Maharana Pratap 11th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 11th September 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 11th September 2013 Written Update

Pratap leaves to get chudavat from his village to save Shakti. Udai is drinking and thinking about the memories with his son..Which start on a happy noteasShaktiwasyounger but became one of bitterness towards him as the prince grew older.
Jayvanta bai comes in to see the king for reconsidering his decision.She is of the opinion that Udai reserves hs judgement of execution for a few days more which might result info some proof coming to light to exonerate the prince.Udai declines.He firmly believes a king cannot waver in his decisions even if it is abut wrenching one…

Jayvanta leaves his chamber as the king continues to drink alone grappling with evrything that happened and is about to happen.she thinks back on the word she said to her. she is informed of Saaja being

in the temple and acting strange.
Jayvanta rushes there so does Bhatiyani to watch Saaja a praying to eklingji in a stupor .Javyants tries to stop her as Pratap rushes to the village in the dead of the night.

Sajja breaks down as Jayvanta comforts her wanting the safe return of her son. pratap reaches Chudavat’s house and convinces him that he can stop the execution and save his friend Udai from bearing the guilt of being the one who gave death to his son.The intervention of a friend can do wonders says Pratap from his experience of having Som in his life.

Chudavat and Pratap leave for the palace.

Pratap is tired but refuses to rest lest he be late in saving Shakti. Saaja hands over the prasad of the puja to Jayvantabai for giving it to Shakti. she doesnot have the courage to see her son on death row. She requests Jayvantabai to convey her wish of having Shakti as her son in his next life too. A pained Jayvanta promises to do her best .

Udai remembers Jayvanta’s words of his being too righteous a king taking the toll on his Som’s life. He once again orders Shakti to tell him the reson for killing Bharat.Shakti stubbornly says he felt that was the best thing todo then. Udai orders to ask his son’slastrequest before taking him for execution.

Jayvanta who had come to meet Shakti asks him to make his last wish known. Shakti asks for his mother to be bestowed the status of a true queen from all and not be treated as an unnecessary an unimportant one. Jayvanta promises and Udai listens.

An emotional moment between Jayvanta and Shakti .The young prince is relieved to hear Jayvanta ‘s promise and takes her blessing which also as his mother’s as all sons are equal for their others. Shakti is taken to be guillotined as Udai watches on. chudavat is injured after a fall from his horse and urges Pratap to go ahead and saveShakti.

Shakti looks at his dad from the guillotine. Sajja faints in her chamber as the other queens helplessly look on. the executioner draws his axe as Pratap is shown rushing on his horse as he triestoreadh Shakti in time.

Update Credit to: sunshine

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