Mahek 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mahek has son and husband now

Mahek 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
(Mahek is Vandana now). Her mother in law comes to her and says Vandana please break your fast seeing her husband Madhav’s photon, Mahek says no I will wait for him. Mahek’s son is on terrace with her, son says I am going down, he runs away before she can stop him. Mahek runs behind him, she comes to door of her hout and hesitate before going out but goes out to search for her son Neel. Neel comes nearby lake and strikes with Shaurya. Shaurya asks if he is fine? Neel says sorry uncle. Shaurya smiles and leaves, Mahek comes there and doesnt see Shaurya leaving. She runs to Neel and hugs him. She asks him to not do this again.

At Sharma house, Mansi and Kanta break their fasts. Jeevan makes Kanta drink water and break her fast but Kanta cries and sobs. Jeevan says I told you to not fast, you are ill. Kanta says today would be Mahek’s first karwachauth, God did what he wanted to do with us, we kept bearing it and thought that God is doing right with us and kept our patience but I wont forgive God now, he took my Mahek away, I wont forgive God and Shaurya. Jeevan says you are still miffed with Shaurya? he is innocent. Kanta says no I gave him my daughter and what he did? Ravi says it was an accident. Kanta says it was his fault, Shaurya promised to keep my Mahek protected but he didnt, he has snatched our Mahek from us, I wont forgive him, she leaves. Jeevan looks at Mahek’s photo which has garland on it.

Nearby lake, Neel huffs. Mahek says I told you not run, your breathing is uneven now, she gives him inhaler, she hugs him and says you know I get worried about you when you do that, and if papa gets to know about it then he will scold you and also take you to doctor. Neel says I am not scared of papa or doctor. Mahek gets dizzy, he says you should eat something. Mahek says lets go home and wait for papa then I will break my fast. Neel says no I wont leave till you eat something, I will show you papa’s photo on phone and you can break your fast. Mahek says okay and asks him to wait. Mahek goes to a stall and buys things needed to break her fast and for pooja. Shaurya is nearby her. He buys water bottle and drinks water, he has back towards Mahek so she doesnt see him. Mahek comes back to Neel with aarti plate. She ligts diya and puts it in net mesh. Shaurya is nearby her, he suddenly recalls his marriage with Mahek, how happy they were, he gets sad and leaves from there leaving his used water bottle there. Mahek looks at moon throught net, Neel is showing her his papa’s photo on phone. Mahek turns her net and suddenly Shaurya is infront of her and she sees him through her net, she is stunned and thinks oh God whom did I see? Shaurya doesnt see her and leaves. Mahek doesnt recognize him but keeps looking at him leaving. Neel says Maa you dont have water here, I wil bring it. He goes and finds Shaurya’s water bottl on bench from which he drank, he brings it to Mahek and asks her to drink. Mahek drinks water from it. She turns and finds a man coming towards her, she gets scared seeing him. He is dressed in desi attire, he comes to Mahek and glares at her. She is terrified. Man throws her aarti plate, Neel hides behind Mahek. Man(Madhav/Mahek’s husband) glares at them for leaving house, he grabs Mahek’s hand and drags her and Neel back to house.

Madhav’s mother talks to his father and says I am worried about his antics. Father says he is your son and is useless. Mother says dont call him useless, when he asked daughter in law to not leave house then why did she leave? Father says so he can raise hand on her? I never raised hand on you. Madhav drags Mahek and Neel in house, he shouts that when I asked them to not leave house then why did they go out? this Neel ranaway and will get punished now, he is about to slap Neel but father pushes Madhav away, Madhav says this Neel goes out and this Vandana(Mahek’s name is Vandana now) goes out behind him so she can have affair with other men, Vandana/Mahek says what are you saying? He grabs her face and says I know what you are upto, we have been together for 7 years and you know you are not allowed to go out but you dont listen, I will teach you a lesson. Madhav’s father pushes him away and says dont raise hand on them otherwise I know how to raise hand too, he asks Mahek and Neel to go to their room, they leave. Madhav asks father to not interfere in his matter, you know what can happen if she leaves house. He glares at his father and leaves.

Mahek is in room with Neel, she wipes his wound on leg and says to Neel that you know father gets angry when you go out of house, dont do that again. Neel says no I will go out and I will not be scared of papa anymore. Mahek asks him to leave anger aside. Neel asks her to tell him a story, Mahek tells him a story about king and queen, she says I get worried for you, if you sleep then I will sleep.Neel lies in her lap, Mahek sings lullaby, Neel falls asleep. Mahek sadly looks at him.

In morning, Shaurya is at place where Mahek and he went for honeymoon, he comes to market where he and Mahek went for shopping. He recalls taking her pictures while she shopped. He sadly looks around, humari adhuri kahani plays.. Shaurya comes to jewelry store and recalls how he bought earrings for Mahek from there, then he find same bangle store from where Mahek bought bangles, he recalls his last few moments with Mahek, he is remided of her when he looks at candy floss which he bought for her.. Humari adhuri kahani plays.. Shaurya wipes his tears as Karona and Vicky comes there. Karona says we are going to mandir, do you want to see wedding card first? Shaurya says dont involve me in all this. Karona says I know you have come for Mahek’s death anniversary here but its about Vicky’s happiness so come to mandir with us, Shaurya says no I am not in mood, you both go. Karona and Vicky sadly leaves. Shaurya looks on.

PRECAP- Shaurya brings Neel out of his car near Neel’s house. Neel goes towards his house and says Maa see I came here in a big car. Mahek comes to doorsteps of house. Shaurya is approaching door and is about to see her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Priyankashaurya

    i hope itzzz not mehak’s look a like..and mehek itself..i hope instead of mehak vandana died that day….n mehak had memory los….i hope so.i love u a lot mehrya….u r my part of life………only meharya

  2. soooo i guess d person whom shaurya found dead was dis vandana person and mayek is in her place…hmmmm interesting.

    1. Hi Leisa, thank goodness this wasn’t another funeral of a serial lead…too much funerals in soapland these days but I still cried watching Shaurya in grief…hell, I cry for almost all emotions ,be it funerals, marriages, love, seeing unfortunate people or even success in an achievement…..??

    2. hi Naz im d same…im very emotional and ur right these writers keep killin off d leads and changin d whole story line jus hope my guess is right cause im fed up of d lack of imagination of these writers. they keep spoilin all serials with death and reincarnation madness. like if d leads cant fight their own battles and evil is always triumphant. need to c a change

  3. Hey guys im new here but this is my theory; what if it wasnt mahek that died that day but madhav’s wife who looks exactly like mahek and what would happen if mahek leavesthd house. Maybe mahek has memory loss and takes madhav and neel to be her husband and son.

  4. Superb episode i have one doubt why madhav didn’t allow to out of house mehek and neil something he know???????

    1. Hiii thinks for coming agian here…

    2. Chaaya

      Geetha, seems old fans are stirred to comment. So happy . . .

  5. You are all forgetting something vital, except the writers think we are fools, there is no way mahi clothes was changed under water, that fast. But then again, anything can happen in serial world.

    1. Hi, first time commenting here…you’ve got an eye for details, me too. Although I watch on and off, I’ve been able to follow the story. I’m sure Vandana’s husband murdered her in a fit of rage and threw her in the river, coinciding with Mehek’ fall as well and having found Mehek, forced her to stay indoors in case she spill some random beans and villagers realize it’s not Vandana but a lookalike… So this is Mehek because she was startled to see Shaurya but because of temporary memory loss, she couldn’t place him in her pool of knowledge and memories but the heart is a strange place and only s true love will
      cause such a jolt….however, writers have a habit to overlook details such as her clothes at the time of assumed drowning but it’s viewers like you who have the discerning eye and will make mention of it…. Good job!!!

    2. hi Jay i dont always watch d serial most times i jus read it so i wsnna kno did they show mayeks entire body or jus her face wen shaurya identified her. bein in an emotional state its quite easy to overlook ones attire wen their face is right before ur eyes… but being d viewer of this serial u off course will pay close attention and tell if someting is off…so did dey show her entire body or just her face

  6. ChandaMaya

    Back to track . . . Mahek has lost her memory. Something happened after her body was taken to rest at a crematory. Loss of consciousness can look like death without brain testing.

    Mahek’s body was taken and replaced before the funeral . . .there is a dark secret about the family that took her.

    1. Chaaya

      Back on track, indeed . . . .Chanda dear!!! Such a long time? Nice to see you back. I comment less frequent but busy with KumKum Bhagya and Shani . . . So behind on the updates.

  7. ChandaMaya

    Atiba, dear I think the name of Mahek’s or Vandana now is Neev not Neil.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Oops, meant the name of Mahek’s son is Neev.

  8. ChandaMaya

    Mahek has amnesia . . .that’s why her reaction to seeing Shaurya was tinged with deja vu. I hope Shaurya gets to see the face of Vandana.

    1. Hii dii hru…missed you so much….
      Where are you….
      You come here after long time….

    2. ChandaMaya

      Hi Sapna . . .missed you all.

  9. Hi chandamaya soooooo glad to see your comment and also Geetha. How are you guys.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Hi Geeta, yes sooooo happy to be with my Mehra or Vanda . . . Vandana plus Shaurya. ?Oh my, my! So close to Vohra!!! Great acting by Karan Vohra. He’s great. Samiksha is improving.

      I took a break because I was so upset with the storyline. I watched only the episodes I wanted but just ignored a lot. Very fedup up with the property nonsense. Oh and the Ajay and Rohit goons.

      Nice to see all the past and new fans. Yes, miss Moni sis also.

  10. hahaha yet another freakin memory loss hahaha hehehe WHATTT??? i cannot help it one shit is happening all the time why make so many serials and they all end up in the same way instead make one and let it run like the young and the restless never ending

  11. Priyankashaurya

    u knw gyus i m happy for one thing as old fans of meharya is back……..thnxxx all of u

    1. True yrr… I m also happy for this…. You know missing chanda dii and geeta and monii diii…. So much…. I m happy to see tham here again…

  12. The writer is becoming very agnoring and irriating, because there is just too much repetition in Makek. Why did you’ll have to seperate Mahek and Shaurya again…Everytime they get close and is a happy couple, then we the viewers, can expect something bad to happen to eiter one of them… Mahek and Shaurya’s happy moments is never longer that one episode…so boring….
    How can the programme directors and the editors of the script even allow this programme to be aired when there is so much repetition…

    My opinion about the writer and the entire editorial team is, that they are very depressed and unhappy peopel. They live in a very negative and abusive enivorment.….they urgently need conselling and treatment or they need to be changed, otherwise the viewer rate will decrease.

    Boring….boring…boring…just too much repetition

  13. One of the most boring Indian series I have ever watched. There is just to much repetition. The writer is making the characters behave like fools and they becaming the laughing stock in the series….Boring..Boring…Boring….The indian writer’s just don’t have class and style, they are just to boring and irriating…They way they write is like in the 1960’s…very very old school.

    The surprising thing is that all the indian soapies have the similiar story line. The writers need to catch a wake up. They are just making themselves look stupid.

  14. Sasha

    Oh yaar.. I was so happy till last friday.. I don’t know what is the problem of these CV’s.. Y can’t these tolerate viewers being happy.. If they don’t get any idea for continuing the serial they could have ended the serial.. It would have been the good end with a cute reunion.. And seriously yaar do U guys think us like fools r what.. How come vandhana would have died wearing Mehak’s drez even if it was vandhana who died and Mehak got memory loss.. Do you think U throw any crap and we ll be agreeing it.. F**k logic is serials.. And last thing i can’t C Shaurya like this… My heart is like bursting 1000 times seeing him cry…

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