says dont show your fake concern now, Mahek says why you are talking like that? what happened? Nehal says will you abe able to bear? should i tell you what happened? Nehal leaves.
Nehal calls Ajay, ajay asks what? Nehal says if you dont break Roka with Mahek then it will be bad for you, i am warning you last time to break this wedding. Ajay says forget everything and wear backless dress in Roka, you will take selfie with me, your brother in law.
Sheetal meets Pammi and says i am telling you, there is something going on between Mahek and Shaurya, i saw them holding hands and hugging, they were lost in each others eyes, there are news on Tv about them and Shaurya is coming to her house more and more, there is something fishy going between them, Ajay have listened all that, Pammi asks Sheetal to complete her story. Sheetal says Mahek is like my daughter but you are relatives, its my duty to inform you, its my suggestion to break Ajay and Mahek’s wedding, Kanta has ego and wont understand that Shaurya is just passing time with Mahek.. you know what i mean, Pammi thinks.
Shaurya recalls Balwant telling him about Mahek’s Roka. How Mahek thanked him for bringing her apron, he is restless and recalls his hug with Mahek. Karona comes there, Shaurya says Maa here, Karona says you are always lost in work but these days you are lost in thoughts, its either you are worried or in love, Shaurya laughs and hugs her, he says you watch movies a lot, i might be thinking about business only. Servant informs that some guests have come to meet.
Pammi and Ajay are in Shaurya’s house. Pammi muses about how rich Shaurya is. Pammi says this house must be of 100crores. Ajay says it must ahve come from black money, why did we come here? Pammi says you have to bear Mahek for life, so take advantage from her relation with Shaurya. Shaurya and Karona comes there. Pammi says we are Mahek’s inlaws, he is Ajay, Mahek’s would be husband. Shaurya asks why did you come here? Pammi says to invite you. Shaurya says i dont know you, and i didnt get any invite from Mahek’s family. Pammi says Sharma family is innocent and dont understand public relations so i thought to invite you myself. Let me clear myself, what happened between you and Mahek, after that people are gossiping in my area, when you will come in her Roka then they will understand that you are just her friend and nothing else, Ajay says we will get acquinted too. Shaurya says thanks for inviting, i will come for sure, Pammi gets happy.

Scene 2
Jeevan and Mohit are doing arrangements for Roka. Nehal is sadly sitting, Mansi asks her to get ready, why you are always miffed?
Roka starts, Jeevan and Mohit are welcoming everyone. Ajay’s family comes there. They greet Sharmas. Ajay says to Nehal that you are looking s*xy, she glares him and leaves. Sheetal says to Pammi that i advised you but yo still didnt listen, Pammi says keep your advise to yourself. Mahek comes there dressed beautifully. Ajay drools seeing her, Jeevan asks him to close his mouth. Mahek looks at Ajay and is tensed. Mahek comes on stage. Sheetal says Mahek is looking so gorgeous, lets start ceremony. Pammi says one special guest is remaining to come. She turns and sees Shaurya and Karona coming there, she says they are here. All turn to see them entering venue. Mansi says who invited them? Mahek is confused. Pammi says thanks for coming, Pammi says i invited them, they are my inlaws family friends so they are our friends too. Karona says Mahek is looking beautiful. Ajay thanks Shaurya for coming. Shaurya smiles at Mahek. Pammi makes Mahek wear Chunri, Shaurya smiles. Ajay is standing beside Mahek on stage. Nehal is standing on terrace and says ajay i told you to not marry Mahek but you didnt listen, you will pay price, she drops vase from first floor so it will land on ajay’s head but Mahek moves in Ajay and vase is about to hit her head when Shaurya sees vase coming down, he shouts Mahek.. and runs, he comes on stage and pushes Mahek away, they both fall down on floor, all are stunned. Nehal runs fom terrace. Shaurya and Mahek gets entangled in Mahek’s Chunri, Shaurya takes it off and takes Mahek’s hand to pull her up. Pd asks Mahek if she is fine? Ajay says darling are you fine? i was so scared for you. Karona asks Shaurya if he is fine? Shaurya says my blazer got stained, i will go wash it, he leaves. Mahek’s chunri gets stained too, Sheetal says this is bad omen, Kanta says this stain is of blood, Mahek did you get hurt? Mahek says no i am fine, i will come, she leaves.
Shaurya’s hand is bleeding, he tries to take off blangle peice that got stuck in his palm, he winces in pain, Mahek comes there and holds his hand, she blows on his hand, Darmiyan song plays, Shaurya says its okay i am not a kid, i will do it, Mahek doesnt listen and tries to tend his wound but Shaurya asks her to leave, all must be waiting for you, Mahek takes his hand again and tries to tend it, he whimpers, mahek’s hair locks are irritating her by falling on her face, Shaurya notices it and tucks it behind her ear, she says i will bring first aid box, she turns to leave but Shaurya holds her hand, she looks at him, Shaurya comes closer, Kuch toh Tha ter mere Darmiyan plays.. Shaurya caresses her forehead, Mahek is tensed and leaves from there.

PRECAP- Ajay holds Mahek’s hand tightly, Mahek winces and asks what he is doing? Ajay says just little teasing with my would be wife, Shaurya sees this and is angry. Later Shaurya comes to Mahek and says who are you? you cant be the Mahek Sharma i knew, because she would slap guy if he misbehaved with her, you will remain middle class that even if husband is abusive, he will still remain your God, Mahek is angry hearing him alleging her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Super fast update thanks a lot….

  2. Coming to the episode…today was just like a dream…. shaurya is soo handsome…mahek is also pretty like an angel…..but the bad thing is my dear shaurya get hurt….but the mehraya scenes r super cute????❤❤❤ love it…

  3. Oh..ho..ho!!!!
    Great epi…
    Tnx Atiba…fr spr fst updt.

  4. Today’s epi was a gud one.Especially the last part was a fab.Day by day Mehrya scenes are increasing.I am totally luving it.Hope Mehrya would be together very soon.The new promo has made me more curious.Luved it.

    Hey guys,
    How are u all?Hope u all had a wonderful day.Gud night guys.

    1. Moni7

      Yeah twinj…..m fine …u dear….precap…he is sooooo jealous …ha ha ha??? so oly burst in anger on mehak… anyways he s trying to Brain wash her…n finally succeed in that too….she rejected ajay monkey
      ….funny part he entered with gift in his hand….he pretending to be normal..but he can’t control himself…staring at ajay…. Lol??? …

  5. Moni7

    Hai frnds….how r u all…athya ishu rayna razna vavachi naina arshi latha preethi twinj jayakumari kavi maanu n all my frnds sry if I left any names…….wow awesome episode?????the way shaurie look our mehak wow m freeze…..blood stained sindoor on mehak’s forehead cherry on the cake?…..mehak too lost in shaurie’s thought omg??…while she s trying to remove the bangle piece from his hand?? eyelock…precap …he trying to Brain wash her…??? And got angry on mehak for not saying anything to ajay…

    1. I’m fine dear❤❤. Wht abt u???

    2. Hey moni,
      I am totally fit n fine n u.

    3. Ya that scene I was shout out of happy….she looks so cute today…when shaurya holds her hand that facial expression is too good…its like a shock and a comfort feel also.???..but when Ajay holds her hand she is restless…I want to kill that Ajay… idiot….

      1. Hey moni…same sweet me too …???

    4. Latha

      Hai Moni fine dear how are u..

      1. Moni7

        Super latha dear….i myself lost in shaurie’s thought….he he he ???today even saw repeat telecast at 10.30……crazy shaurie fan??

    5. Latha

      Precap when Ajay holds mehak’s hand I think Shaurya was jealous and getting angry

  6. Siya….nd all othr who didn’t undrstnd the promo…
    Mahek:”Yes I’m fat…but u r a greedy prsn Mr. Verma”
    Mahek to Shaurya:”Yes yaar…I’m fat. Coming out frm a small kitchen i’d participated in a big cooking show, I’d bear a khadoos (angry man) like u…i’ve enough strength.
    Shaurya: of course.
    Mahek:It seems u have forgotten the slap.
    Tnx Siya…fr the link.

    1. Thanks arshi….I’m from tamil nadu…so I can’t understand that too fast dialogue delivery of mahek….

      1. It’s my pleasure Maanu. And yes there is no sorry and no thanks in friendship.????

      2. ☺☺☺☺☺

      3. Me also thank you asking promo means

    2. Latha

      Thank you so much arshi

    3. thanks arshi.. ? eagerly waiting for the wedding sequence.. ?

  7. Lovely episode.

  8. Preethi ilang

    Hi friends…..h r u…… episode was awesome…..both were thinking abt each other……mehek look so gorgeous……oh god shaurya look handsome in orange dress…..mehek start to feel the shyness whenever he come closer to her….and choclate boy? does not leave any chance to go near to her…….

    1. Latha

      Yes Preeti he never miss any chance to go near her and he never hesitates to hold her hand and without her permission he huged also

  9. what a episode

  10. Mehrya seen are awesome they are looking so cute love mehrya ….

  11. Oh…sry ….1 line is missing.
    Mahek to Ajay: yes I am fat but u r greedy prsn… I have rejected u.

  12. Geetharamasamy

    Awesome episode I love it and shaurya and mahek looking awesome

  13. Very nice

  14. hai friends i also saw the new promo its very much interesting highlight of this promo is how can i forget that SLAP NEVER……………………………… nice episode precap is just amazing i wish shaurya’s care towards mahek is true lets hope 4 the best GOOD Ni8 guys

  15. Wow today episode is awesome…. How soo sweet mahek and Shaurya. The precap interesting.
    Hai my friends mouni arshi latha naina athya ryana twnj all my friends how u ?

    1. I am fine dude. How are you?

  16. Latha

    Awesome episode loved it so much. ?????Kadoos shauri looking sooooooooo handsome today ????when he was restless in his house and in orange dress. Love u shauri????❤❤❤❤

  17. Latha

    Awwwwwesome entry by our orange candy (Shaurya) to that function.

    1. Saryu

      Orange candy ☺️ Loved ur comparison ?

  18. mrzn mukjsr iluall

    nice one… love to c both of dem wid der strong wala attitude..

  19. Lovely episode…..waiting for the next

  20. Aaiysha

    Today shauryais so handsome and today epi was awesome shaurya concern gor mehak is awesome & mehak was so pretty today

  21. Aaiysha

    Today shauryais so handsome and today epi was lovelyshaurya concern gor mehak is awesome & mehak was so pretty today

  22. Nice episode

  23. Nice episode

  24. shaurya…. so handsome?
    and the precap is really interesting .. waiting to watch ?

  25. I absolutely love this show by far the best and karan Bihar is perfect for his role

  26. Hello my lovelies Naina,moni,latha,vavachi,arshi athya,twinj,ishwarya,preeth,nayana. How are you all my dear frndz?And new comers welcome to our frndz group.Jayakumari,maanu,kavi.Keep commenting.Hey vavachi,latha and everyone.Are you all guys angry with me?plz tell.I feel like that.And really sorry if I hurted you all in any ways.Plz tell.Ok guys.Have a nice day.
    Episode was awesome.Mehrya scenes were very nice.And I think that shaurya has really changed.They both keep thinking about each other.I think slowly slowly they are falling for each other.I hate ajay.Go to hell with your nehal.

    1. angry for wat rayna? not at all iam fine dear thank u how r u ? i hope everthing is ok

    2. Iswarya_santhosh

      Hai guys!!!hw r u all… athya, arshi, vavchi,latha,bbb, moni, naina, and all new frnds.. Welcome to our forum…..
      Hey rayna dear… What happened??? Y u are feeling like that?!!
      Coming to the episode… Awesome it is…. I love shaurie now a days… He acted so well…. And in the precap,while he is trying to brainwash her, he is so cute…… What kind of equity is this?? He is hugging her, coming closer to her, holding her hands, carrying her… Without her permission he is doing all this to her…. but her would be ajay should not touch her without her permission???…. Omg he is really cute while getting jealous….. ???????? i just loved it….

      1. Moni7

        Shaurie dreams sa ishu baby???

    3. Moni7

      Hai dear rayna….how r u ….y angry…..plz keep commenting…i miss u baby….even i hate monkey ajay….. Shaurie was awesome as usal…..????…mehak too good…. atlast he started of showing his feelings towards mehak….that angry bird face ?when and all ajay try to flirt with mehak…. that moment wen ajay hold mehak’s hand shaurie look like volcano ….he itself dunno wen he gonna explodes???….that monkey ajay ???

    4. Latha

      Hi Rayna y r u feeling like that and why angry with you nothing like that.

  27. And freely tell if you all guys are angry with me.I will try to rectify my mistakes.

  28. Jayakumarisuresh

    Hi friends new promo gives more curiosity about the next step in mehrya life. I hope shaurie will marry her n take revenge as he says he cant forget the slap sarcastically. Anyway our mahek will come over anything. She has that much strength.

  29. I too have a strange feeling towards shauryas sudden new change.. He sure is up to something

  30. Hi all,
    I do watch the episodes bt commentin first time here..
    Today epi was lovely. Mehak n shaurya bth looked awesome
    Bt I m very much sure Shaurya is planning something big to tak revenge frm Mehak.even in the new promo wen she asked thappad bhul gaye kya,an he says nahi.. at tat time the expression on his face says I will never frget it.. n nor will alow u to frget it

  31. Nice episode

  32. Preethi ilang

    Hi rayna…..h r u…..and all my friends………….good morning…..this shaurya always use to say mehek as motti middleclass and wenever he goes near her know he use to look her from top to bottom KD shaurya….?new promo mad me mad…..he is taking tthe slipper and all wat a change…….

    1. Hahahahahaha u r rite Preethi….

    2. Saryu

      Ha ha ha.. TOP to bottom.. u r right preethi ??

    3. I am fine preethi.

    4. Moni7

      From top to bottom?? fraud

  33. Saryu

    Hello friends.. How are you all..

    Yesterday episode is really a treat to us right… So many mehrya moments ?? Kadoos Kumar became jealous kumar ? Who can say what he can be in future ?

    What’s the wrong with nehal.. why she is behaving chilidish.. she can share it with mehak ryt!!

    Ok let see what more surprises are waiting for us..?

  34. Thanks a lot ishwarya,moni and nayana for replying.Sorry for late reply bcoz my classes finished now only.Now I am relieved that you guys are not angry with me.Especially I want reply from vavachi and latha bcoz nowadays they both didn’t reply to my comments which makes me feel that they are angry with me.Today also they didn’t reply.And everything is not okay with me.I am a lifeless body now.There is no use and reason for me to survive anymore bcoz my everything were snatched away frm me.

    1. Hai rayna, I am not angry with u. Sorry dear not replying busy with class. Love u lots….? ? ?

    2. Latha

      Sorry dear today I am very busy that’s why not responded and today I didn’t read any comment just now I had seen and responding immediately. Why angry with u dear and every thing is ok with you.

    3. Iswarya_santhosh

      Rayna… What happened dear… Hope Everything fine there… We r asking u to contact us infb r whats app.. But u didnt gave anything to us dear… Then hw can we contact u??? Moni asked u na…. U didnt gave her dear… We r not angry with u.


    Hi Rayna, Don’t take anything serious in friends group. All of us will be always busy, inspite of it,we all uniting coz of this serial. Its very happy to share our feelings with each other. It is a good forum for us.

    Waiting for todays episode and Mehrya’ marriage sequences. I imagined the story of their married life too. Mahek would be a good bahu to Karona and she may have to face so many villains in her in-laws house, though Shaurie good or bad, she will have that Miss Delhi and her Second mother in law as villains.

    1. Latha

      Yes jeyakumari u r right this TU is uniting every body as friends with out knowing

      1. Yes that’s true…myself feel very close to all of u like we know each other for yrs….bcoz we r having the same interests…

  36. i think shaurya is planning to take a revenge against mahek for beating him. for that only shaurya playing a fake love darma with mahek

    1. May b but what he says it rite…bcoz she should take decision of her life by herself not for only family….and he make her realise what she up to…if someone misbehaves wit her she should punish him….mahek accepts everything for her family…that’s too bad…like shaurya dear said how middle class ???

      1. Moni7

        Yeah u r ryt maanu….

  37. plz update today’s episode quickly.I couldn’t see it.

  38. Where is today’s written update it hasn’t been posted yet

  39. Where is todays update episode… !!!

  40. Hi guys love this soap.
    Shaurya is killing me with his looks.

    he s super cool…………..

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