Mahakaali 20th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shiv and Parvati to give birth to their child

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Mahakaali 20th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati says I can never be a mother. I became Mahadev’s life partner because my heart knew his mahadev. I knew without him my life incomplete. It’s an in explicable feeling. Vishu told me my feelings were right. That I need to be in Mahadev’s life. She came to the cliff where Mahadev was. She says he was praying. He is beginning of everything in my life. People stopped me but I knew what was right for me. She sat in front of him. She sat there in tapasiya for so long. Vishnu used to give her water.

Vishnu says we have to tell Shiv whats in Mahaadev’s heart.Indra says how can we do that. This is impossible. Who will do that?
A woman is standing in the gardens. A man comes and sprinkles flowers on her. SHe says where were you? you don’t give me time. And this won’t suffice. He says so Rati is mad at her husband. She says why wont I be. I had been waiting for you. He says there is no one like you in the while world. He holds her hand and kisses her. She says I am very upset. I need your time. He says you have all my time. She hugs him.
Nandi comes there. He says Mahadev has called you. You have to help Parvati and ignite love for Parvati in Mahadev’s heart. Rati says no you wont’ go. What is Mahadev gets mad. Indra says Vishnu thinks parvati and Mahadev should be together and this is our responsibility to unite them. Ramdeev says I will follow him command. This is my duty to spread love anyway. He says wait for me Rati i will come back. Rati held his hand and said please don’t go. I told you my wish today please don’t go. I dont’ feel good. He said dont’ worry. I will be back. He left with indra.

Ramdev came to Mahadev’s cave. He said to Parvati I am here to make your love win. TO break Shiv’s prayer he threw an arrow in his direction. The cave suddenly started cracking. Rati is scared. She came running towards the cave.
Shiv opened his eyes and burned Ramdev. Parvati opened her eyes to this. Shiv recalls Sati being burned by her father. He looked at Parvati and said Sati.. Rati comes there. She Mahadev where is Ramdev. Vishnu comes there. Rati says bless us Mahadev. Where is Rati. She looked at the burned ground and screamed. She said no this can’t happen. you can’t leave your ati. She said Mahadev I wanted a child and you took my husband from me. Where is my husband. He came here to help parvati and you killed him. She said to Vishnu how did this happen. He came here to follow your command. To wake up love in Mahadev’s heart you killed my husband. She said to Parvati you took my love for yours. Because of you this happened. You don’t deserve your love. I told him today that I want to give birth and you killed my husband. I want him back. Because of you Parvati I lost my husband. I give you curse that you will always be a wife but never a mother. You will never give birth.

Parvati says Rati gave me this curse. I accepted this truth that I will never become a mother. Then why did Mahadev showed me that kid and woke up this desire in my heart. Lakshmii says nothing is impossible. Shiv can do anything. If he showed you a kid I am sure there is a reason behind it. Shiv comes there.

Scene 2
Shumbh says to nishumb we have to wake him up. They wake up Mahabali and tell him everything. Mahabali says now see what I do. Shumbh says this is why I have called you. Save us. Mahabali says you mission will be accomplished.
Shiv says to Parvati you wanna know the answer, nothing is impossible in life.
Raktabej came to your life so you know your other side too. He tells her about mahabali. He tells her that to kill him we need our son. She says but you know I can never be a mother. He says don’t worry. The curse was that you won’t give birth from your womb. Not that you won’t have a child.

Shumbh says to Mahabali shiv and parvati can’t have kids. We should take over Kelash.
Shiv says this is about time Parvati. We should give birth to our child.
Parvati says to shiv where are we going? He says to find our answer. She says how will we have kid? Shiv says rati gave curse to Parvati but you are mahakali as well. She talked about womb of Parvati but not of Mahakali.
Shumbh’s man tells him that he saw shiv and parvati going somewhere. Mahabali says i know where they have gone. They have gone to kill me with their child. they have gone to give birth to my child.

Shiv and parvati come to a cave. She says will I become a mom? i can’t believe this? He says when you together everything becomes possible.
Mahabali says we have to stop this from happened. Shiv holds Parvati’s hand.

Precap-Shiv says if you want to become Parvati you have to do my tandav. They do tandav and Parvati turns into Mahakali/

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Actuly he is Kamdev not ramdev. ..

    1. Kamalanayani

      yes… and many grammatical mistakes too..


      pl read once before you post

  2. Kamalanayani

    I read that Mahakaali actors –
    Indra dev – Gagan Kang
    Nandi dev – Arjit Lavania

    have passed away on 19th August 2017 in a car crash… A mourning time for this serial… Let us mourn for their death. Let their soul RIP…

    Mahakaali – Anth hi Aarambh hai… Jai Mata di…

    1. Sad to hear about the untimely deaths of Gagan and Arjit (and also a spot boy) in the unfortunate car crash after the cast/ crew were returning home from their shooting for the serial. Gagan had also played an important and captivating double role as Kesari and Vibhishana in Sony’s Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman. May their souls find peace and moksha.

  3. It is Indra dev who comes to Kamdev as per Sri Vishnu’s order, not Nandi.

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