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Maharana Pratap 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

After reaching Bijolia, Phool yet again wants to know why they have come here. Maldev ji tells her to wait as she will come to know very soon.

US takes leave from Mamrak ji. I hope that whatever happened between us wont affect our friendship. A soldier informs Mamrak ji and US about Maldev and Phool’s arrival. Both are confused. US reminds him to follow the etiquettes of politics. Mamrak ji is confused how to welcome Maldev ji as they have not done any preps. They have come unannounced.

Uma Devi is excited to know that Phool has come as well. DB is worried because of the letter. Uma Devi realises that their plan might fail now.

VB is scared at the news. Maldev ji never forgets anything. When he will see me he will remember everything. He wanted to marry me but I did not let it happen. I am really scared. JB tells her not to be scared as she is Mewar’s Rani now. I am with you. I am worried about the fact that he came here with Phool after whatever happened here. Even Pratap is confused about Phool’s arrival. Chakrapani comments that he is sure someone will get engaged in Bijolia after all. Pratap does not care who comes or goes. I am going to Chittor now. Chakrapani reminds him of his friendship etiquettes as Phool is his friend too.

Mamrak ji welcomes Maldev ji while US and he exchange a stare. All three of them talk about limits / borders. Maldev ji knows that US is still upset with him. Pratap won Ajmer and gave it to me that is when I had decided that I have to break this wall. US appreciates him for it. Phool greets him. He is happy to see her. They all smile and go inside.

Uma Devi and DB decide to take Phool under their control before she does some stupidity. JB is sure that Maldev ji has something in his mind which is why he has come here with Phool. What does she want? VB cannot understand how come they are here all of a sudden. Uma Devi and DB come there. JB realises the whole thing. Just then Maldev makes an entry along with Phool, Mamrak ji and US. Maldev goes to talk to JB. I also want to complain against your husband. He notices VB and is angry. VB recalls everything and is scared. JB reminds him that he wanted to talk to her. Maldev talks that they are heading out while he has come to meet them here. He comes to the point. I have come here for Phool’s happiness. I have brought Phool with me while Pratap is here only. I request you not to delay this anymore. Uma Devi praises him and Phool. All the princes of Rajputana will stand in a queue if there is a swayambar for Phool. It is Pratap’s good fortune that this is happening. JB appreciates Maldev ji. No one should spread their hands in front of anyone, especially not from the bride’s side or people will think that they are desperate for it. this is not good. Phool comes there talking about the goat. She greets everyone. She notices everyone’s dull faces and is worried. Mamrak ji suggests everyone to go to their room to rest. We will meet yet again and talk over things. Uma Devi wants Phool to come with her while Hansa Bai offers to take Phool with her. Mamrak ji insists too so Uma Devi has to give up. Phool leaves with JB, VB and Hansa Bai.

JB is happy to see Phool. She too was missing all of them. She remembers Ajabde too. She notices some people taking some stuff out and is curious. Hansa Bai tells them that JB and family are leaving today. It’s their luggage. She thought that their views will change once she is here. Hansa Bai thinks that they should tell everything to Phool. JB tells her everything in mute. Phool wants to meet Ajabde but she has locked herself in her room. She will come out only when Pratap will leave with his family. phool knows that Ajabde cannot say no to her. Hansa Bai takes her to Ajabde’s room.

They meet Pratap on their way to Ajabde’s room. Phool recalls all their past moments (all memories go in reverse mode). She tells Hansa Massi to go to Ajabde’s room. I will reach there soon. Hansa Bai leaves. Phool and Pratap move towards each other. He is going as he has no interest in staying back here. She understands his position well but also knows that he will sweat himself in the dangal area till he calms down. He declines doing anything like that. Why should I be angry and on whom? She knows that Ajabde is acting stubborn. He wonders how she knows it. she tells him to be proud of the fact that he dint let Ajabde marry someone else. He denies doing anything. She knows that his name itself is enough. But you lost in front of Ajabde’s stubbornness. She would have definitely done something that you gave up or you are not someone who gives up. He wishes to leave as that’s the best thing for everyone. We should not interfere in what’s happening. She only wants to tell him that till now he has only seen Ajabde’s stubbornness, now he will see her stubbornness. I wont return to Marwar till things happen my way. He wishes her well. A soldier comes to tell him about his horse that he is not eating anything from someone else’s hands. He goes from there while Phool decides to do what she has on her mind.

Hansa Bai is outside Ajabde’s room. Open the door. you have gotten used to acting stubborn by locking yourself in your room. Ajabde wants to know if all of them have left. I wont come out unless. Hansa Bai confirms it. Phool too comes there. Ajabde is shocked to know that Phool is here. She yet again recalls Phool’s harsh words and how she broke their friendship. Ajabde is not ready to believe her mother as she can do anything to bring her out of her room. Hansa Bai leaves Phool alone.

Phool knocks on the door. ajabde still thinks that it is her mother. I wont come out till they all return to Chittor. Phool replies that in that case she wont be able to meet her as well as she too will have to return then. Ajabde cannot believe her ears. Phool cannot come here. All the past incidents flash before her eyes. Ma, have you called someone who can speak in Phool’s voice? You will be cheating me in that case. Phool says you are cheating yourself. Do you think everyone will do anything and everything to make you agree for this alliance? You are wrong if you are thinking like that. Now that I am here no one else will make you agree for it. ajabde finally opens the door. she is all emotional to see her best friend. Phool simply walks inside the room asking Ajabde to close the door behind her.

DB and Uma Devi are irritated that their plans failed yet again. Phool has gone to talk to Ajabde on JB’s insistence. Uma Devi is upset about her letter. I would have mentioned in there that he should not bring Phool with him. DB is sad that she is blaming her too. Uma Devi declines saying anything like that. DB recalls that she left that letter in Ajabde’s room only.

Ajabde shows the jewellery to Phool. They will look very good on you. All this is as per your liking and will suit you well. Phool moves towards the bed so Ajabde shows her the clothes. She dreams big about Phool’s wedding with Pratap. People will remark that your pair is just like Ram and Sita. Phool asks her to forget everyone else for a while. Forget what they will think or say. How will you feel when you will see me sitting next to Pratap? Ajabde lies that she will be on cloud nine. I have prepared a special dance for you. She paints the whole picture when the whole Chittor will be lit up to welcome her and Pratap. Phool slaps Ajabde.

Maldev ji talks to US about how US proposed for Pratap-Ajabde’s marriage. That samant girl said no to you? I am feeling very bad. I can understand how you would have controlled your anger. Only a king can know another king’s respect / insult. Anyways we should start a new chapter of friendship, love and happiness right now by announcing Phool and Pratap’s engagement.

Phool tells Ajabde that she has no right to build such dreams and get happy over them. You have no right to be happy over all these selfish dreams of yours. I wont let you stay happy. I will destroy them all. You want to become great, you can, but don’t do it on my expense. Ajabde knows that Phool really likes Pratap to which Phool affirms. It is true that I like him. she recalls her happy past moments. For once I forgot that I am Raja Maldev’s granddaughter / Marwar’s princess when I met him. I couldn’t control my feelings and could not understand anything. But can this change the truth that Pratap likes you not me? why are you doing this? Ajabde denies but Phool knows it all too well. What mistake did I make that I said it to you that I like him? Anyone can like him. But you are not an ordinary girl. you are the one who touched his heart. But you hurt his feelings time and again and insulted his family. you made me look so small to become great. You are a very bad person. You are neither a good girl nor a good friend. You are not worthy of Pratap. Ajabde is stunned by her words. Just then wind blows and the same vase falls down revealing the letter kept behind it. they both look at it in confusion.

Maldev wants to show it to Mamrak ji that the strongest king of Rajputana came here for the groom whose proposal was rejected by his daughter. Cancel your plan to return to Chittor and say yes for the alliance. He will take care of everything else.

Ajabde picks the letter and is all the more confused while Phool is all the more angry as she had apologized to Ajabde in the letter. I had begged you for something but you actually insulted Pratap and his family. Ajabde reads the letter. She recalls the lies told by DB. Phool says she could not be more specific than this. Pratap is able to understand your feelings but you don’t respect his feelings. You think about me, Marwar, Mewar as you want to be great. I cannot be friends with such selfish people. You will mourn 2 things today – Pratap going away from your life and mine as well. You can keep crying for your life as you deserve this only. Ajabde stops her. I am sorry. Give me one chance.

Uma Devi and DB come outside Ajabde’s room. JB, VB and Hansa Bai are already there. DB tells JB not to worry as Ajabde is her shadow. If she has taken a decision that she will not marry Pratap then she will stick to it. Uma Devi adds that similarly Phool is bent upon her decision of marrying Pratap. I don’t think that she will go against Maldev ji. JB tells them to make preps for Phool-Pratap’s wedding if they are so sure about things. Phool comes out just then. Uma Devi is anxious to know if everything is fine. DB is sure she would have sorted all the animosities amongst themselves. She and Ajabde are best friends and will be together always. I know that Ajabde wont go against Phool. Phool turns to go but Hansa Bai wants to know how her daughter is. I thought that you will set everything right. She stands like a wall whenever I try to talk to her. Phool says she has failed. Nothing can happen now. She leaves from there.

Pratap and Chakrapani are in the stable. Chakrapani has come to realise that whoever becomes friends with Pratap can never be at peace without him. your horse eats food from you only. I wonder about only one thing as to how can Ajabde (not like you). He stops when Pratap stares at him. pratap readies his horse. Phool comes there and greets them. She says now we will meet in Chittor only. He answers in yes, no, don’t know. She does not mind what her friends say. Chakrapani too thinks of forgetting what all he has been saying till now. Pratap tells him to go inside to find out why everyone is still inside. We have to leave for Chittor right away. Saubhagyawati comes to tell something to Chakrapani. She whispers it in his ears. Chakrapani is stunned by the news. He tells Pratap that his family members are not going to Chittor today. Phool gets happy but Pratap mounts his horse saying that he knows his way. Phool tries to stop him and finally the horse stops as Ajabde is standing in front of it. Pratap and Ajabde look at each other. He asks Chakrapani to tell both the ladies to move aside. Chakrapani backs off and folds his hands before him. Pratap points out that it isn’t good to stop his way. Saubhagyawati calls it a delicate situation like some war. Phool agrees with her. chakrapani agrees as that is what a husband should do (listen to his wife without cross questioning her). he leaves with Saubhagyawati. Pratap too doesn’t want his help. This time Ajabde holds the reins of the horse. Pratap asks Phool what her friend wants. What has happened to her?

Phool recalls what happened inside Ajabde’s room. Ajabde had apologized to her and they became friends again. even Phool had apologized to her as she had become selfish. You and Pratap are made for each other. I could see everything clearly but I couldn’t step back. Later I got to realise that I such a bad friend. I sacrificed our friendship for my selfish reasons. Kunwar Pratap himself asked for your hand but you said no to him for the sake of our friendship. I could never do it. I am not that brave. You are the brave one which is why you are much more worthy of marrying Pratap. Ajabde says you have always been with me since my childhood when I had no one by my side. phool tells her that it was all in the past. Now go and stop Pratap. Apologize to him without any hesitation. I have got only this one chance of becoming great. Don’t snatch it from me. stop him as we all know that he is a really fast horse rider. Ajabde smiles. Flashback ends.

Pratap finds Phool smiling. I am asking you something and you are smiling here? Phool remarks that he only said that he knows Ajabde too well. Now that she has caught hold of the reins she wont leave them. pratap knows it which is why he wants help from her. he never listens to me anyways. Phool doesn’t want to interfere in their personal matter. I am going inside to give everyone the good news that Ajabde has agreed for the wedding. Pratap is surprised. Phool runs inside. Pratap wants to go as he feels that it might be some scheme. Ajabde wants to show his how Rajput girls can be stubborn. I wont let you go today. he reminds her that she is challenging Pratap but she isn’t affected. He confirms it with her if Phool was right. She acts to be forgetful to tease him. he repeats it for her. she tells him that it depends on him, if he wants to marry her or not. He recalls her saying no earlier.

Precap: Phool tells the good news to everyone. Maldev is angry. Marriage is not a game that people can change their decisions every now and then. Only Phool will marry Pratap. Bairam Khan is all set to get the death punishment.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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