MahaSangam Half Marriage & Agnifera 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Bomb blast danger for everyone

Half Marriage 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Maha Sangam Episode of Half Marriage and Agnifera started with Arjun and Chandani romancing. Chandani asks him to leave her as anyone will see. He says you are my wife and is about to kiss her, when Mannu comes and interrupts them. Sampath talks to Saheb ji. Saheb ji comes to the function venue and thinks today he has to act as if terrorists attacked. Chandani says if I agree then…They have an eye lock. Sampath tells his plan to Saheb ji, and says when fake terrorists attack, you have to save the people and then you will be the hero. Saheb ji says I shall be everywhere. Reva comes and tells Arjun that he is stupid not to think about Chandani’s clue. Arjun romances Chandani.

Later Arjun comes to Sulochana and asks her to come to the function. Sulochana says pandit ji says we have risk

with iron and fire. Arjun tells her that he is fine and don’t believe on Pandit ji’s words. Chandani asks her to come. Sulochana refuses. They leaves.

Munna tells Chandani that they have made him DJ, and asks what to do. Chandani looks for the dancers. Shristi comes there and keeps hand on Chandani’s eyes. Chandani identifies him. Saheb ji is trying to fulfill his mission to become great. A real terrorist eyes the function area. Chandani introduces Shristi to Manohar. Terrorists talk to someone and says he don’t do incomplete work. A boy gets down from his jeep.

Chandani introduces Shristi to Arjun. Mannu asks where is your better half? Anurag, Ragini and Vishu come there. Shristi tells them that Vishu is his best half and introduces Ragini as her best friend and sister. Saheb ji sees Vidhwan and says I forgot to call you. Chandani says she has invited him to surprise him. Saheb ji appreciates her. Revathi asks Dulari to be with Ragini and Anurag. Dulari hears them talking. Anurag asks her to sit with Revathi. Ragini says she came here for enjoyment and will not sit. Revathi tells Dulari that they have started fight again.

Sampath tells Saheb ji that everything is happening as planned, but your friends came here. Saheb ji says he can’t delay his plan. Arjun sees the boy and offers him icecream, but the goon calls the boy and he goes without taking it. Chandani gives bands to everyone. Vishu comes searching for Shristi. Chandani gives him band.

Ragini asks the seller to give khatta. Anurag says it is unhygienic. Ragini says she is having this since childhood and asks him to try. Anurag tries it. Ragini cleans his mouth with her pallu.

Arjun pulls Chandani closer and says we will never scold our kids. Chandani is surprised and asks what did you say? Arjun says I don’t like dance. Chandani says you said just now about our..Arjun says kids, we will have in future. Chandani gets shy and hugs him. The goon takes the boy and asks where is your mum. Woman searches for her son. Sampath tells Saheb ji that the goons whom they hired got stuck somewhere and the real terrorist is going to attack there. Goon asks Woman to remove her shawl and activates the bomb. He asks her to go and stand behind the stage.

Ragini tells Anurag that she will go to Chandani and tells him that they shall lift the curtains. Saheb ji gives speech and says no boy will be orphan in this country. Surya prakash tells Reva that he don’t want to be like Saheb ji and want to be away from him. Rev says he is my family now, and will change one day. Saheb ends his speech and says dance performance will start now. Shristi begins the function with her dance performance on a patriotic song.

Arjun and Chandani dance on Sandeshe Aate hai…Then Vandemataram is played. Arjun goes from stage. Saheb ji asks Sampath to end this program. Woman comes back to goon. Goon says just 15 mins left for the bomb to blast. Woman says she wants to go to loo. He lets her go. Chandani gets teary eyes. Arjun asks why you are crying. He hugs her. Chandani goes to change her clothes. Arjun gets Sulochana’s call who asks him to come home soon. Woman calls her mother and tells that she is helpless to do this work, and says Aman is here. Chandani and Shristi hears her crying. Shristi recalls seeing her and thinks why is she crying. Woman says the bomb blast will happen in 15 mins.

Chandani and Shristi see the woman having bomb tied to her waist. She says just 10 mins left. Everyone searches for more bombs. It explodes. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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