Maharana Pratap 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

US asks Pratap if he really thinks Ajabde is the reason as to why his Rani Ma left this palace. Pratap says, Ajabde has always worshipped Ma and she is still upholding her taught values in her daily life. I don’t think that Ma left this palace because of Ajabde. He excuses himself from there after seeking his father’s permission. DB is stunned to hear this. She offers the special paan to Rana ji. Eat this and don’t think too much. US thinks of his own words to Rawat ji. Since I have left wars I have got habitual to eating this paan. Rawat ji says, if this is it then you must leave it. Flashback ends. US refuses to eat the paan which shocks DB. I don’t think I would need it in future too. He stops Pratap. I want you to go on another assignment after this Sasaram task. Pratap says, he is more than happy to oblige Mewar’s King. US suggests him to go to Bijolia once he is back from Sasaram. You are going to bring AJabde back to her home, Mewar. DB looks at him in disbelief and in tears. This is my order. Maan and CK smile as they hear it from a distance. Pratap agrees. The girls cheer excitedly. US points out that Pratap’s sisters are really happy because of his decision. Jagmal notices the tears in DB’s eyes. She lies to Pratap that she has been waiting for this moment since years. Now that it is here I don’t know how to react or what should I say to you. I tried to talk to you or Rana ji regarding this matter a lot but I couldn’t gather the courage for it. for a mother the best moment of her life is when she sees her son starting his new life with his partner. That time has come in my life, that moment is here. Go to Bijolia, bring Ajabde. Take many gifts and jewelleries for her. I will make grand preps for your Gauna. You should do it in such a grand way that everyone gets to know that Mewar’s Pratap has come to take his wife. US smiles.

CK and Maan fight cutely over who will give the news to Choti Ma. VB panics thinking that Rana ji might have scolded the girls. I will apologize to him. CK and Maan pretend to be sad. They finally tell her that their father has agreed to their wish. VB gets happy and all three of them share a group hug.

The Arab fighters reach Chittor. Chittor’s people are scared to see them. Soldiers too come to ask them who they are. One of the fighters tell them that they are considered the most fearless fighters, we have never lost any fight. But we got curious when we heard about Chittor’s Pratap and his exceptional skills. We have come to invite him for a match so that we can find out the truth ourselves. Soldiers mock them that they are not worth fighting against Pratap. He is not in the palace because of a special mission. If you guys are so sure about yourself then you must wait. They are more than happy to wait for Pratap’s return.

Hansa looks at all the preps done by Ajabde and gets excited. The day is finally here, I have been waiting for this day since forever. All this is for that only, right? Ajabde tells her that the message from Chittor regarding the Gauna is not for me, but Saubhagyawati. I am making all these preps for her only. Hansa feels sad. You can say whatever you want to, and agreed that Pratap is right, a great warrior and has protected Bijolia from Afghans, but he is wrong here. He is wrong as he is not taking you back to Chittor with him. Ajabde requests her not to say so but Hansa continues. You are his wife. I have seen love for you in his eyes myself. I still don’t know why he has left you here in solitude. Is this a characteristic of a true Rajput? Just then Balwant comes running there. Rawat Mama ji has come. Hansa thinks that maybe the right time has come.

Hansa and Ajabde greet Rawat ji. He tells them that Pratap had wanted to come here for his best friend’s Gauna but he had some important work to finish so he couldn’t come. He has especially sent me here for the same. Ajabde is taken aback but doesn’t show it. She pretends to be happy for Saubhagyawati but both Hansa and Rawat ji can see her pain. Rawat ji assures Hansa that the winds in Chittor are changing for good, I can feel it. the day will come soon when this change will bring a new happiness in Pratap and Ajabde’s life. Hansa feels a little relieved. Ajabde asks him about Pratap being busy in something. Rawat ji tells her that he has gone to meet Afghan sardar Hakim Khan which is why he couldn’t come here.

Pratap and Patta are on their way. Patta wonders what’s so special about Hakim Khan that you are ready to travel this far just to meet him. pratap explains that Hakim Khan is a good guy. He sticks to his words, he considers the place where he lives his home. He can do anything for his people. Patta relates an old incident where Hakim khan had defeated an entire Afghan army using cannons. Pratap says it is a 10 year old incident. That army’s leader was Bairam Khan only. They were burning, killing everyone that came in their way. They had even bribed one of Hakim khan’s most trusted man. He had shot a bullet in the air before he was grounded by the Mughal soldiers. Hakim Khan was buried in the land till his neck. Mughal soldiers had given him time to make up his mind to surrender to them till Bairam Khan reaches there. They got busy in making the welcome preps. Meanwhile Hakim Khan’s Afghan friends came and took him out. They got his signal and freed him. He immediately went and uncovered his cannons. The Mughals got to know about Hakim Khan’s escape and were shocked. Hakim Khan started attacking them right then angrily. He was killing everyone he could see. He killed 500 Mughal soldiers on his own. Bairam Khan did what he does best, he returned seeing the attack on his army. Flashback ends.

Patta cannot understand why they are going to meet such a dangerous person all alone. Pratap agrees that Hakim Khan is a little short tempered but he is a good person. We have to talk about making him our friend. We will have to do this asap.

Beer Mohammad too is getting ready to leave for Sasaram. Akbar explains him that this is the biggest task that he has ever given to someone. I want you to do anything but get Hakim Khan on our side. I hope you wont disappoint me. your life is a gift by me. Give me a good gift in reply. He gives him a sword. Beer Mohammad sits on his knees and bends down his head in gratitude / respect.

Pratap feels the atmosphere quiet strange / distant. Chetak refuses to take another step. Pratap realises that Chetak is trying to figure out something which we are unable to identify. Chetak checks the soil. Pratap too gets down to check it and finds gunpowder content in it. He even stops Patta from taking a step further on land. Pratap holds his hand. Patta tries to break free but in the process, his sword falls at a distance and there is an explosion. Pratap and Patta look at it in shock.

Precap: DB acts in front of VB. She folds her hand and apologizes to someone / something. She (VB) is going to it again that she has been doing since years. She is going to be the reason behind Ajabde and Pratap’s separation. VB is confused. Hakim Khan tells Pratap that they can never be friends. He shoots a bullet towards them. Pratap calls out for Patta. DB tells VB that she will have to do what all she will tell her to. If you don’t do this then I will throw you out of this palace.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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