Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 17th May 2020 Written Episode Update: Suryabhan receives a good news

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 17th May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shakuni coming to Maharaj. Maharaj says I won again. Gandhari asks Shakuni to give coins to Maharaj, since Maharaj won the bet. Shakuni says I don’t have coins. The man says you forgot these coins. Shakuni angrily goes. Senapati comes there. Maharaj says you came soon from honeymoon. The man says he is Suryagadh’s senapati. Maharaj says I told Suryabhan that I m not in a mood to fight. Senapati says take me to your army, Suryabhan has ousted me. Maharaj says I think its Suryabhan’s plan. Senapati says Suryabhan has hurt me a lot. Maharaj asks him to show the wound. Maharaj and Gandhari check his wound. Senapati screams in pain. He asks Maharaj to make him his Senapati. Maharaj says okay, but what will I do of two Senapati, my Senapati will return from honeymoon. Sunaina scolds Sanjay. He says I convinced Padma’s fiance for her, don’t be angry now. She says I don’t want to see your face. Heasks why.

She calms down. She tells a story of a flower and a bee. He asks how is this related to my story. She pushes his stairs down. Shakuni welcomes the people to his room. Guru ji asks why is this door here. Shakuni says to come in. Guru ji asks why isn’t there a door to go out. The couple asks will we get a child here. Shakuni says yes. Guru ji says there is no comfort, the child will not be born here. Shakuni says I will give you a child, take Pranpriye, he is really nice like a child. The couple like Pranpriye. Shakuni is called by Maharaj. Shakuni asks the guard to go. Suryabhan gets his measurements taken. His wife says we want your new clothes for your death. He says I m not going to marry.

Senapati comes there. Suryabhan asks didn’t Maharaj make you your Senapati. Senapati says no, he has tortured me. Suryabhan says he got fun by doing this. Senapati faints. Pratap comes. Suryabhan asks him to keep the throne well, become a king. Pratap says I have to become a dancer. He dances. Suryabhan shouts and asks who will become the king. Pratap says make Sunaina the king, she will be a better king than you. Suryabhan runs after him with a slipper in hand. They run a lot and reach Maharaj’s palace. Pratap asks Maharaj to save him. Maharaj asks what’s happening. Suryabhan blames him and asks why didn’t you fight with me. He calls him a coward. Maharaj says you can’t call me a coward. Suryabhan says you are a coward. They both start sword fighting.

Maharaj goes to his throne. Suryabhan sees Pratap and asks him to stop. Shakuni greets him. He asks Maharaj did you call me. Gandhari says I won, Shakuni has come soon. Maharaj asks Shakuni to give coins to her. Shakuni says you have all the money, I don’t have anything. The man takes his money. Shakuni says I lost the money and house, I will ask Maniram to take my life. The minister thinks to take the money to the safe. Pranpriye meets him as the guard. He accompanies the minister. Shakuni takes a thief’s disguise and tries to rob the minister. Suryabhan says my last journey begins now. Senapati cries. Maharaj and Suryabhan fight. Rishi comes to talk to Suryabhan. Senapati tries to stop Suryabhan. Suryabhan asks Maharaj to attack him. Rishi says I have made a wrong prediction, it was my kundli. He tells that he is going to die, not Suryabhan. He dies. Suryabhan gets glad and hugs Senapati. He asks Senapati to pass the message in the Rajbhavan. Senapati says the four queens are waiting for your last rites. Suryabhan asks so what. He goes and hugs Maharaj. He says its my birthday, won’t you wish me. Maharaj says congrats and hugs him. They go to have drinks. Senapati looks on surprised.

Padma’s fiance meets Sunaina. He says I have realized Padma and I are made for each other, accept my gift. He gifts her flowers. Padma sees them and shouts no. She scolds them for the cheating. Sunaina cries. Sanjay holds her tears. He defends Sunaina and himself also. They start laughing. Sunaina asks are you with them in the act. Padma says yes, you misunderstood Sanjay, he loves you a lot. Sunaina says fine, I understood, now I will never doubt Sanjay. The car appears there. Sanjay’s girlfriend Sweety comes there and hugs him. They get shocked.

Sunaina says he is my fiance. Sweety scolds him.Suryabhan keeps Sunaina’s swayamvar. Sanjay is thrown out. Maharaj happily dances. He tells Sanjay that someone is going to come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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