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Maharana Pratap 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap telling Rawat ji that he does not trust and love Ajabde. Rawat ji says I can’t understand how can she alone convince the region to get separated, there is some mistake. Pratap says I know there is someone is planning, and making the secret givers not reaching us, it does not mean I allow anyone to divide the land. Rawat ji asks him to tell him the trap. Pratap says his wound is given to him by Chittor man. Rawat ji asks how can he doubt anyone in Chittor, how is this possible. Ajabde says Bijolia people have trusted us, he are responsible, Pratap has come here, he is sent by Lord. Parwat Singh ji says Pratap is more courageous than Patta, he has done good sword fighting, your decision is good to choose him as the minister. Patta feels bad. Ajabde and his Maa pacify Patta and say they are proud of Patta, as he has bravely thrown the Afghans out. Patta says enough.

He says enough Jija, I don’t need this praising. I m not a kid. He leaves annoyed. Pratap tells Rawat ji that he has doubt that someone in Chittor is planning, as if Bijolia people knew this, they would have attacked him, as they hate Rajgharana people. He tells about Patta and Ajabde. He says here they are many courageous people, they attack from front, not back. Rawat ji says he is more worried now, he can’t leave him alone here. Pratap says I assure you I will be fine, but I have to save Bijolia from Afghans, and Mewar from Ajabde.

Parwat Singh says Patta and Pratap should not have ego clashes. Ajabde says she trusts Pratap, he will take care of Patta and this petty issues. He says fine, I have to go on long journey now. He starts leaving and she stops him. She asks with whom is he going to meet, and he is shocked. Rawat ji says he will get the soldiers from Chittor and they can revive the trust in Bijolia people. Pratap says no, any wrong plan can be dangerous, he can’t lose way to win their hearts. He says he has to fight against Afghans and win their hearts, he is sure he can do this.

He asks did he get the gold coins. Rawat ji says yes. Pratap says then come, lets dress as buyers and get back the jewellery which Bijolia lost. Parwat Singh says he has invited buyers, but he has some personal matter, to meet his wife. Ajabde says I hope everything is fine. He says yes, don’t worry and leaves. Ajabde’s Maa says the trust you are showing for Pratap, even I would be jealous. Ajabde says you think anything. She says no, I was joking. Ajabde says I will go and talk to Patta. Her Maa says what happened to her.

Badshah Khan comes to know about a man stopping the robbery. He is being treated of his wounds. Mansoor says I feel Akbar took a good price. Badshah Khan says I would have given him a hand too. Parwat Singh comes to him. Badshah Khan asks about his gold coins given, and he did not give any info, who is that man who is being a savior for Bijolia. Parwat Singh says Pratap. Badshah Khan is shocked. Pratap and Rawat ji meet the Sahukar and get back Ajabde’s jewellery. Pratap pays the gold coins. The Sahukaar says leave this business, do some other business, you should have done bargaining, I m sorry, you don’t know business. Pratap says you don’t know business, even if you asked double, I would have given it. He asks whats special in it. Pratap says its valuable to Mewar. He says fine, as you like it.

Parwat Singh says he is not Chittor prince Pratap, but an ordinary Ashvopalak Pratap, Ajabde trusts him and made him minister. He says I won’t let him be in Bijolia. Badshah Khan says he will see the situation and then take the soldiers for war. Parwat Singh says there is a safe place, there will be big fair tomorrow, many buyers will come, its good chance to enter Bijolia, no one will know, as you are good in changing looks. Badshah Khan says so I have kept you, you give rare but good ideas.

Pratap and Rawat ji take the jewelry boxes. Pratap asks him to go back to Chittor and take care of Udai Singh. Rawat ji says leave it on me, I m there, I will support you, whenever you need any help, send me the message, I will always be present. They greet each other. Rawat ji leaves. Patta cooks food and does not like it. Ajabde comes to him and smiles. She pulls his leg. Patta says he can make the food himself, and does not need the palace food. Ajabde says yes, I know, what about the food I got it for you myself, so that you focus on the fair security. She explains him that she does not want Afghan to enter the fair and ruin their plan. Badshah Khan changes look and smiles.

She asks him to have food and makes him have it. Patta says why are you making me eat, go and make your minister have it. He asks where is Pratap, when I came home, he was not here, and now its morning, where is he, where did he go. He laughs and says he has run away, see I told you, you trusted him and what did he do, he has run away being scared of Afghans before the war. Ajabde says I know where he went.

Pratap trains few soldiers for sword fighting. He is blind folded and defends himself from many men at a time. Ajabde and Patta come to see him. Patta asks what is she doing. She takes the sword and goes to Pratap. He hears her anklet sound and stops. He hears her foot sounds and defends the attack. She sees his wound bleeding. Patta is worried for Ajabde. Pratap and Ajabde fight well. Ajabde’s word falls. Pratap says good and removes the blind cloth, being shocked to see its Ajabde.

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