Maharana Pratap 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 10th April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with phool arguing with jalim singh that she is not wanted to learn dance. gohar says to jalim singh that i already said you that i dont want to learn. gohar says in heart, i will teach you. Phool says, dada bhai you go and also bring her with you. Gohar says, put down your sword, i will ask from phool. you just go there. Phool says, thanks for sending him but now you can also go. gohar says, i will help you in many ways. Phool says, what kind of work you can do. gohar says, i can dance, climb, cook. phool says, now i can complete my work. Gohar says, you go to your room and tell everybody that you have cook this food. Ajab come into kitchen and ask, what are you doing? Phool says, i want to make food from my own hand.
Soldiers moves towards mahmood shah and inform

to him that pratap has beat all our soldiers. Mahmood shah says, first of all pratap will come to rampur. Here mamrat ji and pratap reaches to rampur and mahmood shah came with his troop. Mamrat ji says, we are not with complete force then how we can compete them. Pratap says, we cannot step behind from battle ground.
Ajab says to phool, i will do it.Gohar says, i will cut vegetables and pratap will not know me. Mahmood shah cease fire and pratap says, i think you better know about cease fire. Pratap says, you know that your father has injured our mewar many times. Mahmood shah says, forget all the things. we will talk and sort out our matter. We both come on same matter”Akbar”. Pratap open his sword.
Phool says to gohar, you cook food. gohar says to phool, i will come within minutes. Phool says, i want flour so kindly put it down.
Mahmood shah says, i all do this because of akbar. Pratap says, i will kill everybody if anybody tresspass on our land. Mahmood shah says, i want to say good bye like a friend. Pratap says, we are enemy until you are on my land. Mahmood says, leave this choki. Mahmood shah says to his soldier that go and leave a message to akbar that we require more weapon.
Gohar fall down and flour also put on her. Pratap also do setup for security. Gohar gets angry and says, i will be back until you can cook. Chakrapani came and says, just do security work very bravely. Surtan singh says, be alert, otherwise today is wheat flour is put on you then later you will get slaps. gohar says, now i will mix poison in food then pratap will be no more.
Phool pour so many masala in food. Ajab says, dont do it. Phool says, i will not accept your chat. Ajab says, why are you doing this. Phool says, i want to show him that everything i can also do that you do. Gohar tries to mix poison but ajab reaches there and then tell that phool mixed so much masala.
Akbar ordered to sent more weapons to mahmood shah. Manga says, we had sent so much weapons to mahmood shah already. jalal says, i want to kill pratap by anyhow. Bahram khan says, i also want that you dont support to mahmood shah. Jalal says, just do what i said. Ajab says, you know that pratap is our guest and we cant play with his diet. Gohar mix the poison in food. Phool sent food for pratap. Gohar says to herself that now i can kill pratap and phool will sent to jail on pratap’s murder. Mewar and marwar will fight each other. Ajab taste phool’s food and it is so spicy.

Precap:- Pratap eat the food and says to friends that i am feeling dizziness and here gohar and surtan singh see all this.

Update Credit to: tushar

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