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Ajabde is sure someone is trying to ruin DB’s image. DB asks her who that person is. Ajabde takes VB’s name. Jagmal is shocked. DB says you really think VB is behind all this. Ajabde says don’t worry, I too dint believe her but she told me that you had strictly told her to mix poison in the laddoo that was to be fed to me in my Gauna. She even said that if she doesn’t kill me then you will either throw her out of the palace or you will do something because of which Rana ji himself will give her death penalty. DB recalls the threat that she had given to VB before leaving for Bijolia. DB asks Ajabde if she believes VB. Ajabde denies. I have full faith in you Choti Ma, you cannot do anything like that with me. Anyways, it was no use coming to your room to talk in private. Someone is here who is eavesdropping. DB looks around but cannot see anyone. Who can be in my room? Jagmal hides yet Ajabde walks up to Jagmal and holds his ear. He gets up and DB looks at him pointedly. Ajabde sweetly tells him to apologize as it is bad manners to overhear other people’s convo. Jagmal stands quietly but Ajabde insists. Jagmal says sorry reluctantly. Ajabde leaves from there. DB tells Jagmal that Ajabde is literally JB’s copy. Jagmal finds her all the more dangerous though. Ajabde isn’t JB but another DB. DB gets worried.

US and Pratap are practising sword fighting. US still thinks that Pratap was wrong in sending HK back without accepting his friendship, especially since Gwalior is going through troubled times.

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The courtesans praise Bairam Khan for his victory in Gwalior. Bairam Khan thanks them. But the win will not be complete till we get the king and its prince (Gwalior’s). We should spread the word in the entire Rajputana that whoever tries to give shelter to them will automatically become Shehanshah’s enemy. Mahamanga wishes how she too could hold the sword and lead an army like Bairam Khan. Maybe then I too would have got a chance to gain respect from our courtesans and Jalal.

Pratap requests his father to trust him. I am equally eager to be friends with HK but before that I want to confirm it once. US agrees. You are anyways not a kid anymore that your Rani Ma and I will explain everything to you. They both stop their practise in between as they think about JB. US diverts Pratap’s mind towards his gauna. How did it go? Pratap appreciates VB for his efforts and so does US. She fulfils all her responsibilities very sincerely and diligently. I respect her very much because of this. She loves Ajabde too. Pratap thinks of thanking VB. US is surprised. Why now suddenly? Pratap replies that Rani Ma (JB) also left them all of a sudden. I still regret not being able to tell her what I feel. US nods.

Bairam Khan is surprised that Akbar doesn’t have time to meet him. I don’t want him to praise me but my army, which stood by me and fought with me against Gwalior, should be appreciated for their efforts atleast. They all are waiting for him since hours now. He walks out of the court finally.

Akbar is practising spear fighting. He imagines his opponent as Pratap and fights with more ardour. Mahamanga observes him keenly. Bairam Khan is getting lots of appreciation after winning Gwalior. I am not saying that he doesn’t deserve it but when it is not right his fame becomes equal to yours. Don’t you think so? Akbar recalls Fakir’s words that he will lose to Pratap in a one to one fight with Pratap. He throws his opponent on floor. He asks him to get up. I don’t attack on unarmed people. Mahamanga is shocked. It is not your habit to give another chance to anyone. what has happened to you? Akbar shouts at her, telling her to be quiet. Mahamanga continues this is not you. This is someone else’s words. Akbar realises that they were Pratap’s words and principles. What’s happening to me? How can I think like him? no, it cannot be! I am not him! His opponent tries to reach out for his sword while Akbar is busy in his own thoughts. Akbar turns and kills his opponent saying I am not him! I am me!

VB is shocked hearing what Ajabde has done. DB now knows that two people know her secret now. She will blame me for everything. Ajabde is surprised to know that Maan is the other person. VB is sure DB wont spare her now but Ajabde assures her that nothing like that will happen. Choti Ma cannot even touch you.

DB realises that Ajabde played her cards really well. This means that if I will do anything against VB now then it will come down to me only. If I do anything right now then it will prove that I have plotted against Ajabde. I should think of something else! Ajabde tells the same to VB. Choti Ma (DB) will be blamed in case you get hurt even a little. She cannot do anything against you now. She will now pray for your safety day and night. VB agrees understanding her logic. Ajabde says I thought about it a lot. I think I should tell everything clearly to Rani Ma. Pratap asks her about the same. VB tries to divert his attention but Pratap waits for Ajabde’s answer. Ajabde tells Pratap that she told DB about the poisonous laddoo (as told by Maan). Pratap gets angry with her. VB interrupts him. you knew about it yet you dint say anything? Pratap says as that thing was pointless. The important thing here is that you all have hurt Rani Ma (DB). He calls out for Maan and leaves from there.

Maan hears her Dada bhai’s voice. Pratap walks inside DB’s room followed by Ajabde and VB. DB can see that he looks upset. Maan too comes there. DB notices everyone. Did I make any mistake? I apologize to you all if that is the case. Pratap denies. Maan has made a mistake so she should apologize. Everyone is taken aback. Pratap turns to Maan. I had told you that no mother will do anything that can hurt her child yet you told your imaginary doubts to Ajabde and Choti Ma. DB asks him about it. Pratap is feeling bad even saying it out loud so DB turns to Maan for explanation. Maan tells her everything. Jagmal asks her if she has lost it. Rani Ma has done so much for us. You are spreading rumours against her only? Pratap supports Jagmal. Apologize to Rani Ma right now! Maan obliges. Pratap next asks Ajabde to do the same. you should have understood that this is such a delicate issue, yet you discussed this matter. I had told you not to! Ajabde folds her hands and apologizes to her Choti Ma (DB). DB says you should not apologize. There must be something amiss in my love for my kids which is why they are thinking about me this way. Will I add poison in the lives of those whom I love more than my life? Pratap too says sorry to her. It is my mistake too. I too doubted your love. if you think that then here is my sword, you can kill me right away. Jagmal is amazed at the chance while DB is a little emotional. Pratap says I will be more than happy to die by your hands rather than doubting you. If you doubt my words a little then please go ahead. DB eyes Ajabde and VB pointedly as she holds the sword in her hand. She even takes the sword closer to Pratap’s neck while Maan, VB and Ajabde look at her in shock.

Precap: Mughal soldier asks Bairam Khan who it can be from the Rajputana who can dare to shelter Gwalior’s king and prince. Bairam Khan knows that there is one state where Gwalior’s king can find refuge. On the other hand, Pratap suggests US to let Gwalior’s king and his son stay there. Bairam Khan wants to head to Chittor asap to find Gwalior’s king and prince.

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