Mahakaali 4th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Holi celebrated in Kelash

Mahakaali 4th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati says this is your end jhalandar. Shiv says you will die with this. Parvati says get ready for what you deserve. Shiv and Parvati throw the fire blade towards Jhalandar. He comes to a place with nothing arround. He says what is this? Kill me. Kill me I can’t stay here. Mahakali and Shiv come there.He says kill me. I can’t live here. Parvati says we promised that we wont kill you. She says my life started with anger. I am sorry Mahadev. Shiv says Mahakali showed you the truth. He says you both gave me chances but I didn’t listen. Vinda comes there. Jhalandar says I am sorry Vinda. I never gave you respect of a wief. She says I already did. Thank you Mata.
Jhalandar says I did so wrong. He bows down to them.
Shiv and Parvati leave.

Indra says I am sorry. Shiv says it was all written together. Shiv says Jhanlandar doesn’t want anyone to do his funeral. Buthe wants people to celebrate. PArvati says we will all celebrate with colors and call it holi.
Everyone prepares for holi.

Scene 2
The function starts. Ganes says where are the colors? Parvati introduces him to the colors. She gives colors to everyone. She distributes colors in everyone. Shiv is worried about something. Shiv applies color on Parvati’s face. She applies color on his face. Everyone applies colors and play holi. Vishnu asks Shiv why are you worried? He says there is something ccoming. It will affect Parvati and Kartika.
Devs are outside. Kartika says why are you here? Indra says we have to do something. They feel something. Parvati says something is wrong. I have to do something. Shiv says you have to protect this land. Parvati says I want to know what is wrong.
Indra says what is going on? Parvati gives color and power to all the devs. A woman comes. she says to Kartika you saved me that day. I am thankful to you. He says thanks for coming. I have to go back. She says can I be part of the celebrations in Kelash?Kartika applies ccolor on her face. She says will you come to meet me? He nods.

Parvati says thank you for coming to this celebrations. Kartika comes. Ganesh says where did you go?
The girl comes back to her jungle. she sees a man going towards Arnasurs’ vcave. She says if Maharaj gets to know someone is coming he will be angry. She stops him. Arnasurs comes and says how dare you enter my place. Arnasur kills him.

Precap-Arnasur says I dont believe in God.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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