Maharana Pratap 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 12th September 2013 Written Update

The executioner is about to behead Shakti when Pratap reaches there and asks for the execution to be stopped or else he too will accept death .Udai isfreaking mad.He doesnot like the fact that the crown prince is trying to arm twist him this way and says so. Chudavat comes by and implores the king to not make it an ego issue of an hurt father at a Som’s disdain of him cloud his judgement of the facts. He advocates the fact that Pratap can enumerate what happened that day instead of Shakti and the truth in the incidents won’t become less. Udai relents. pratap tells now the Bharmal had amused the king in frown of Shakti which resulted in a scuffle and an accidental death.

Pratap also mentions that three eyewitness are ready to swear by the incident. Udai questions

ShKti on the veracity of the facts .The boy accedes it was the truth.

It is morning Sajja is thinks that her son is no ore and collapses on the bed.Jayvanta and Bahtiyani are helpless to do anything.

Chudavat in defense of Shakti tells that what Bharmal did was no less than an anti national act against the king of Mewar and the fault of Shaktiwas getting emotional and loosing his cool which led to his taking the law in his hands.

Sajja wakes up and rushes out of her room she is in a daze and questions the woman guards on how was her son when he walked past them for his execution.
Her pain left all the ladies of the mahal speechless in sadness.When Shakti and Pratap appear miraculously .

Sajja thinks it is no more than a hallucination and says so to Jayvanta but the voice of Pratap reassured that Ashanti’s indeed alive. a relieved and happy mother embraces her son.

Shakti tells her he wants to meet the king.Sajja is reluctant as his meetings with Udai always signal disasters bit Shakti is ads net .Sajja relents but asks him to get back quickly.

Udai is practicing boxing when Shakti walks in.

Jayvanta asks Pratap to follow Shakti to the king,s chamber and take Chudavat with him.Pratap is surprised to noteJayvantais aware of the general’s presence in the palace. Jayvanta tells her son thathe is the lone guy who can persuade RanaUdai Singh with his words.

Father and son are not happy to meet .Each annoyed and angry with the other .Udai decrees that Shakti is no more of his son. Shakti smiles and says for the first time a father and son have something in common.

Shakti wants to go far away from the king’s palace.The king grants his request inspite of Pratap’s protests.Pratap requests chudavat to intervene and save his son since it will be difficult for the young prince to survive on his own.

Child less Chudavat asks the king if he can adopt Shakti instead. he promises to take good care of shakti and bring him up the way the king had wanted to, Udai leaves the place giving Chudavat the freedom to do what he likes but also asks him to ensure that Shakti will be far from him and that he never has to meet the boy.

Pratap thanks Chudavat for the favor and promises not to forget. likewise the general thanks him as he will be going home with a son. in all this midst Shakti looks on as his fate is swiftly decided..

Precap:rajyaabhishek of pratap is underway.

Update Credit to: sunshine99

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