Mahabharata ff part 8 wedding

Precap-Krishna gives five gems to Draupadi. Kunti tells pandavas to distribute it ( Draupadi) amongst them. Drupad takes Draupadi along with him. She closes herself in a room.

The epi starts with arrival of kunti and the pandavas. Drupad angrily shouts at the six. Y u trapped my pure Daughter u Brahmins????? How can a princess ? marry five Brahmins??? N u pointing to Kunti.. U r their mother , u did this?? Krishna interrupts.. Calm down oh king ? calm down.. They aren’t ordinary Brahmins.. Drupad asks then who they are?? Gods⁉ Krishna points to each of them n introduces them. He is dharmraj son, yudhishtira. Drupad is shocked. He’s vrikodar, vayu Putra, the mighty bheem. He’s the one u wanted ur daughter to marry, dhanurdhar/archer Arjun.. Drupad is astonished ?, he recalls the moment wen Arjun had defeated him. Krishna continues. These two r the pure sons of Ashwin twins.. Nakul and sahdev. She whom u r accusing is kunti, the mother of the great pandavas. Drupad is teary eyed ?. He welcomes the pandavas and Kunti to the palace. Krishna leaves and goes to Draupadi’s room. He sees the door ? locked ?. The dasi says-princess ? hasn’t come out from much time.. The door is locked from inside. Krishna signs the dasi to go. He knocks Draupadi’s room and says sakhi… Panchali opens the door ? and cries ?. She says govind pls help.. I’m puzzled. Krishna says sakhi.. And makes her sit down. Wat is puzzling u??? They hv a convo ..
D-u r asking wats puzzling me? Don’t u know that I’m completely confused ? with my decision making? I took help of the five gemstones given by you. My decision was to save lives but still its adharm, wat is ryt??

K-sakhi I had told u na that if u can save sum1 with ur efforts save them. Wat u did wasn’t wrong but…
D-but what govind?? Tell me. I was wrong ?. I have hurt many ppl. I should die for it.
K-sakhi, u protected someone. Your sacrifice won’t go in vain. Sometimes to protect dharma, v have to commit some adharm. And its not adharm if seen.
D-u told father that they’re the pandavas?? He must b worried coz of me! I have made him worry. What a sinner I’m‼
K-sakhi u worry unnecessarily. Tmrw morning will b a turnout for u. Sleep well ?. Tmrw is ur wedding.
D-how can a lady marry five men?? Dunno how I’ll live lyk dat?? How can I share myself among five men? I will b partial with them? What’ll happen with me ‼ society will treat me like a whore..
K-sakhi u hv done it for reestablishment of dharma. The five stones I gave you represent the pandavas. The fifth stone ? meant sacrifice.. Sacrifice is the greatest in the world. If u’ll keep on worrying lyk this than ur father will worry unnecessarily..
D-only cos u r saying I’m sleeping govind but I’m unable to sleep ?. My sleep ? had been snatched by me only‼?

K-sakhi, u don’t worry. This is a friend’s promise that I’ll always help u… This dharma adharm war is going on always. U’ll b judged for ur deeds. U hv taken ryt decision. It’s for betterment of mankind and society ?.
D-jus coz u r requesting me alot I’m resting govind. I’ve full trust on uuuu. Krishna smiles and assures her and leaves. Draupadi lies down and closes her eyes ?. Drupad does all arrangements and talks to the pandavas on how to do the marriage ?. He orders the servants. D pandava brothers tell drupad that they’ll keep Draupadi happy always ? and she’ll spend an year with each of them. Krishna looks on.

The next morning ? sun rises. Shikhandini wakes up draupadi. Wake up sister. It’s ur special day today.. Draupadi wakes up with a startle but is relieved ? to c her sis. Shikhandini brings clothes for her. Draupadi changes her clothes. Shikhandini makes her wear the ornaments and jewellery, necklaces, earrings, nose pin, payal, ring ?, bangles. She puts her bindi and mangtika. She ties her hair. She puts her dupatta. Draupadi hugs Shikhandini. They cry ?. Shikhandini praises draupadi and says u r lookin awesomeeeee my princess ?.. Drishtadyumna and drupad come and ask her to come. They go. The pandavas r ready. Krishna meets them and asks them to come. They go and reach the mandap. Draupadi comes along with her family, the pandavas smile ? seeing her. She’s looking beautiful… The pandit starts the wedding rituals. Varmala/exchange of garlands takes place. Dropad does d kanyadaan sadly.. The pheras take place. Shikhandini gives a crown ? to her. It has the five stones given by Krishna fixed.

Precap–the bidaai happens ???. They leave. Duryodhan’s Abhishek is happening. Yudhishtira tells gandhari that they five have married draupadi. She drops the plate. Duryodhan smirks ?.

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