Mahek 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Whole family dies

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Mahek 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Balvan coughs. Kanta says papa ji isn’t feeling well. He says i can’t see my kids on this trouble. Kanta says God will help us.
Shaurya and Mahek sign the papers. Suvetlana says on call the real blast is something you wont have seen before. The countdown has started.
Shaurya is going somewhere. Mahek says where are you going? He says restaurant. She syas in all this? Tell me where are you going? He shows the chip he put in Suvetlana’s bag. she says I will come with you. Or take police. He says no you have to stay here. she says no I will come with you. Mahek and Shauyra are in rickshaw on their way. He says I asked you not to come with me. mahek says it is dangerous there. He says don’t know suvetlana.

Kanta says where is Shaurya and Mahek? They haven’t even eaten anything. She says they aren’t home. Dolly says they never tell before going. Shaurya and Mahek reach the location. They hear kids crying. Shaurya says let me go inside. He coems in and sees a phone. The kids noise is coming from it. He says Mahek.. She was fooling us. Kanta calls mahek and says please save us. Mahek says is everything okay? kanta tells her the location. Suvetlana says if you are done being James bond come on to this address. Your whole family is there. Mahek and Shaurya rush there.

Suvetlana has tied everyone in a house. Nehal says please give me my kids back. There is a toy hanging on the kids. Suvetlana comes there. Dolly says you are disgusting. Suvetlana slaps her. She says keep an eye on them and let me know. Kanta says how can you do all this to your son and grandkids. Suvetlana says there is a bomb in this house. Kanta says kill me and let them go. she says my son didn’t care when I was going to jail but before dying you will see your kids dyiing. Karuna says please don’t do all this. Mahek and Shaurya reach near the place. Kanta says they are here. She says tic toc.. she turns the bomb on. Mahek and shaurya come near the house. Shaurya says take this propoerty but let the family go. She says caring so much for them? mahek says you can only get the papers if you leave our family first. Her men take Kanta out. Mahek says ma.. There is a bomb attached to her. Suvetlana says saw it? Give me papers. Mahek gives her papers. Suvetlana leaves.
Shaurya and Mahek look for a way to get in.

Shaurya and Mahek look for everyone. Jeevan takes off his ropes and shouts SHaurya please save us. EVeryone is crying. The bomb’s timing is running out. A house blasts. Suvetlana says to her people when the fire is blow out let me know I will pay. Shaurya and Mahek faint. They see the burning house and screams. They see a dupaatta. Mahek says everyone was in that house. Shaurya tries to get her up. He says please talk to me. She faints. Mahek opens her eyes. Mahek screams and says everyone was there. We have to help them. Our family.. He says no one was there. Shaurya hugs her. Mahek screams. Sthere.

Precap-Some men come to kill Shaurya and Mahek. They run.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What nonsense is shown in these so called daily soaps

  2. Without a doubt, pavitra rishta was the best Indian soap despite having three seasons
    It never had any story line where some one gotta be exposed and mysteries and fighting for property and all these nonsense
    It was more family oriented and showcased love and patience and faith
    Thank God it was made years back when writers mind and thinking werent messed up this much

    1. leisa s morris

      I loved pavitra rishta but it also had some other movies that was worth watchin like saloni,jeet,choti baho and many more bt these serials were in a time wen writers had sense and wanted d serial to b as realistic as possible and wanted to convey d love of indian families and d struggles dey go through but always emerge victorious and it didnt need all these brutal killings and kidnapping and fraud and yet dey were much better than these now adays crap dat dey tryna force unto us. Evil winnin seems to b d norm for these writers and god is a waste of time because all d gd ones pray and believe yet dey suffed and die brutal deaths while evil lives on to conduct evil another day. Sad dat dis is wat entertainment has come to

  3. ZKM-LOVER....

    Every serial has its own story line…..zkm and pavitra rishta are unique and best in their own ways….so plz don’t compare..
    Moreover the serial is going for a leap…so this plot was the need of the moment for the show….Hope you will like the new plot

    1. U r right…we couldn’t compare two serials as ZKM is going to take a leap….it maybe that u guys will like that storyline….every serial has its own story so pls don’t compare ZKM with any other serial not even ZKM but any serial….I m also upset for the leap but may be that I would like that plot more than this…

      1. ZKM-LOVER.......

        Thanks for supporting

  4. OMG!!! No more leaps I am fed up with these nonsense no wonder there has been no comments for at least three days wonder why?????yeah yuh dun know pure rubbish I wonder if the directors will kill out the lead pair they are known for that and then bring them back oh Lord have mercy on poor ole’ us.

    1. ZKM-LOVER.......

      Noo….the lead pairs and Swetlana will be their
      They will come back as Mehek and Shaurya
      They will just have a sports background now…..with lots more love and grandeur in the plot

  5. How is zkm even unique? Lol
    All that I seeing is sheer stupidness and the poor mentality of the writers
    All these serials nowadays are filled with killing and these scamps have goons at their fingertips lol
    I wonder where swetvlana got money to pay these men haha
    And we not comparing zkm with soaps like pavitra rishta  and choti bahu and  agle janam cause comparing them with zkm would be an insult to the actors and writers of those soaps
    Total insult
    Cause theyre incomparable
    Argue with me now zkm lovers
    And let alone the writers, you fans (zkm lovers) have the same mentality so i cannot expect better
    Or were you influenced by them? Lolll
    Anyways, I’ll leave you to your opinion so you should do the same with me okay? Dumbass

    1. ZKM-LOVER....

      I just don’t understand one thing dear ZKM hater……if u r so much against d show why do u care to read its written update…

  6. Well said ZKM-LOVER….

    1. ZKM-LOVER.......

      Thank u @Jayashree,
      I believe DAT if u r a true fan….u ll support d serial no mattter what

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