Mahabharat 9th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 9th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, duryodhan n mamashri are under water. Pandavas n krishna walk towards the sea, bheem calls duyodhan n asks him to come out n says u will die only through my hands so come out n stop hiding if u don’t dare to came out go n hide in ur wife’s arms or like a warrior fight with ur death that is me, duryodhan comes out of water, duryodhan says u all killed my mamashri, he fought whole life in giving me justice n so i will fight to give him justice each day i will kill u n ur sons, n will burn draupadi n will keep no member of ur family alive will kill all the kings who support n will spread death n bheem u will die asking for death n today with sunset u will set as well come fight with me, bheem n duryodhan begin their fight , bheems attacks fails n duryodhans attacks injure bheem, but still bheem keeps attacking n so does duryodhan,.
Draupadi is informed abt bheem n duryodhans fight n duryodhans vajra body, draupadi asks how did this happen, draupadi says asks arjun to seek govind for help, draupadi is informed by her son that krishna cant help bcoz balram has ordered him not to do so.
Bheem lifts a burning log n hits duryodhan but duryodhan has no effect of it, instead bheem falls unconscious on ground his brothers try encouraging him to wake up , bheem memorise lord hanumans lessons n getup n starts running away n makes duryodhan follow him, this tiers duryodhan, duryodhan says stop running n fight with me, bheem laughs n attacks duryodhan but still duryodhan defeats bheem, bheem memorises his next lesson, n getsup again n starts hitting duryodhan, duryodhan lifts his gadha n begin to attack bheem, bheem pushes duryodhan in sea.
Draupadi goes to balram, balram says if ur here for help go away bcoz i will not, draupadi says why do u like dritrashtra sons so much, balram says bcoz in dut sabha both pandavas n kayravas had their share of adharma but everyone is with pandavas n i have asked no great sacrifice from krishna but asked him not to support pandavas on larger scale, draupadi says im not here for help but here to know abt the weakest point of our enemy, balram gives draupadi a clue, draupadi thanks balram n leaves.
Bheem says duryodhan says ur whole body is of vajra but still ur hiding, duryodhan gets angry n comes out n starts hitting bheem, draupadi enters, seeing this duryodhan says come in draupadi see ur husband die now, draupadi says govind u also have tried hard for our victory, krishna says im bound to my brothers order.

Arjun says duryodhan u asked draupadi to sit on ur laps n that is ur weakness so brother bheem attack duryodhan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Mere Bacche!!! Shakuni mama tho margaya par hamara update karnewale maama kaha hai!!!

    Its 12 already and we do not have an update for the show aired at 8:30-9..

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