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Maharana Pratap 4th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chundavat ji starts reading the letter. He stops in shock when he reads Jagmal’s name in the letter as the successor instead of Pratap. Everyone is taken aback.

Only Jagmal, Raimal and DB look happy. Jagmal cannot believe his ears. Now this place is mine. I will be the king. DB pretends to cry. Acharya is boggled. Pratap says this was father’s last wish. This should be respected. The last rites of father should be done as per proper rituals. Chundavat ji remarks that the successor son will sit on the throne while the other son should do the last rites. Pratap thinks that maybe this was the reason why father made this decision. If i had sat on the throne then how would I have bid him farewell? Throne does not concern me. I have got his blessings this way. I am blessed. May his soul rest in peace.

Maan Singh tells Akbar that Jagmal’s Rajya-abhishek will happen soon. Akbar says DB was right. Both these news will be lucky for Mughal empire. Rajpuatan will be ours soon. Take some gift for the new King. Maan Singh nods.

Pratap does the last rites of his father. Mewahile, Raimal and Jagmal celebrate their victory by drinking. A tailor comes to take Jagmal’s measurements.

The crown and ornaments of Rana US are taken off before lighting the pyre.

Jagmal is enjoying his victory with dance and drinks in the courtroom. All the members look unhappy. A drunken Jagmal holds his crown in his hand. The dancers go away when DB comes there. Raimal rushes to her side.

Pratap lights the pyre. All the citizens look on sadly.

DB scolds Jagmal. I have worked every second of my life so this moment can come. You are wasting it. She asks Chundavat ji to start the ritual of Rajya-abhishek. Jagmal sits on the throne as he is in a rush to become the Rana of Udaipur. Chundavat ji starts the ritual with aarti. He dons the crown on Jagmal’s head. DB and Raimal smile. They are the only two people who cheer for their new Rana. The others are forced in the end to say it too. Jagmal announces a week-long celebration in Mewar. Acharya interrupts him. Rana ji died today only. Because of the same, I request you to wait a little. DB rebukes him for daring to question Rana Jagmal’s decision. She advises Jagmal to free Acharya and all those people who aren’t happy with his Rajya-abhishek. Jagmal agrees. He suspends every single person of the court.

JB enters just then. I anyways knew your true colours. I never had a doubt about it. DB replies that the difference is on perspectives. You can mourn but I will enjoy as the new Rana has sat over the throne. JB requests her not to relieve everyone from their duty. They have been with us since years. DB talks of sending her out of the palace as well. Sit in your puja room only. The worldly affairs have never interested you nor will they do now. DB asks her not to shout. Neither is your Rana ji the King, nor is your son the would be successor. Ajabde asks her not to disrespect anyone. DB announces all the well wishers of JB (including Ajabde, Phool, Suabhagyawati) to leave the palace asap. Don’t take anything except the clothes that you are currently wearing. Leave right away.

Pratap tells her to stop. DB talks about her hatred for him till date. It is still there which is why I made Jagmal sit here. No one will applaud you now. I am so at peace today. Pratap thinks how he never believed what his Rani MA said about her till date. I thought that one day our love will change you for good but I was wrong! You made fun of all the mothers in the world. Your behaviour has ashamed every evil in the world. Jagmal signals him to stop. He addresses Pratap by his name. How dare you disrespect in this court and insult Mewar’s Rana’s Rajmata? I banish you along with your family from Mewar. Everyone is in for a shock. Chundavat cross checks with Jagmal. Jagmal sticks to his words. I also announce that if anyone tries to give him or his familt shelter then he will be considered the enemy of Mewar. All the people oppose it. Acharya asks Jagmal to rethink his decision. Jagmal asks them if anyone is daring enough to oppose his decision. I challenge you all openly. DB says my son is born to rule. Acharya is about to object but Pratap stops him. No courtier has to leave court or oppose this decision. I know that you all are bound by promise to this throne. I would want you all to continue it. He turns to Jagmal. I leave the palace today with my family but remember it that Mewar was, is or will never be anyone’s personal place. It is of our ancestors. My father has shed his blood to maintain it. We will always look up to the one who will sit you on this throne. But Pratap Singh will not spare you for the way you have behaved today with my Mother and guru ji. If you were outside this minute then I would have killed you right away. Jagmal mocks him. Stop your lectures and leave. Pratap asks his Rani Ma to come with him. Jagmal asks her to listen to Pratap as this is where her safety lies.

Pratap walks out of the palace with his family. All the soldiers take down their swords and shields and bow down their heads. Pratap thinks of how proud his father was of him when he had built Udaipur. All the citizens of Udaipur have gathered outside the palace. They request Pratap and his family not to leave him. Pratap calms them down. I am overwhelmed by your love and support. What is important is what is thought upon inside the courtroom. I was asked to leave this city. This palace and city is not ours anymore. We will have to go now. Amar asks his father where they will stay. He does not want to go to jungle. I have grown up here. Grandfather used to play with me here. Now you call jungle my home? Ajabde tells him not to cry like a girl. Become brave like your father.

Maan Singh congratulates Jagmal on his Rajya-abhishek. You will have to sign on a special friendship treaty now. Jagmal nods.

Bheels welcome Pratap and his family open heartedly.

Maan Singh tells Jagmal that Mewar will be become an inseparable part of Mughal Empire once you sign this treaty. You too will have to pay yearly tax to Shehanshah like all the other Rajput states do. Jagmal agrees to sign this letter without even reading it. Whatever is written in the letter will come true. He signs the letter. No other courtier looks happy. Maan Singh appreciates him for not taking time in making any decision. Jagmal gives another gift to Maan Singh. From today onwards, Mughal flag will be also hoisted on Mewar fort along with our flag. To give them respect, it will be hoisted a little higher than our flag. Acharya and others angrily oppose this decision. Jagmal tells everyone to keep their swords back in their sheaths. Stop acting like fools. This all used to happen when Pratap was here, not now! Maan Singh suggests Jagmal to let him deploy 25k soldiers here. You can rule peacefully here then. A courtier steps forward. Atleast don’t allow this. Your ancestors have shed their blood to keep Mugals away from their doors. Don’t let it all go in waste. Maan Singh advises Jagmal to solve his internal matters first. He leaves. He also leaves his few soldiers behind in the court.

Jagmal first hears the courtier’s point. He kills him the very next minute. I have asked everyone not to instigate me. I want to be all calm. He looks at the blood in his hand.

A soldier hoists a Mughal flag a little higher than the Mewar flag on the fort.

Pratap thanks rana Punja for helping him and his family in this time. You have also kept Ekling ji here wiht all due respect. Phool and Ajabde comes there. He asks if rani Ma has settled here. Phool replies in affirmative. Amar comes running there. You haven’t opened the trunk that grandfather had given to you? Pratap gets it there. I will open it here before Ekling ji. He is shocked to see the key of Chittor’s fort in that trunk. JB too joins them. Pratap knows that father had taken it back from Shams Khan. JB too remembers the day clearly. Pratap thinks why his father gave him this key as the last memento. Did he leave a dream behind for me to get Chittor and Udaipur back? She asks him why someone leaves a key behind for someone. He replies that it hints that they want the person to use the key to unlock. She nods. He was not happy with Jagmal’s decision of giving Udaipur to Jagmal. JB points out that if it did not make him happy then why he made Jagmal his successor. A guy comes to inform them that Acharya and the other courtiers have come here.

Acharya tells Pratap that Jagmal does not need them. Chundavat ji adds that we are not needed in the court anymore. Pratap is taken aback. You have been with us since ages. Acharya says we were with Mewar till it was amongst our people. We will not support them if outsiders take over. Chundavat ji and another courtier share the proposal that Maan Singh brought later in the court. Jagmal has signed the treaty without even reading it! The Mughal flag has been hoisted on the fort. A courtier got killed by Jagmal in the middle of the court when he opposed it. Mugal army has left for Udaipur to conquer it. Pratap feels anguished. This sounds worse than the death of a loved one. I cannot believe it that Jagmal has invited Mughals! Acharya reasons that Jagmal is not fit to rule Udaipur. You are worthy of it. Get Jagmal down from the throne. If Mughals get inside our territory once then we will never have Udaipur back. All the aldies come there. JB says your father taught you to maintain the respect of Rajputana. We have to stop Mughals from entering inside our premises till we are strong enough. Save Mewar. It isn’t a personal property but it has been built by our ancestors’. They made many sacrifices to keep their motherland out of the enemy’s clutches. Pratap hears his ancestors’ voice calling out for him. They ask him to do something to save Rajputana. JB too prods Pratap to save Udaipur. The men cheer for all the brave hearts of Mewar including Maharana Pratap. Pratap humbly folds his hands. Rana Punja says we will need men to get Jagmal down from the throne. We will help you. Pratap denies. Mewar’s citizens will have to oppose the outsiders. I myself will go there as a soldier who wants to protect their motherland. Rana Punja reasons that Jagmal can get him killed by cheating. Pratap wants to challenge Mughals on his own.

Precap: Chundavat ji announces Pratap as the Maharana of Udaipur. Jagmal is pulled down the throne. DB looks on in shock. Everyone cheers for their new Maharana. Pratap walks up to the throne.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Very beautiful and a thoroughly enjoyable episode.
    I liked the interation of MP and his family with the Bhil Sardar.
    Action awaited in the Monday episode. Eagely waiting for dethronment of Jagmal.

  2. pls sumbody explain me…did Rana uday singh really made jagmal the king, or was it the conspiracy of dheerbai?

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Rember DB made his sign sumting in a hurry so i tink evil DB changed it !!!!! I like JB…sad to c US die…

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