Maharana Pratap 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The commander refuses to help them. He straight away tells Pratap that he doesn’t want to be a part of this war which doesn’t even concern them. You all can leave now. They are all taken aback. Pratap tries to say something but the commander stays put. You are wasting your precious time. Pratap thanks him and leaves with his team.

DB feels that they should open the temples and dharamshalas for the people too. Ajabde suggests utilising the empty rooms of the palace as well. The ladies discuss about the grains that were about to come but US tells them that nothing is going to reach the palace from anywhere. Our carts were attacked by the Mughals. Our soldiers lit everything on fire and died in the fight. We will have to utilise this stock only till the time we are surrounded (by Akbar). DB assures him about it. I will fix an emergency meter on the food from today onwards itself. Every woman of the palace will eat only 2 chapattis from now on so we can feed all those men, who are going to protect our motherland, properly. US is proud of her. DB doesn’t mind doing this little sacrifice for those brave soldiers / men (in general). Amar Singh wonders what they will do with this much stock of grains, etc. US shares that there are approx 30k people in their premises at the moment. It is our duty to give them proper food. Our enemy is outside the fort so we cannot even get anything from outside. We will have to make use of this much stock only till the time we defeat Akbar. Amar Singh is confused. why is Akbar waiting outside our fort since so long? Why isn’t he attacking us? US too is thinking about the same thing. Who is he waiting for? Or if some fear is troubling him!

Akbar has still not found any info about Pratap being in the palace so far. I feel Rann Singh was taking some other message to some place of the people from the palace would have surely done something by now after knowing that Rann Singh is in our custody. They would have tried to kill him so many times. They wouldn’t have waited till now. I feel Pratap is in the palace only.

Two Mughal soldiers discuss that Pratap is surely in the palace only. They too are thinking on the same lines. Champa and Aalim Khan also overhear this. Aalim Khan is irked that Akbar is wasting his time on Rann Singh. No one in Chittor is worried about him. he knows nothing. I can bet that Pratap is inside the fort only or we wouldn’t have lost like this. I wish I get another chance to teach a good lesson to Rajputs that even the following generations would remain in awe of them. Champa realises that Akbar will get a doubt if Khetu kills Rann Singh.

Khetu is left in that commander’s tent. He sends all the soldiers out.

Raja Jaimal apologizes to Pratap as he came here on his suggestion. This wasted your precious time. Pratap denies. it is true that we need help. You sent Kalla, Khetu and Champa to Chittor on time atleast. Khetu will free Rann Singh from his sufferings. It will deliver a message to Mughals as to how capable we are of saving our motherland. We can do just about anything to save our motherland! Pratap wonders what if Khetu got caught. Chakrapani says they wont spare her then.

Commander (Isa Kaka) walks near Khetu. There is something special about you. Have you been taught how to use weapons? She denies. I was just interested in learning it since childhood. He is still thinking of the incident when she had caught hold of the pot that the other lady had dropped. When you are so fast then why dint you run away? How did my soldiers catch you then? He pushes her on a bed. You thought you will do here whatever you like? Are you a spy? Now I will teach you a lesson that will stay with you for lifetime. You are very beautiful though what’s the rush. There will still be more sides of you! He touches her so she pushes him and then aims her dagger at him. You were right about what you were thinking. I have got training on using arms. Don’t even dare to move. He asks for the dagger. You wont be able to go away from here! She puts a little pressure on the dagger which he can feel too as it is around his neck.

Champa looks at Rann Singh from outside the tent only but a soldier warns him against it. He is relieved that Rann Singh is still alive. But where is Khetu?

Khetu gives Isa Kaka is turban back. She tells him to tie the loose around his mouth. He is made to sit on the floor. The same lady comes there with a water pot. Khetu encourages her to fight for her motherland (Mewar). If you want to help me then, get me a rope. She brings it and then ties Isa Kaka with the table. the ladies leave from there.

Champa is looking for Khetu. She comes out of Isa Kaka’s tent. She tells the other lady to hide somewhere outside the tent. I will join you in a while. The lady leaves. Khetu heads to Rann Singh’s tent next. Champa misses seeing her and is tensed.

Soldiers free Isa Kaka. Khetu points her dagger at Rann Singh but her hands are shaking. He shakes his head at her. he folds his hands before her. She is in tears and holds his hands. You are a true son of this motherland, a brave warrior. Isa Kaka comes there just then and orders his soldiers to catch Khetu. She slits Rann Singh’s throat escapes from there. Rann Singh breathes his last. Khetu fights bravely with the soldiers who are following her or are trying to stop her. Champa notices this and is alarmed.

Akbar comes to the tent and finds Rann Singh lying dead on the floor. Isa Kaka informs him about Khetu, Chittor’s spy. Akbar realises that Pratap is not in the palace. No one would have come to kill Rann Singh otherwise. Akbar thinks of his inner soul’s threat. He still wants to wait for a little longer to plan an attack on Chittor. He comes out of his tent and finds a big army heading towards his camp. He checks from his binoculars. Hyatt Sultan from Ajmer greets Akbar. I have brought an army of 3k soldiers for you. Akbar is glad. It is time to attack on Chittor’s fort and gain victory! Hyatt Khan too wants to be a part of it. Akbar doesn’t mind it. His soldiers chant praises of his name.

Ishar Das ji informs US that he has seen 3k soldiers (from Ajmer) joining Akbar’s army just now. I can see some movements in their army.

A guy (Medta’s messenger) updates Pratap about the same. Acharya says it will just add to Akbar’s strength. Pratap wants to leave for Chittor asap before Akbar does some damage to them.

Akbar is all set to head towards Chittor with his giant army. Akbar and his commanders motivate the soldiers to gain victory over Chittor today itself.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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