Mahabharat 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, mamashri n Krishna begin dut game, Krishna says humans always think weather their deeds give them proper results.
Duryodhan decides to go without clothes to his mother, he removes all his clothes n Krishna arrives their duryodhan hides behind a tree seeing this, Krishna asks why he has done so.
Krishna says mamashri play ur deeds will help u ornot lets see, don’t forget that we are not only the ones playing but other people are also playing so that has effect on us as well.
Duryodhan says Krishna go away ur coming in my way, Krishna says i don’t come in anyones way its against my dharma, duryodhan says dharma dosent sound good from ur mouth now, Krishna says brother im here to advice u that think on mata gandharis offer before accepting it, duryoddhan says how do u know it, Krishna says i saw her coming to war filed but let me tell u think before u take any decision, duryodhan says plz tell clearly Krishna says its said acoording to past its said if a child goes nude in front of his mother he may be reason of her death, duryodhan says if this is so i will hide only my lower body bcoz attacking their is against rules, Krishna says as u think.
On other hand Krishna n mamashri continue their game, mamashri says how do u alway win, Krishna says i alway playfor good n i always do leela do u know leela its the happiness u get from ur deeds irrespective of win or defeat, n remember like a rice grain irrespective of first or last is part of our food its same with humans dharma or adharma one is part of this world n death of a person is fix, mamashri says whatever but tomorrow duryodhan will kill pandavas, Krishna says mamashri are u sure duryodhan will go nude in front of mata gandhari or any of his part will remain weak , lets continue the game, mamashri says u coward evil now wat have u done, Krishna says i only told that its not good to go infront of ur mother nude, mamashri runs, Krishna says wait i still haven’t palyed mamashri igmores n runs to duryodhan to stop him.
Duryodhan goes to gandhari covering jst his lower body, gandhari says son my prayers will help u removes the cloth piece from her eyes. Ashvathama sees mamashri n goes with him. Gandhari looks at duryodhan n every part of duryodhan she looks at becomes strong ,mamashri n ashvathama see gandharis tent on fire, duryodhan lying on ground, gandhari covers her eyes again, ashvathama says looks like duryodhan couldn’t bear the pain, mamashri says the pain is of no use now bcoz duryodhan didn’t go completely nude n its bcoz of that Krishna.

Balram says Krishna u wont discuss abt duryodhans weak parts with anyone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Story keeps boring now.

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