Maharana Pratap 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap stands in between the soldiers and woman. He then beats the rest of the soldiers badly. Chakrapani looks on from a distance with pride. The soldiers ask Pratap who he is. Pratap replies that he is their destruction. Pratap single handedly fights with the Mughal soldiers. One of the soldiers try to attack from behind but Pratap knows it already. He points out that he doesn’t like it when someone attacks him from behind. Pratap throws him up in the air. He resumes fighting with the other soldiers then.

Akbar and Rukaiyya reach Agra. He sends her to her room. I will join you in a while. Next he tells a soldier to bring the colorful parrot that he had decided to gift to Salima. He comes to Salima’s room but doesn’t find her there. He notices her clothes on the bed and holds them closer to his nose. Hearing the sound of anklets, he calls out for Salima but it turns out to be Mahamanga instead. Soldier brings the special gift for Akbar. He leaves it in the room and goes out. Akbar asks Mahamanga if Salima went back without even asking him. Mahamanga smiles. Salima is not a bird who you can put in a cage for life. She has only done what she felt was right. She is getting married to Bairam Khan right at this very moment.

Akbar is angry. He recalls Salima teasing him at many instances. Where is she? Mahamanga tells him that Salima is in the very same palace. He leaves.

A Mughal soldier just reaches the market. He is angry seeing the state of his fellow soldiers. Who did this? All the citizens stand there quietly. Chakrapani offers to tell it to him. He shares Pratap’s (without disclosing the name of the kid) story with him. A 14 year old kid saw the flag of enemies outside his house. He lost his cool. He dint even pay heed to his mother or father. He even dint wait for the king’s decision. He directly fought with the enemies and won. He threw the flag away and put their flag there. Now think, the kid has grown up now. You outsiders will behave badly with our mothers and sisters in front of him only. Think about the consequences.

The soldier still demands to see the man. He is scared of me. I wont spare him if he comes in front of me once. Chakrapani explains that he still dint understand the logic. He uses another example for him and then moves aside in the end so Pratap and that soldier can stand face to face. The soldier tries to attack him but Pratap throws him on the floor in one punch only. Who are you? Chakrapani gives Pratap’s intro to him.

Bairam Khan says Qubool Hai for his nikaah with Salima. Maulvi asks the same question to Salima. She looks at the door and then recalls what all had happened in Ajmer. She thinks of Mahamanga’s advice. Maulvi asks her for the last time whether is ok with this Nikaah. Salima smiles as Akbar finally comes there. Bairam Khan is waiting anxiously and finally Salima says Qubool Hai as well. Akbar is hurt. He thinks of all the times when he had been jealous of Salima’s closeness with Khan Baba.

Ajabde is getting ready when Pratap returns home. He closes the door behind him. They share a hug. Pratap wishes how he should have been born as an ordinary man to spend his whole life with her peacefully. I too would have been able to share small happiness, pain, responsibilities with you then. I would have been able to spend more quality time with you. Life would have been so much happier then. She says we are still happy. He tells her that his motherland needs him. We will have to return to Chittor asap. Goswami ji has shown me a way. I got entangled in my personal grievances. It is time to think about our country. It is time to save our country from the outsiders. Please pack your bags. We will leave from here asap. She agrees. I want to meet Massi once to thank her for everything. Pratap agrees to accompany her.

Mughal soldiers beat Vaid ji. They demand to know where Pratap is. Massi denies knowing anyone by such name. Massi begs them but in vain. They take her husband with them. Ajabde and Pratap reach there just then. She tells them everything. I know only one Pratap and that’s you. I don’t know Chittor’s prince Pratap. He asks her about Mehfooz Khan. She tells him that he is not a good man.

Soldiers question Vaid ji but he has no idea about who Pratap is. Mehfooz Khan steps in just when the soldier tries to hurt Vaid ji. We will kill you slowly. He orders his soldiers to bring the rats. My rats are very hungry. Please help them get rid of their hunger. Vaid ji looks on shocked as Mehfooz Khan picks up a mouse from a bag that the soldier brings.

Pratap assures Massi that he will bring her husband at any cost. Mehfooz Khan is looking for me. I never got a chance to tell you this. Massi is relieved now. He tells Ajabde to take care of Massi. I will be back.

Pratap leaves Patta with Massi and Ajabde so he can protect them. He takes Chakrapani with him. We will have to send a message to Mughals asap.

Precap: Pratap hears the cries of Vaid ji. He screams in pain as the soldiers tie a bag of cloth around his face with huge sized mouse inside it. A soldier is about to hurt Vaid ji using the hunter when Pratap holds it in time. He fights with the soldiers while Chakrapani frees Vaid ji.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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