Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 18th May 2020 Written Episode Update: Wedding bells for Sunaina

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 18th May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sweety recalling how she got Sanjay’s magical car. She says I got here to meet my Sanjay, he is mine. Sunaina says he is my fiance. They argue and then fight. Albert looks on. Sunaina says he is mine. Sanjay asks Sunaina to leave her. Sunaina says you worry a lot for her, stay with her. She goes. Sweety says its good she left. She faints. The kids run to Gandhari and asks her to get a puppy for them. She says I also love puppies, but had to leave them always. She likes the puppy and says I also want a puppy. Duryodhan thanks her. She says Maharaj shouldn’t know it, that a new member is coming in the family. Shakuni hears this and smiles. He says congrats, a new member is coming in the family. She asks how did you know, don’t tell Maharaj, he will be angry. He asks why. She says he had warned me that its last time. He asks really. She says yes, he said he will leave me. He says don’t worry, no one will tell Maharaj. She goes. Shakuni says I will tell Maharaj.

Sanjay gets worried. Albert comes to him. Sanjay asks is the car set. Albert says yes, but there is no fuel and plutonium. Sanjay says its fine, I will get time to convince Sunaina. The man gives the news of Suryabhan conducting Sunaina’s swayamvar.

Sanjay comes to meet Sunaina. She asks him to leave. She throws water on his face. He screams and falls down the ladder. Suryabhan wants Swayamvar to be grand. He calls his wives. He asks them to get new clothes for themselves. They get surprised. Sanjay comes and says Sunaina can just be mine, cancel the swayamvar. Suryabhan argues. He asks Sanjay to leave, just princes can participate in the Swayamvar, not an ordinary man. He slaps Senapati.

Shakuni comes to Maharaj. He says your children are going to increase, a new member is coming. Maharaj asks really. Shakuni says yes, Gandhari told me, don’t tell her that I have told you. Maharaj gets happy and dances. He goes to Gandhari and says I m upset, you didn’t tell me about the new member coming. She asks who told you. He says Shakuni told me, why will I get angry, I m happy. She gets happy. He asks when is the new member coming. She says very soon. He gets puzzled. She dances. Sanjay says I don’t love you, I can’t marry you, I m sorry, you will get a prince for yourself. She says I will never marry anyone else. She gets to see a prince and smiles. They have an eyelock. He asks who are you. Sweety says Sweety… He asks the way to Sunaina’s swayamvar. He goes. Albert says she didn’t take a minute to find new love.

Sanjay goes to Maharaj. Maharaj is with a cradle. Sanjay says make me a king of some small village, else Suryabhan will not let me take part in the Swayamvar. Maharaj says I will make you king of two villages. Sanjay says you look happy. Maharaj says I m getting a new baby. Sanjay congratulates him. Sanjay says I want to see you winning. Maharaj gets Gandhari and shows her the cradle and toys. He says all these are for the new member. She says I have a gift for you, you will be surprised. Daasi brings a puppy. Gandhari asks Maharaj to take the puppy. Maharaj smiles. He then feels the puppy and gets shocked. Sanjay goes in the Swayamvar.

Suryabhan jokes on Sanjay. The minister asks Sanjay to go. Sanjay says I have two villages. Maharajmakes an entry. Sanjay smiles seeing him. Tribals scare Maharaj. Suryabhan smiles. Albert takes Maharaj ahead. Maharaj says Sanjay is like my son, I have made him king of two villagers. Suryabhan says kings are not made, but born, like me, I don’t regard him a king. Sanjay says I have seen Duryodhan making Karna a king, I have become a king, now make me Jamai raja. Suryabhan scolds him. Maharaj says I will see how you stop Sanjay. Sunaina says let Sanjay participate, so that everyone knows that he is a fraud and fool, so that he loses and hides his face. Albert says she really loves you a lot.

Albert shows his invention. Mandakani tells about someone. Albert goes to meet the person. He gets shocked. Sunaina looks for Sanjay.

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