Mahabharat 26th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 26th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 26th April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with, arjun says bhishma will not stand opposite us, draupadi says will that be possible for bhishma. here mahamantri n bhishma try convincing duryodhan to give back pandus their wealth, mamashri says we cannot give back them their rights, bhishma says pandavas are strong enough to fight for their rights n ask dritrashtra to take right decision. Dritrashtra says if pandavas come to fight we will not be mum n only king can have war with king and not vanvasis.

Here pandavas n draupadi go to matsya raj again and are greated with lots of respect there.yudishtir thanks virat for help n so dose virat for chossing his rajya. Virat says my troop is with u , yudishtir says no only five of them will fight with the 100 brothers n karna n asks to send them a letter of same saying

tomorrow they will offer god 101 heads to god.duryodhan gets angry n says foe this dare of pandavas i will kill them,karna says every person who tries to fight u will have to face me first , mamashri says no one has given u(karna) these rights ,these rights belong to bhishma only,bhishma says no this war is declared against 100 putras of dritrashtra n not hastinapur. Mamashri says this war is adharma since the pandavas have not yet given a proof about the completing their agyat vas so u (bhishma) have to decide weather u are with us i.e dharma or with those pandavas.

Here pandau putra are geeting ready for war draupadi wishes them luck . bhishma n mahamantri are tensed abt the war ,mahamantri says hastinapur has always won all their battles if hastinapur wins there will be adharma everywhere n if we loose it wiil be shame. Bhishma says im tensed abt the same since im the one responsible for the glory of hastinapur.

On war field the pandavs are ready in front of hastinapurs gate, an arrow comes from hastinapur with red flag n then comes bhishma on a rath ,pandavas are confused at this. Bhishma blows the shank n says u are here to fight im the one who is responsible for hastinapur u have to fight with me ,arjun says he will never fight with bhishma ,on this bhishma says then accept ur defeat n if not then u will have to fight against me.

Bheem says we have declared war against karna n 100 putras of dritrashtra n not hastinapur ,bhishma says but they have not accepted it , nakul says in tat case we have to break the gates of hastinapur n tat means we have to fight against bhishma , arjun asks bhishma y is he not taking any action against the 100 putras for the adharma they have done , bhishma says he cant its against his principles…..

Bhishma says he will fight with pandavas but his blessings will be with pandavas…..

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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