Maharaja Ranjit Singh 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit comes to market and sees someone playing very good violin. Mehtab is there too. He says you here? She says yes. Mehtab says is everything fine? Ranjit says everything is well now. I have to go. Thank you once again. She says where are you going? He says I will tell you some other time. Mehtab says I wish I was a guy like Ranjit. I would have an aim too.
Ranjit comes to jungle. Veer is there too. Ranjit says I wanna share a good news with you. Veer says emotions only increase your burden. Ranjit says I will never come again with these emotions again. Veer says very good. Now without emotions tell me what happened? Ranjit says today I promised my dad that I will unite all the Sikhs. He says then this is not a mere promise its a mission. Your practice should be more tough from now on. He blindfolds Ranjit. Veer says come with me. They ride their horses. Ranjit rides the horse with eyes closed. Veer opens his blindfold. He says come with me. Two boys attack Ranjit and start beating him badly. They throttle Ranjit. Veer is looking at them. Ranjit says trainer.. Help me. Veer says no. Loose the throttle. The man says we don’t leave in the battle. That is what you taught us. Veer says and I also told you you will use it in the battle. you all may go. They leave.
Ranjit says why didn’t you save me? Veer says because I asked them to attack you. Every soldier is alone in the battle field. The enemy can attack you from anywhere. Ranjit says I understood. Veer says now this lesson meant that you are a blank book. The pages of which will be written from now on. They were soldiers of my secret army. You will be trained with them. And from now on they won’t leave you. Ranjit says they shouldn’t. Because we all are equal and we have to fight. Veer says well done.

Scene 2
Ghulam says I won’t leave these Sikhs. The lord says the triumph you get without killing is the real one. We have to ruin them with politics. For enemies like these we have to play clever. Are you ready? Ghulam says yes. The lord leaves his pigeon in the air.

Mahan tells Raj what Ranjit said. He says I felt like I had two more arms. Raj is in tears. Mahan says why are you crying.. She says I was so upset. And today I am so happy. He says I should thank you. She says why thank me? He says because you showed me the way to take ranjit to the palace. You brought this face of Ranjit to me. Thank you. I am proud of my son.

Ranjit comes to the camp of veer. There are a lot of people there. Veer says how fast do you run? Ranjit says I race with my horse. Veer says okay then catch this hen? Ranjit runs after the hen but can’t catch it.
Mehtab brings a sword to her room. She sees it and tries doing sword fighting. She breaks something. sada and gurwaksh come in. They ask if everything is okay? She says there is too much wind. Gurwaksh sees the sword. He asks her where did you get the sword from? Whats the plan? She says I wanna play with sword too like boys and make this state proud. They giggle. Mehtab says why can’t I get trained? Sada says who said that? Mehtab says I know. Sada rolls a cloth so fast. Gurwaksh and Mehtab are dazed. She turns it around like a sword. She blows candles with it. Sada says don’t say that again. Fighting is not just for men. What I did.. your dad can’t do it either. Gurwaksh laughs and says yes. He asks Mehtab you wanna learn all this? I will arrange a sword fighting trainer for you. She says thank you.

Ranjit keeps running to catch the hen. He falls from the cliff and hangs. He says trainer please help.. Veer doesn’t come. Other trainees give him a rope and he comes up.
Rajit says to veer why you did that? Did I leave something in your respect? Why did you do this with me? I kept asking you for help but you didn’t. Why.. Why didn’t you help me. A trainee says because he can’t see. Ranjit is dazed.

Precap-Gurwaksh says what if our two enemies haev shook hands together? A man comes in and says yes we have to ruin your existence.
He takes his shawl off. Its Ghulam.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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