Maharana Pratap 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

US gets emotional. Why am I a King? Why can I not sacrifice my life happily like an ordinary soldier? Why am I not getting the golden opportunity to sacrifice my life for my motherland? Why am I being compelled to leave my Mewar, my motherland? Pratap tells him to pull himself together. A king has to live by his dharma. This is his destiny. we cannot overlook it in any condition. You have a very big responsibility of staying alive for our country and every citizen of Mewar. You have to come back tomorrow with much more energy (in spirit) to attack your enemies. We all need you. Mewar needs you. we cannot lose you at any cost. US is pained thinking about his position. I could have fought happily for my motherland today if I wasn’t a king but an ordinary citizen of Mewar. I wouldn’t have to think before dying for my motherland. Grant my wish Ekling ji. Rawat ji interrupts them as it is getting late.

US bids a silent farewell to the citizens of Mewar who have gathered in the court. No one from the royal family is happy. US thinks of all the happy memories attached with their home. Pratap tells him to come as it is getting late. Amar Singh wants to sit with his father on Chetak. Pratap tells them that he is joining them. Everyone is confused. Pratap says I cannot go. I have to protect the fort. I will live like a soldier. I will send those Mughals back from here. I wont sit peacefully till then. US declines. You are a part of the royal family. I cannot leave you behind. You have to come here. Pratap tells him that Acharya is waiting outside for him with his troops. You remember that we live under a curse. If the entire royal family leaves this palace then the enemy will surely win over it. I know you don’t want this. Rawat ji reminds him of their previous decision. Pratap cannot overlook his ancestors’ suggestion. They reminded me about the curse. I will have to stay back to protect the palace from our enemy. Chittor’s flag will always be seen on our fort! Amar Singh too wants to stay with his father but Pratap makes him understand. You have to take care of our family. He gives him his chain. Take care of yourself. He turns to his father. You have to take care of yourself and protect our family too. He seeks his father’s blessings and hugs him. DB again apologizes to him for what all she has done with him over all these years. He tells her to look forward to making his favourite dishes for him again real soon. Ajabde wants to hug him but stops thinking of all the people standing around them. Tears stream down her eyes as she stares at him while they advance toward her palanquin. Everyone leaves.

Rawat ji asks Pratap to lead them now. Pratap tells him to call everyone in the court asap. Rawat ji goes to do it. Pratap addresses everyone present in the court. The fort is almost surrounded by Mughals from all the corners now. Mewar’s King has left here with the royal family. We are almost forced to close the last door of the fort too. no one will be able to enter or go out of the fort in case anything like that happens. Raja Jaimal suggests attacking Akbar right away. He should realise that we Rajputs don’t spare our enemies. Pratap denies. it can be dangerous for us. Akbar’s army has grown manifold. It is possible they can defeat us. I cannot overlook the reality. Now we will play a game of patience and enmity. I too want to see who makes the first move now! It may be that this can even continue for months. you all should be mentally prepared. We cannot be emotional but logical in our approach. Rawat ji says we are ready. Shall we order the fourth door to be closed down too? Pratap wants to keep the news of his family’s departure hidden for as long as they can. The Mughals can do something really bad against us if he gets hold of this news. His commanders vow to send Akbar back from here empty handed.

Pratap misses his father as he looks at the empty throne. He thinks of their happier times and how he and his father had pushed back Bairam Khan from their court one day. He misses his family as he walks in the corridor / around the rooms of the palace. He imagines them all but then realises that it is all just his dream. He comes to his room and shakes his head as he looks at Ajabde. She walks up to him. He realises that she really is there as she holds his outstretched hand.

Akbar gets to know about the closure of third door. he wants to wait a little more as another army is going to join him real soon. we will compel the Rajputs to be under house arrest very soon. The game (of waiting) starts now!

Precap: Akbar’s army has reached the mark of 32k soldiers. Their army is very close to the fourth door of Chittor’s fort. Rajputs will be forced to close their fourth door too. Pratap tells Rawat ji to close the fourth door of their fort as well.

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  1. Can’t wait to see what happens next

  2. Nice epi just luv it.Finally after a long time I red it can’t wait :-.N thankx pooja 4 updating hope nw u r free n able to update soooooon

  3. Thanks Pooja for the update u only write the update in detail ..Now I think so they will wait till months and after that Akbar will think that his time is being wasted so he will leave.Nice episode cant wait till Monday

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