Mahabharat 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 4th December 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with everyone in Hastinapur’s sabha, waiting to hear who will be crowned Yuvraj. Bhishma stands up and makes a speech. He goes down memory lane, reminiscing about the childhood of Dhitrashta, Pandu and Vidhur, which makes Dhritrashta emotional. Everyone listening also gets teary eyed, except for Kaurvas and Shakuni.
After Bhishma finishes,Vidhur asks Dhritrashtra to make the announcement. Dhrit stands up but starts to remember when Pandu spoke of Dhirt being his biggest inspiration.
He says there is a difficult choice in front of him and that he has always wanted the most worthy prince to be crowned Yuvraj.

Suddenly Duryodhan interrupts and tells Dhrit that everyone is waiting for his decision.
Dhrit is just about to declare which prince he has chosen

to be Yuvraj, but Drona comes into the sabha and stops him.
Drona apologises for the interruption but says he has come to request Dhrit that he does not choose any of his students to be Yuvraj. Everyone looks confused
Vidhur smiles and explains to Dhrit that the princes have not paid their fees to Drona.He wants his guru dakshina from them.

Dhrit asks what Drona wants as his fee. Drona says he wants the princes to use their skills to obtain his fee, and wants to see which student of his is the most worthy. Vidhur agrees, saying it is best if Drona decides the most worthy prince so that nobody can say they are being partial.
Shakuni leaps from his seat and asks why they must keep testing the princes to see who is worthy. Shakuni and Vidhur argue over this, Shakuni says the princes already took part in a competition,but Vidhur replies that there was no winner.
Dhirtrashta agrees with Vidhur and Drona(for once!!) and Shakuni looks annoyed

Vidhur asks Drona what he wants but Shakuni again interrupts saying that Drona will be partial to one prince. Drona gets angry and says a teacher never takes sides. Drona says forget one prince, he wonders if all of them together will be able to fulfil it.
Drona tells the sabha he wants revenge for his insult. He declares that he wants the King of Panchal, Drupad at his feet. Drona says he was insulted by his friend Drupad in the Panchal sabha.

Dhrit shouts that this isn’t possible. His sons won’t be able to defeat such an experienced and powerful warrior like Drupad (you’re right Dhrit they won’t…but it’ll be fun for us to watch them try!)
Dhrit tells Drona to ask for something else.
Drona says he’ll only take revenge, otherwise he wants nothing. Drona says it doesn’t matter…he will look for warriors from another kingdom to help him get revenge.
As he turns to leave, Drona tells Dhrit to find his Yuvraj from another kingdom as well
Suddenly Arjun asks Drona to stop.

Precap: Yudhishtir says they won’t be cruel to Drupad or his army. Drupad’s entry is shown. Duryodhan tells Dhrit that Drupad isn’t powerful enough to defeat his sons,he will definitely lower his head in front of Drona.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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