Mahakumbh 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Grierson saying Rudra is dead. Rao says it can’t happen, he is not ordinary man to die by poison, Garuda head can’t die without the fight, his breath can stop, but his soul will be in him for 3-4 days, till Amrit comes up, we have to save Garudas and Naags from each other, and not make them doubt on us, get him. They rake Rudra in the car. Rao wears his coat and gets in his old look. He stops Grierson and asks him to stand out, he did not guess this could happen and calls himself a mastermind. He takes Rudra with him. All the car leaves and Grierson is left alone on the road.

Dansh tells Bhairavi that he is sitting in Naag lok and killed Garuda head by making him have poison, and fires three bullets in his honor. He says Rudra’s last breath would have been released, game over, he did his mum’s last rites because of me, if he did not had revenge with me, he would have done his dad’s last rites, and see his father is dead by fear being alive and now he will be doing his son’s last rites, and the news of Garudas vs Naags end, Naags has won over Garudas and asks Bhairavi to say how does she feel on this.

Bhairavi says the one who runs more fast than his ability, falls over, and time will show who will win and who will lose. She smiles and says your Guru ji did not tell you the seven doors to open to reach Amrit, and how will it open, I will tell you, it will be opened by the third book, and if its not got, then Naags can’t win even after defeating the Garudas. She leaves. Dansh gets angry.

Rao comes to Brahmanisht in white cars, instead of black, and his men also wear plain clothes than uniforms. The Garudas ask what happened to him and see his state, turning green by the poison. Charles says there is no movement. Rao looks at Leela. Thapadiya Maa asks him to get up and see Maya is waiting for him. She asks Maya to call Rudra, he can’t leave her. Rao says now poison can cut poison. Leela looks at Rudra.

Balivesh and Devesh dine and have a talk about Rao, being better than Naags. Devesh says Dansh has promised me, and he will not back out, if he gets Amrit, we will get Brahmanisht and Saraswati Kund. Balivesh says he can use us and refuse to identify us. Devesh says now everyone is showing their powers, we have to make our plan in this fight, we have to do something big. Grierson comes to them. He says Rudra is dead. Balivesh drops the glass and they are shocked.

Rao says just Leela can save Rudra now, she is Naag and make the poison unaffected on Rudra. Charles says I did not fold hands infront of anyone till now, but today I will do this for my elder brother. He folds hands and asks Leela to save Rudra. Thapadiya Maai asks Leela to return Rudra’s favor which she remembers, and begs her to save Rudra and Maya’s lives. Rao says whatever the clan, but she knows she can save him, if he dies infront of her, she will not be able to forgive herself all her life.

She recalls Dansh’s words and looks at Rudra. Leela cuts her wrist and drops her blood on Rudra’s hand to cure him. Rudra starts showing movements, and Leela stumbles. Charles holds her and sees Rudra getting unaffected by the poison. Rudra opens his eyes. Charles holds his hand. Rudra signs he is fine and sees Leela. She smiles. Thapadiya Maai sits by Rudra’s side.

Tiwari tries to arrange medical tents and sees live feeds of the cameras in Kumbh. He says its not small incident, Mahakumbh has big danger. Dansh recalls Bhairavi’s words. Guru ji comes and says he has to talk something important, but it looks its not right time. Dansh says this is the right time. Guru says Bhairavi came to deal, This is out profit, how to believe this, maybe Garudas has sent her as spy as we have sent Leela.

He says this did not happen before, she can break us, we can’t believe her. Dansh says we have to trust her, as she knows what we all don’t know. Guru asks what. Dansh asks about the opening of seven door, Guru says both books did not have the answer. Dansh says the answer is in third book. Guru says the third book is link of both books. Dansh says before the Garudas get strong, we have to get the third book and need Bhairavi’s help, I m just taking her help, I have poison in my blood that I can’t trust anyone. Guru nods.

Bhairavi says Rudra is alive. Rudra talks to Maya. Rao says Balivesh and Devesh should not know Maya is alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

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